Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nostalgic music;=)

I just HAVE to blog one of my favourite albums when I was younger that I sang and listened to every day=)

Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb - the album is called GUILTY!

Check it out if you haven´t heard this. Soooo good music!


rainy said...

Hi Anette :)
I couldn't post any comments here, because I have lots and lots of final exams and so on. I'm reading your blog when I have a few minutes, it makes my days a bit brighter ;)
The new header looks really great, I'm proud you've done this !

Wish you to have a beautiful day :)

Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,
Speaking about music, can I show you something?
This is Sharon from Within Temptation(I know you like them) featured in a song by a Hungarian band, Leander Rising:


Hope you have some time to listen to it and will enjoy it. :)

eskoplja said...

What amazing songs! Woman In Love is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them :)
Well..I am going to the dentist now -.- I really do not like them
Big hug

Ena :*

Karin said...

:D Oooooh! I listened to this over and over again when I was younger ! I didn't own the album, but I had recorded it on a c-cassette, and I was so happy to have an own cassette-recorder in my room. There I listened to it and thought of some boy I was in love with:) and that voice of Barbra Streisand:just the best !
God, Anette! This brought back so many memories! Nice ! And thanks :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Haha I remember my mom and I always playing this album when I was little,we had so much fun... I miss her.. thanks for uploading this,it gave me some happy memories of her. :-)
Big hugs

Cleo said...

Nice song! Good evening Nettie!! I wish you a good night, I'm so tired I will sleep as soon as my head will touch the bed!

Anonymous said...

Good evening Anette! :-)

I shall see if I can find it in parts on youtube and listen to it there :-)

Hope you've had a good day :-)

Anonymous said...

Well I found the album on youtube. Not in parts but all in one piece so therefore I was able to listen to the album in it's entirety from start to finish :-)

And wow :-) It's a nice album :-)

If you like that sort of music Anette perhaps you'll like a singer called Lisa Stanfield ( don't specifically know why Lisa's music comes to mind but hey ). She's from a place called Rochdale which for me is about 50mins away on the train. And she was really big in England back in the 90's. She's a soul singer. Perhaps you've heard of her :-)

I'm not a fan but here's a link to one of my fave song's of hers called In All The Right Places :-)


There's loads of Lisa Stansfield stuff on youtube should you wish to explore Anette :-)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Sleep well, dear!
Here, in Russia, is deep night now=)
I haven't heard these song before, but I try to do it nowadays=) Anette, are you hear about serial called "Lavrova's method". It is really interesting detective serial, with very..mmm...strange loveline=) Hope this serial is on English or just Swedish=)
Oh, for a long time I want to ask you. What do you think about English-Swedish-Russian translator occupation? I want to choose this spezialization, when I will go to university. It is very rare occupation in Russia....=)

Sleep well again,