Sunday, January 06, 2013

A wonderfully good movie=)

Good evening everyone and thanks again for your comments!

One thing I want to emphasize is that I don´t mean to say that neither of you or anyone else´s lives aren´t horrible or whatever, cause I can´t know what kind of misery and pain people go through. I do believe we all have our dark times and some more than others and life´s lottery can be cruel and not just.

What I meant with my post is that I believe it´s how we see things, how we choose to go through everything in life, that makes our lives dark and hard or dark but with a glimpse of light in the end of the tunnel.

And I also want to say that it´s really important to seek help by a professional if we feel so deeply depressed and down that we can´t come out of it by our own means or with the help of our family and friends.

I am sure you understood what I meant but since I write in English and not my native language and I know how misunderstood my words can be, I want to emphasize this;=)

Now - on to what made me laugh and have a happy time today! Me and Johan just saw this wonderful and fun movie on TV with Jennifer Lopez and I want to recommend it to those of you who haven´t seen it. It´s called "The Back up Plan" and were a really good movie that cheered both of us up and=)

Sleep well everyone!


Carol Misokane said...

Yes, is really hard to write in a different language than ours, but I'm pretty sure that everyone understoood what you meant =).
I never watched this movie, but I will seek it, even though I really prefer scare movies or drama movies, sometimes funny things are very welcome in life.
So, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and may you have a blessed week.

Now, sleep with the angels.

Love, Carol

Vicky ♡ said...

I know what you meant, as I said, I didn't know what exactly Sabine wrote, so maybe I should have checked that out first, my bad. :)

I don't know the film "The Back up Plan" but it sounds interesting! :)

Good night, sleep well ♥

Beatrix said...

I saw this one. It is indeed good and I tend to enjoy every movie with Jennifer L. :)

Sleep well!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Don´t worry, we understand you. I always know what you want to express and I like the things you write so much. Also this new comment from you about life :). I think you are right, we all have our hard times and the way we see life and what we make of it defines in the end what it is or not.

Anette, I wish you a very good night now and I´m happy to hear that you saw a film you liked :).

Take always good care of yourself please :).


migi said...

good evening anette, how are you? haha this is cute, because sometimes i also don't know, if you understand what i mean because of my english:). But i had never a problem to understand what you wrote or what was meant. I read that you will tell your story with nightwish, and that you're carefully with what you say because some people choose sides before. Well for me it's sad enough that you're not in the band anymore. And i still can't understand, why some people always need a culprit. I never could choose a side because i like you so much...and also tuomas and the guys mean the world to me. so it's impossilbe to be angry with one of you. At least i don't know what happened, so why should i or someone else have a right to abuse one of you? And maybe i'm childish or naive, but i believe in miracles and i still hope that you all find a way back together, even if it takes years. For me you belong to nightwish. Hope springs eternal, right? Good night and sleep well and a big hug

ArenaSkies said...

Hey, I totally understood you Anette. In fact, there are some people that go through one of the worst possible scenarios in life (i.e. rape) and end up happy some time later. I once had a professor that was born in the worst parts of Africa. It was a genocide out there, but somehow and someway he managed to escape to the USA. Now he's quite a happy person. If he can do it, why not anyone else? It's not easy at all, but it's not impossible either.

I believe happiness is possible for anyone as long as you never give up looking for it. There goes this saying, "If I see it, I'll believe it." I don't follow that at all. It's more like, "If I BELIEVE it, I'll see it." As long as you keep believing in something hard enough, whether it be happiness or any goal in life, it'll come true.

As for the movie, I'm not really into romantic comedies. I prefer dramas and the action genre. But I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Take care Anette!

- Anne

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Anette :-) Your english is excellent! :-) It's probably better than mine! :-) Lol! :-D

I'll look out for the movie :-)

Sleep well :-)

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

I understand you.:) What stands between humans is usually the language.

Luckily, there are translation programs. Otherwise I would need hours here to leave a comment.^^

The film I do not know, because Jennifer Lopez is not really absorbed into the characters. As a singer, I find it good.
But a man can not be good at everything;)

I like more small films with not big´s name.

Have a good night.


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear, I understand what do you say. And I agree.
I've been through a bad time, but my aunt is a psychologist and she knew how to help me feel better.
Today I watched Pan's Labyrinth, I recommend to you, is very interesting.
Good night my dear
Jag älskar dig


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anette, life is not just but, sometimes, it gives you good moments and that´s what matters in the end.

So, we have to be strong enough to go on, no matter what. And yes, it´s VERY dificult to speak (or to write) in a no native language =)

Good night everyone.

July said...

Hey Anette!

I understand you, write in another lenguage, it's hard because sometimes it's not easy express the true feeling of the words. But don't worry, we know the sense of your post :D

Anyway, i heard about this movie before, but I've never watched it. Jennifer Lopez it's a great comedy actress and Alex O'Loughlin it's simply gorgeous!

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

shay said...

Omg...i never seen it but it was on the other day but i didnt watch... i want to though..

Océane said...

My dear, while im writing this you must be sleeping like a baby! Im just back from work and have my appointment with the surgeon this morning so only 3hours to sleep!

About the fact you talk in english, no worries, im sure no one took what you wrote on the wrong way. You're english is I think perfect. But i understand what you meant. Its also difficult for me sometimes to tell you some stuffs cause i dont have all the words etc... So sometimes I prefer not to say a word than written something you could take on the wrong way.

And thanks for the movie tips! I think Im going to search for it after my appointment! :) please cross your fingers so Ill have my surgery by the end of the month. And sorry if i annoy yoy with that. Its just so important for me and i put all my hopes on it...

I hope youre in a sweet dream right now

Love and hugs

Unknown said...

I did cut again:(
On my leg and hip..:'( And I have gymnastics and I have to wear a short thingy... Ugh. I hate myself even more. I don't want to go to school.. all those questions I will get about my strange way of walking and scars on my wirst...

Ok I wish I could skip today...


Unknown said...

We understand you ;-) Thank you for these posts!
I never watched this movie. I think it is interesting ;-) Thanks for the sharing!

Océane said...

My dear, just got one of the best news ever! I'll have my surgery on the 30th of january and have to be at the hospital the day before.
Cant believe my life is about to change this month! I'll feel soooo happy!! And im sure you helped my luck when you wished me to have my surgery SOON ! :)

Enjoy the day, I will for once!

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sabine, please, do not cut you anymore. You´re not only hurting to yourself, you´re hurting your parents, your family and your friends too.
I had a girlfriend, about three years ago, that used to do that as well. She used to feel so bad that she used to cut herself too. Then, one day, she met me, and everything changed. She changed, forever.

Hurting yourself doesn´t change anything, that only cause more pain to yourself and the people who love you. If you want your life to be different, just think how would you like it to be, and start changing it. Baby steps. That´s what I do and, I promise you, It works.


Anonymous said...

By the way Sabine, I watched your video on youtube (singing), and I liked it a lot. And, I must say that you are very cute =) (you´ve got a very beatiful eyes, like Anette have).

Have a good day, girl!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
How are you?

I want say something to Sabine...

Why you cut yourself if this made you pain and you shame of this? This is no good way my dear, when I was younger I had a hell on the earth because my father was an alcoholic and hit me and my mother and belive me, this what you do don't help you in anything... I think you are in this place where you need a specialist help :( Want you die?! not? So you don't do THAT! You are young, you should be happy, fall in love with boys and do all what teenage girl do. You must love yourself, because you are the only one Sabine Sharktale on the world! and you must be glad for this! Take care sweetie and don't do that!

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

hello dear Anette, How are you?
yeah I understood what you said.. I think thats so many years that I read your blog that I know what kind of opinions you take on certain subjects, then I understand in this way what you said... And Its a fact about maybe have a misunderstanding because of teh difference of the languages... I even think That i have done some misunderstandings here in your blog...
I work in an marketing agency and here we done some management of blogs and social media for some artist and businessmen, and maybe if you have one team to help you... Dont understand wrong, I really thing that is wonderfull you take care by your own, but maybe some professional help can help in something...

And it seems a nice movie! Hope you have fun watching this...
Take care my dear Anette! Wish you a wonderfull week!!! Love U

Anonymous said...

Sabine: If you are self-harming you need help. Seriously.

First of all I strongly urge you to tell your parents or guardians or one of your teachers at your school.

You also need to go and see a doctor.

Please try not to self-harm.

Take care. Tom

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Oh, I wnat to tell you a BUllying tragedy that happen here in My City last month:

An advocacy Intern, for the best Advocacy Office of São paulo, 21 years, was doped, rapped and maligned taht shea had sex with a fellow work, all this after a year end party. She told it to her mom, and told that his boss bullyied her. they gone to the hospital, she begined a psychiatric treatment, but she suicide day latter... that is a really sad history.. And teh worst is that with sure the cases will be filed, because the Office had the bests advocacy for country, maybe for all south america... And now there is some histories vilifying her.
And as a blog said: "She was killed 3 times: the act of aggression, unable to obtain justice and destruction of their public image."
Thats so sad history of bullying of a so young girl...

Bye, take care my dear...

Unknown said...

I had to seek help for my depression and thankfully it was a family member who I idolize and adore. I am still recovering but when I found Nightwish I fell in love with your voice and that helpers me greatly as we'll. Thank you, Anette! :)

Unknown said...


I shure don't want to die but I have a lot of problems at school. I have a lot of specialists and therapys but they all don't work.. I'm not really a person who falls in love a lot. I am not a usual teenage girl. To many bad things in life.

To Anette:
Today at school I talked with a maatschappelijk werkster(No idea what the translation is)and they called my home. So now I feel fuckes up. And I maybe have a depression. I get help now even faster:)

I love you<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Anette,
I understand very well what you meant with your post. To me you will always find the right words. In any language. By the way, your English is excellent. I would like it just as you can!
I hope you had a nice day today. With us, the sun is shining and it's warm.
@ Sabine: I wish you the strength to stop the cutting and that you find something or someone who will help you to transform your life. I think the example of David really good and right. Dear Sabine, I hope I've found the right words, but unfortunately I'm not so good at it.
big hugs to Anette and Sabine

Rebel said...

i was watching yesterday your photos from trip to Thailand. There is one thing that i have noticed. when i was looking at those pics i saw a rock chick, and now when i'm looking at pics where you're showing as how you spend your days and showing us your outfit i feel that you have settled down, and you are really feel good in a role of being a mom. <3 Take care
greetings from Poland

Unknown said...

Sabine; I know that I can say whatever I want to you, but it won't help.
It doesn't matter if I say "it'll be okay" because clearly, it's not right now. And I know you get tired of hearing people say that "everything'll be okay" or "you're not alone". Because just like Victoria said, previous post, I thought, you're still feeling alone.
And people saying that it's not normal... yeah, you know it's not normal (I assume) but for you, it's an outlet. You do it so... I dunno... (just realize you never told me that..)

Be strong. I believe in you.
You'll survive. <3


And Anette; I haven't seen the movie yet, I'll check out the trailer later today. =)

Unknown said...

I got rheumatism last year. It started with my arms and then spread through the body. Now everything hurts.
And yet it's not the body that hurts the most. It's the isolation.
A lot of friends left me when I got sick. The ones that was interested in partying and shopping. But also my best friend! And my sister and my brother. They just don't care about my disease, and that makes me sad. I counted on my family.

I could write a lot about this, but no...

Anyway, I'm feeling lonely these days. I have bad days, but also good ones. There is joy in small things, and in dreaming about a better future.
Following this blog helps. Anette, you really are an inspiration. :-) I liked you a lot as a singer in Nightwish, but I'll keep on being your fan because you cheer me up!

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hi Anette,
First, I'd like to thank again for that "speech" or anything about hope in life and I don't understand why people say bad things about it-surely, life has downs sometimes but I also believe that there's still hope (most of the times...sometimes...meh.) :) Second: I don't think that what you wrote could be misunderstood and you speak very good English :)

and one for Sabine: ehm, I think you know what I'd write here, although as Elize said, it's hard to believe. But hope is there and it'll be okay ;)

Goodnight! :)

Betty Blue said...

Hmm... Haven´t seen this movie yet, but it looks like one of those movies that my best friend and me watch on Friday nights when we´re SO tired of playing "Call of Duty" and watching things like "Zombieland" and "Iron Sky" (best movie ever, do you know it?) and so on. After a few hours zombies get boring... Then we watch this kind of movie. Usually one of us sleeps away and the one who wanted to watch that movie sits there cheerfully and happy ^^
Love, Betty

Dalma said...

Don’t worry about your English. You speak quite well and I think your words can’t be misunderstood. Sometimes you make mistakes but it’s so cute. =)

It’s not easy to write in another language, especially when it’s totally different from you own mother language. For me it’s also hard many times. Then I have to think a lot how I should express things in a way that you won’t misunderstand. And it’s even harder when I try to write in Swedish. I have to reduce my thoughts into very simple sentences that I can translate to Swedish then. =)

Anyway, I would love that if you wrote in Swedish sometimes. =)

Take care now,
Dalma ♥