Monday, January 21, 2013

In my second...

...talent show when I was 14 years old I sang this fun rocky little tune by Michael Jackson/Jackson Five and I loved to sing with my high "belting" voice already then;=)

Rockin´ Robin:

I still LOVE to sing and dance to it;=) Such a happy little tune!

And why not some more of the fabulous Michael. Michael, is the only idol I´ve ever had and it´s because his voice and feeling when he sang was just amazing! No one else can move and sing and touch me with their music, as he did.

One of my ALL TIME favourite songs! - Earth song. Can I say more than that I just wanna cry both out of joy and sorrow when I hear this? So much emotions in this!

And a song about groupies, which we all know exists;=)

Dirty Diana;

One song I really love and feel is Leave me alone, same statement I have tattoed on my left arm. I guess we ALL can feel like we wanna say that sometime in our lives. I love the lyrics in this one!

If I ever did a cover album of ONE artists songs, it would be all Michael songs on that album=)

A song that has a great message is Keep the Faith. Comforting lyrics and a cheer me up song:

And a great song to dance along with is Can u feel it!

One of the songs where Michaels voice is just so wonderful is Stranger in Moscow:

Well, I could just put out ALL of Michaels songs here since I love them all;=) But these for now;=)

Enjoy this day and lots of love and warmth to you;=)


Océane said...

Ah Michael is a Legend, his music is timeless! I remember I knew here on your blo about gis death and felt soooo strange! A big lost, even if as ridiculous as it could sounds, I dont think he's dead!
Have you seen the movie "this is it?", it really was good!

Last night I got a ear infection on my right ear. It was horrible! The pain was so hard I couldnt slept, end up crying at 4 in the morning, couldt stand the pain.
So as it was planned I went to the doctor this morning and im now under cortisone! And I bought the pastilles you told me to buy! :)

So enjoy this day! Maybe you'll go outside if its not too cold?
Thanks the sun is back here after 2 days with non stop rain!

Love and hugs

linda said...

Hey Anette! How are you?
I love Earth song!! It is also my favorite!!
THE king of pop!

Enjoy your day, tenderly, Linda

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? Thanks for sharing the songs. I like "The Earth song" and "Dirty Diana" :)
Enjoy this day too! Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am following you on Instagram under the name "eskoplja" ;)

Big hugs to you


Ena :*

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan..
I'm having a complicated day but now is time to try to relax, have a lunch time but before I wanted to pass here =).
Michael was the best one ever! There were no one like him and no one will ever be, I'm pretty sure. Of course we have so many talented artists nowadays, but no one that we can call by "The New Michael". I think there are so many different people who really love his music and no matter if they are in pop, jazz or heavy metal, they will be the same through his music and for this we all miss him =(, but as always, he will be with the world forever through the music. I think there's so many metal musicians we can consider like him, the importance, the influences and talent.
Ah, yes, there's so many times we need to say Leave Me Alone in life. I prefer to stay alone than to be with false people or negative people, so I live alone in the most times of my life and I feel better this way. And by the way, I LOVE your tattoo =).

Now, enjoy the day and feel held by me.

Love, Carol

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Yes, Michael Jackson was a great musician and he was able to captivate people with his songs and thought-provoking.
But what makes me sad night, which had to pay a high price. We all know it is meant.

And so absurd I found what made ​​his family after his unexpected death.
What I really hated them, was that they have put their children in such limelight. The kids had just lost her father and were shown around, almost as if they had been waiting to do this. °~°

As I get some more goose bumps than before. Because now the man is no longer there.
The Tarja has described in her song "Until my last breath." In an interview she said that she had the idea for the song after all the media hype.
If you have not seen the second clip to the song. Here he is.

And one of my fav m. Jackson Songs is from the Movie Free Willi

But you has right.:) Every song is great from him. I don´t know one man he hate his music.

Since yesterday I have also started my blog for sewing. It took a while to get add a beginning, and I hope it has turned out well.

Have a nice day.


Unknown said...

well, i dont like michael that much, but i have to agree with your point of view of him being the only who could dance like that. in my city theres a MJ ' cover' he works giving flyers of companies to people at the traffic lights and he keeps dancing and singing all mj songs all the time hes doing it. everybody mess with him saying GO MICHAEELLLL and he does a really fucked up moon walk . lol. i dont know why im telling you this but this is funny lol and you should say leave me alone sometimes. do like kimi, the F1 rider ' leave me alone i know what i am doing ' haha have a nice day dear. <3

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi dera Nettam!
God, I Love Michael jackson! For me he ws the most COMPLETE artist in all music history... He had a wonderfull vocie, a strong feeling, he danced so well, and had a wonderfull composer! I felt so bad when he died, jus when he was so close for doing concerts again :/

By the wall, how are you doing?
Today is my Birthday! 20! BUt thats not a wonderfull day since I have to work today... But thats ok, maybe, maybe, guys from work will do some surpreise, i dont know... They said something about it. they let it in secret!

I havent coment in the post that you said that you was writting songs, thats amazing!!! When you told us taht you was preganant I thought 'So nice, but maybe not this time the solo album? But tahts oks, Her child is more important'... But weel, I fell really happy to know that you dont stop!!! I cant wait to listen something about this magic songs! I loved Watching me for afar and Like a show inside my ehad... If you solo goes to this way, Its sure that i'll love it!!!

take care my dear one! God bless you and your family...

XxBriannaxX said...

I love Michael so much. He's such an amazing singer! And the songs you pick are very nice songs. ;-) Enjoy your day as well. Love and warmth back to you.

Karin said...

I had to comment on this ! Michael has always been my idol. I love his music , I love his feeling in music and all that rhythm he had ! Such a wonderful talent, and such a professional and sweet person. I still get the chills when I listen to his music and his voice.. :)
Have a nice evening, Anette!

saskia said...

Nice new picture at the top of the blog!

Anonymous said...

Although his music never appealed to me I can hear and see why MJ was a talented artist and performer.

And even though I'm all for saving the planet and making the world a better place etc I still don't like MJ as a person for various reasons...

Just my personal opinion.

Hope you've had a good day Anette :-) Enjoy what's left of this evening :-)

July said...

Hey Anette!

You're right, Michael was and is one of the most important idols in the show business,because his songs and his shows always were amazing, he had such and incredible feeling at the stage and the studio.

He really was a true artist and we miss heim so much.

ArenaSkies said...

Michael Jackson is one of the greats!