Monday, January 21, 2013

There will be some fixing with the header..

..during some time tonight, so if something looks weird it´s just ME fixing the site;=)

Be patient;=)


eskoplja said...

No problem, take your time :)
This one you put looks really lovely too. Such pretty eyes!
Hugs to you

Ena :*

Philippa said...

Hej Anette! I played around with the size of your header a bit, and I changed it to a format that might fit better.

Use it like this if you like :)

Océane said...

Oh an other photo!
Cant decide the one I prefer! Theyre both beautiful!!!

And of course we are patient :)

Love and hugs

Beatrix said...

Haha, experimenting is fun as long as you are in the mood. Godd luck and I am excited to see the outcome. :)

Laetitianne said...

Hello! How are you?

Your new name isn't Anette OlSSon?

Have a nice evening!


Betty Blue said...

Now this pic is even better, I LOVE the header now ;-) Just the size is still a bit too big, but everything´s up to you. This sepia-thing is really cool!
Love, Betty

nes said...

The pic's beautiful, though it's a bit streched ;) Sorry, just had to - can't escape gek's nature, you know? ;)

Anette Olzon Argentina said...

Hi Anette! why write your last name with "ns" (olzoNS)
It seemed strange :/

Black Crow said...

It's very cute, but big...
Beautiful eyes! :)
Good night ;)

Nalon said...

Evening again Anette,

I tend to prefer the more Black and white picture. But in this picture you can see your beautiful eye color better.

A black and white image with colored eyes, but would I really liked.

But I would be surprised evening of creativity today.;)

Fay said...

Hahah, I was just kinda shocked because it was so big.

But I know that blogger is a very difficult site in the beginning. The header was always a problem for me. But mine is fixed so I won't change it again.

I hope it won't drive you crazy (:

Have a nice evening!


Carol Misokane said...


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette;)
Super the banner, it's weird not to see the old but I like it, it's pretty: D
Kisses :D

Aleksandra said...

It would be so nice if you would let ME do your design! :( But you're not listening. :(

Océane said...

She said many times she wants to do it by herself which I understand. And I think the most important is her words and not the decoration in the blog.
And she is improving it as we can see with the new header :)
I think its a bit rude to say "you're not listening" when you dont want to listen she wants a "home made" blog :)
But enjoy the day!

And AOA : because its "olzon's" she just wrote it in one word! :) and you put a 's when something belongs to someone like here "anette olzon's blog" blog of anette olzon if you prefer :)
Im not sure its very clear! Ahah
Have a good day!

Unknown said...

Aleksandra; Hi! If I want someone to help me, I´ll let you know;=) Thanks and enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

AOA: Hi! Because it´s an ending of Olzon. When saying it´s Anettes blog instead of Anette blog. Enjoy the day!