Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewing and fixing;=)

Hi all!

Hope you´ve had a wonderful day;=)

I have spent my day inside today, resting and sitting by my sewing machine, where I am doing some stuff for the baby.

A blanket for the pram, here you can see some of the pattern and the blanket:

I love the little polka patterned hippos and it will go perfect with the pram;=)

Then I´m doing a pair of baby pants (for the very first time) and here´s how that pattern look:

Not the easiest fabric to sew in I´ve chosen for these projects but well, why do the easy things?=)

Since I haven´t been out today I´ve just been relaxed in a pair of black jeans with studs and a black maternity top. Comfy and easy;=)

Now time to go and listen to Seth reading and then me and Johan are gonna sit and watch a movie. No horror movie though, since yesterday we watched "House at the end of the street" and well, I had nightmares all night so being pregnant and sensitive is no good match with horror movies;=) So tonight we´re gonna watch "The men who stare at goats". Hope that is less frightening....

I wish you all a wonderful and relaxed evening;=) 


Betty Blue said...

"The men who stare at goats" is a GREAT movie. Very stupid but funny. Guess you´ll have fun ^^

The pattern looks SO cute o.O Have luckw ith your sewing!
Love, Betty

saskia said...

that little hippos are so sweet!
I wish you good luck for this project!

XxBriannaxX said...

Hi Anette!
Glad to hear you are having a good day so far! The sewing you have done so far is so cute. I love the little hippos. ;-) and you of course look beautiful as always. Ooh and house at the end of the street is very scary,im sorry to hear you had nightmares... :( i had a nightmare last night and woke up with a jolt and pulled my eyebrow piercing,it hurt so bad! But now is okay. Unfortunately I got really sick today and am coughing non stop. ;-( no fun. But hopefully I feel better soon. Enjoy your movie tonight and have a great day with your family! Love and hugs

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I believe you don't receive my last posts yesterday, so I try again.
On the second photo you seem to be so thin, not like a pregnant woman that's amazing. So, I don't worry because I didn't see anything before your "surprise".
Do you practice some physical exercice, even if you're pregnant ?
I hope that your movie is good, take care and good night.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yeah, my day was relaxed - I´m ill, so I didn´t go to the Kindergarten today. But tomorrow I´ll be back there so I won´t stay awake that long today.

The pictures look really nice and you too, as always.

I like those horror movies who work with psychical horror. Have you seen "The Exorcist"? I Mean the original from 1973 or so. If you are in the mood again for that, I recommend it to you, one of the best I think. I have it on DVD and watched it already three times, the horror goes away I think after the first watching but some scenes are still scary :).

I hope you too had a great day and I wish you a good night and sweet dreams. Take always good care of yourself please!

Sov Gott :)


Océane said...

Glad to hear you had a nice and cosy day :)
Mine wasnt good at all! Yesterday afternoon I started to felt my troat was a bit bad. Then at night I started to be really ill! couldnt slept :(
So I woke up early with a heavy fever, bad troat etc et ... And went to the doctor. I caught a bad virus so i have to take pills now!
Then I came back home to sleep a little bit as I was damn tired but couldnt slept so much. I was so cold then so hot then cold and so on!
After I woke up i had to to at work from 2pm to 9pm.
Now Im finally at home and just want to sleeeeeeeep (if I can!). Hopefully tomorrow will be better ? :)
The thing is if Im still sick the day of my surgery they cant operate me, thats why Im so stressed! But we'll see!
Anyway, thats was ahah!

About the movie it sounds awful I didnt watch it but I watched one called "the last house on the left" something like that and I dont recommend it as it was really awful! But as I told you, watch Orphan! Its damn good :)

And the blanket and panties are very cute :) good job ! And it looks like its a boy because of the pants! :)

And your pants is once again so great, again studs and black! Perfect match! :)

So Im off to bed right now! Wish you an Johan to enjoy the movie and sleep like babies!

Love & Hugs !!!

Beatrix said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Great to hear that you make your own baby stuff ;-)
I like the patters and the colors. I hope your sleep this night better. I have also sleep not good last night. I have wories at the moment and I think a lot of and so I get my head not free to rest a bit. I hope I sleep this night better and relaxinger at the last night. Enjoy your movie and have a great evening. Sleep well Netti and have sweet dreams.

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

All beginnings are hard.:)
You should be my first attempts with the machine to see.

These little polka patterned hippos are so cute.^^
For the White cloth with cute animals. Can you sew better with Overlook. (Or looping machine.)

I even have a normal sewing machine and Overlook.
I sew in my room, because I need a lot of space and good lighting.
In your picture, it looks really tight.:/?

I sew on the whole week. Mend pants, sew decorative trimmings on tunics. And whatever else all is incurred.

You got me to write the idea for a blog. A sewing Blog. Where can I tell my sewing experience. In the execution I would have to do some work.

I also have a movie for your family. It is one of my favorite movies. The english titel is "The Secret of Roan Inish" and in shwedish called it´s "Mellan land och hav".

Sleep well.:)


Unknown said...

I extremely LOVE House at the End of the Street! Orphan is awesome too...In my opinion horror movies are the best type of movie. And it's okay to be sensitive:) What matters is that you are a nice person.
What you made for the baby is nice:)
Have a good evening

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. Cool pics.
well, I did it for you yesterday. How do you like cats, I think you'll like. haha
I love the face of this cat, and your photo.
Good night my dear.
Jag älskar dig


Unknown said...

Aww the baby's things are adorable!! he/she will look simply precious wearing the pants you're sewing! :) I'm sorry to hear that you had nightmares last night, but am sure your movie tonight will be less scary than yesterdays. It has a cool title :) Have a wonderful night Anette!

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
I just came home from the volleyball match and I'm so tired.
I like the patterns. You did a good choice, because that patterns and colors are unisex, so them are if the little one will be a boy or a girl :)
Your outfit look super comfy and as you I too like to be comfy at home.
...and let me repeat: Are you sure that you're in late pregnancy???You look really small. MAybe the little one will grow in last weeks ;) In any case your belly suits you. You look so happy :)
Have a nice evening and enjoy the movie.
Kisses to you, your boys and your baby :)
Good night, sleep well ♥

Dark ice said...

The fabric patterns look great hope to see them when they are done

The Wayfarer said...

Hey Anette :3 I just wanted to say that I'm so glad that you're so happy with the new baby and all. I wish you the best :D

And "The men who stare at goats" it's a funny movie xD I love the part with Clooney's "device" at the desert scene :3

Hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

aww the hippos are cute :)
good luck with the baby clothes and sleep well, take care

Lucinda said...

My god, you look so slim, I'd say you're only 4th month pregnant, not 6th 1/2 O_O Very lucky!

Good luck with the new clothes you're making, I think it's great that a mum nowadays still makes clothes for the newcomer :)

Take care!

MusicOfTheNight said...

Hey Anette!
May I recommend you a movie for pregnant?
Have you seen "Nine months" with Hugh Grant? I laughed my ass out when I saw it many years ago, it's so old, but REALLY funny, so I thought of giving you this idea if you haven't seen it.
Good night and sweet dreams

P.S: Here's the trailer

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie..
Aaah, so cute, I never thought you would be a great dressmaker..think there is nothing better than to make the clothes of our own child =) and he or she will love it, I'm very sure.
I have a good new for you, my sister is pregnant too, maybe two months, she discovered today and told me and I just thought:"God, this is the year!!" haha..she has a little girl who is 3 years old and now we all want a boy but her, because she loves "girls things" hahaha..let's see what it will be and I will tell you.
I'm sorry but I have to tell..with this new I just can listen to "Bless The Child" and imagine you singing this song, is a beautiful song and I always wanted to hear you singing, and I will sing it for my niece too =).

Now, may the God bless your sleeping night.

Love, Carol

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!:)

Sorry for the off-topic comment...
I just want to thank you for all that you gave us. I listened Ghost love score live with you now and I cried! Your voice is magic!! You gave us so much energy, so much emotions! Cathedral walls, Invincible, Meadows of's incredible!
I'm all alone now and only you make me happy... Thank you, dear! hope you will gladden us by your music!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!! :) I love your outfit and shoes! Where did you buy them? Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Your blanket and other things you are sewing look as though they are coming on nicely :-) Well done! :-)

Unlike you Anette I didn't have a nightmare last night but I did have a bad dream. It was also rather vivid so I thought it was real. I was also in that state where you are half awake at the same time and want to wake up but you can't. I actually dreamed that while in bed I'd dialed 999 ( emergency service number here in the UK ) on my mobile phone and I thought the police were on there way. And then I thought I was fighting something but I didn't know what so I was shouting and swearing in my sleep and coz I was half awake I was aware of what I was doing but my rational reasoning part of my brain couldn't stop me. I just wanted to wake up coz I thought I'd dialled 999 and the police were on their way. So all this continued for a while and then my alarm went off at 7am and that finally woke me up. The first thing I did was reach for my mobile by the side of my bed and I actually checked it's call list to see if I'd dialled 999 in my sleep. Thankfully I hadn't.

I've never been a fan of the horror movie genre. Though I do highly rate The Blair Witch Project. I like the way Blair Witch is made. It's original compared to other horror movies.

Though horror movies are not the best films to watch for nice pregnant lady vikings from Sweden :-D

I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight Anette! :-) Take care :-)

SM said...

You look beautiful during pregnancy. Your belly is so nice. Being a mother is the most wonderful thing. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette
You look amazing, you have the pregnancy glow.
i live the hippo pattern i would like to recommend a web site call, they sell differents patterns so you can sewing you own clothes, they have for different occasions as well as for children and the best part is that they are easy to understand.

I hope you like it
kisses and hugs

Helminen said...

Hej, Nettie! You look stunning! I was curious if you like buying new clothes and be creative during a pregnancy, like you do usually? Or maybe it's even more inspiring? :-)
Take care!