Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Good evening;=)

Sitting relaxing with my massage pillow to comfort my back and it´s so nice for the back now when being so far gone in the pregnancy;=)

Today we went to the playground and Johan came along and Nemo was so happy for that. More fun to have daddy to chase him around the playground than mum who is to "fat" to run, haha!

I sat and rested on the bench and to not get cold I sat on a nice sheep blanket. Kept me warm and cosy;=)

Blue sky again and some sun and about -6 degrees so a bit colder today but still so nice to get outside;=)

Found this old photo some days ago, from a gig with Alyson Avenue when I was around 20 years. We played in Åstorp in "Grytan" and it was fun;=) Good old memories, haha! check out how scared my dear Tony, the guitarist to the right looks. He has the worst stage fright and has always explained to us that it´s like he sees a train coming towards him and he just freezes. It´s really horrible to have stage fright and I have it too. A bit better now but still I can get the anxiety before going on stage.

I loved this long blue dress I had on and as you can see, blond as I´ve been all my life except the last years. And check how I hold the microphone cord, haha;=)

Today I got a nice package with some maternity clothes from ASOS in England. I don´t like wearing maternity clothes so I try to avoid it, but they actually had some more "fun" dresses and I liked them so I´ll be wearing them and show you the coming days;=)

The outfit for today, for those interested:
It was quite boring, but warm and comfy for the playground.
Layers again with grey stockings underneath black leggings from Gina Tricot (leggings are really good when being late in pregnancy, comfy=)

Underneath a white top from Cos and over that my dear old grey cashmere sweater from Zadig & Voltaire, 

The sweater has a nice silvery guitar in the front, so rocky;=)

And on my feet as yesterday, my old UGGs. 

That was my afternoon;=) Now I´m going to sit down by my sewing maching and try and make a blanket and a pair of pants for the baby;=) Let´s see if I can do it or not...hehe!

Enjoy this evening and sleep well later on! Huggies,=)


Océane said...

Such a cute photo of Johan & Nemo <3
I always cute and adorable to see a daddy playing with his child :)

I absolutely love your Zadig&voltair pull! I love that brand, they always have some nice clothes with skulls, wings and so on! But its quite expensive!

And about the old photo, yeah a saw it on instagram ahah thats fun to see that it looks like ages ago as everything is so different now, and yeah the way you hold the mic cord made me laught :)
But about what are you afraid now about stage? Cause everyone is here to see you :) are you a bit shy? (Mmm I dont think so :))

And please show us the result if you succeed in making a blanket and a baby pants :)

Seriously, think about having your own brand! It would be so cool :)

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I think Nemo is very happy to have his daddy today ;-)
You look so good and happy...thats great. I wish you good look with your sewing maching :-)

Have a nice evening



paniina said...

Anette, where is your baby ?! I mean, if you hadn't told us that you are pregnant, I would have never noticed with some of your pics !

Oh, and btw, very beautiful bureau ! :)

Xoxo !

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! Its nice to see you are having fun playing in the snow. i wish we got snow here in chicago :(
But just curious, did you get a lot of stage fright fro your first NW show?

Carol Misokane said...

Hey hey Nettie..I think is so great for the children play with their daddy, so special =) and Johan seems to be the perfect father.
When I saw the picture I just thought "Nettan is back to the stage" because you didn't change anything, you're so young and seem to be in your 2o's =D.
I loved your outfit, so great for the winter and what really matters is the comfort and we can see through the pictures that you're so comfortable and that's alright.

So, have a nice evening and enjoy the night.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos with blue sky!
I like this old photo! I also have stage fright :(
And as always your outfit is wonderful!
Have a nice evening and enjoy your family ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for sharing that Alyson Avenue gig photo Anette! :-) I see what you mean about Tony. He does look a bit anxious. I remember 11 years ago I played my acoustic guitar for about 50 residents, their families, and other staff at an Xmas Carol Concert in the Nursing Home I used to work in :-) I felt anxious even though I was accompanied by another two colleagues on keyboard and trumpet :-)

I also remember when I first went to university 7 years ago and I had to stand up in front of groups of people and give presentations. From the sort of background where I came from I'd never had to do that sort thing ever before and I was anxious then too. Sometimes I'd be ok though :-)

Speaking of Alyson Avenue I've not heard all their work. Though I have heard a song you sing on called All This Time and I think it's excellent :-) I like it so much that if I were to put together a compilation CD of various artists All This Time would definately be on there :-) Did you co-write All This Time? :-)

Best of luck when you use your sewing machine! :-) Apparently my late grandma used to be really good on those things :-) I'll be very interested to see the results :-) And if it don't work out Anette then keep practising! :-)

Have fun Anette! :-)

Moondance said...

Hi, Anette!
I see you've spent your day very good. Johan looks so sweet playing with Nemo on the playground :)
I really like your photos of mmmm... I don't know how to say... Of the place around you :) Views are amazing!
Old pictures are so cute! And you know, I think that the blond is your color, it suits you very well :)
The sweater is nice, especially that guitar :) Simple beauty.

Hmmm, I feel I made a lot of mistakes in my message, sorry for my English :)

Unknown said...

That Tummy of yours gets all the attention :) Just Aaaaaawwwweeee....

XxBriannaxX said...

Aww sweet of Johan to come along and join you and Nemo at the park. ;-) and brrr -6? That is very cold to me! Haha i'd turn into a popsicle or something ;-) the photo of you when you were in Alyson Avenue is so cool. You look so beautiful! And I love blonde hair on you. It suits you so well more then black did because blond is more bright and happy like you. ;-) You're outifit today is very cute and you look gorgeous! I love the way you have your makeup. Enjoy this day and good luck on sewing for the little angel! Big Hugs!

Karin said...

Such great photos! Father&son, you, "young you"... It was really nice to look at them :) Johan and Nemo: so cute :)
About the stage fright: does it disappear the moment you are on stage, or does it take some time until you "warm up" ? I always wondered how you wonderful artists and singers suffers from this and still you go on, and are just great on stage !

By the way: I ordered my blouse with angelwings from HunkyDory , but it was too small... I had to send it back and now I'm waiting for a bigger one... I found a black one from the website , where they sell HunkyDory clothes. Can't wait ... :)

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

The photo whith Johan and Nemo look so cute^^. This is Johan deserves right to his hard work.

I have a genuine sheepskin and myself know how cuddly warm is it.
Cold air is really healthy. Every day I go walking almost two hours and I have no colds.

Your old stage photos from Alyson Avenue are funny. Above all because of the hairstyles.;)

On your new maternity clothes from ASOS I'm very excited.
It never hurts to know what is so popular.;) If I like something, I know what I can wear. When I'm tired to wear black.

I know I should not write here. But since it's also about fashion.;)I was anxious all the time on these images. And I'd think there also something for you here.
I like the Victoria Dress very much and the Eila Dress, Titania Belt, Reko Spats.

Welcome to the club of hard-working seamstresses. A baby blanket is very easy to sew. The only thing you need are the eighth to keep the mass properly.
Since you've just started to sew. I give you the tip: Take your time and do not despair if it does not immediately work.
And before you is ironing the hems, which saves you a lot of work.

good evening.


eskoplja said...

How sweet photo of Johan and Nemo! Really adorable! And what lovely photos from the "old times" I really love the dress. Thank you so much for sharing :)
Wish you a lovely day


Ena :*

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Oh my God,I can't with you and Johan and the kids ;--; I just want to cry and hug all of them,because they make you so happy,and when you're happy,I am too.I hope every day will be as fun and as full of love as today.
Also,I adore when you post stuff from your AA times!It feels like ages ago,and it's always great to discover more about your past,since we already know a lot about your present/early past.You look so cute in those pics!So young,fresh,yet calm.It sure was a huge emotion (and maybe it will is),going on stage,but from what I can see,you look absolutely fabulous.You were born to be on a stage,one can't unsee that!
I also think it's amazing how you still love/care/are friends with AA.It's not something that we see often in the music industry,you know.Usually when people leave band there's always some kind of regret going on (I mean,we don't even need to make weird example,just take NW and Tarja).It warms my heart up,when you find such beautiful words to describe your friends/former band.I find it to be utterly adorable.It's just great.
Lots of love,

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
I can see that you all had a nice day and that's great!
The first photo is really lovely! Just sweet to see daddy and son together and it seems that they have fun:) Nemo gonna be very tall. How tall is Johan? Maybe one day Nemo will be taller than his daddy ;)
Haha, the old photos are funny. It seems that the guitarist very scared! Do you have some more old photos?
Anyway, today you were beautiful. Nice outfit, and as I said many times...gray suits you ;)
If you make a blaket and pants for the baby you'll show thwm to us? Pleeeaaaseeeee :)
Have a nice evening.
Godd night and sleep really well ♥

(sorry if my post is doubble, but today I have bad connection)

Alexstrasza said...

Thank you so much for the photos! The one of Nemo and Johan is adorable. Sounds like you had a lovely day and I hope you enjoy the evening now and sleep well! I loved your outfit today; you're so beautiful :)

Much love and warm wishes,

July said...

Good evening Anette!

The first picture it's very lovely! and the landscape it's beautiful, I'm happy for your happiness :)

And as always your outfit it's very cosy and looks very good on you, and yes sometimes the pregnancy clothes are "weird" but some brands have pretty things! like these by Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson and others:

sleep well and sweet dreams!

Unknown said...

Soon y'all will be joined by someone else at the playground...not immediately
I like your picture with Alyson Avenue:)
Enjoy your evening:)

I would've written this much earlier had the wifi connection and my iPod been cooperating with me and not pissing me off

Pascal said...

Hi and good evening, Anette!

Very beautiful photos again. You look great on the Alyson Avenue-photo and, as Carol said already, you look there as you look nowadays... exactly the same beauty :). Holding the cord is really funny in that pic, just like holding something disgusting :D.

Sleep well now, Anette, and thank you for being always here for us :).

Ta väl hand om dig själv för att behaga!

I hope that was right, seems strange to me (google translator *shame* :)), but you know what I mean since I always write it at the end in my comments.


Wérleson Alexandre said...

Hi Nettie!

Really nice, it's a beautiful sight of Johan playing with Nemo!

But, could you tell us if the baby is a boy or a girl???

ps: I would be loevely to hear you singing one of these songs . Have you already listened them before?

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
You're beautiful !
So cute picture of Johan and Nemo !!
but You're not "Fat" !!!!
Good night dear Anette
How many sweets dreams !
See you tomorrow
Big Kisses & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette,

I hope you had a great day today! I went back to the heathers and there is like 20 cm snow! Also my dress arrived today and I had to try it on together with my new pair of shoes! The shoes are perfect, but the dress a bit too big on my breast. So we need to fix it! But it's really beautiful! Here you can find a full picture of me wearing the dress :-)

Enjoy your evening!

Anonymous said...

And I think I forgot to post the link of my blog post with the picture:

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

The johan seems to be a great father.
these pictures are very nice.
is a pity that I do not think many things about Alyson Avenue. It's a cool band.
Good night my dear, see you tomorrow
Jag älskar dig


Unknown said...

Oona; Hi! I love your blog and the dress look fabulous on you;=) It´s a bit big in the bust for me too and that´s why I use a brosch to attach the lower part of the cleavage so it fits better. Also, fashion tape to make it stick on the sides;=) Sleep well!

Unknown said...

Werleson; Hi;=) Well, I think its better to tell what it will be afterwards, you never know if they´ve guessed wrong, right?=)
And no, I havent heard those songs or seen the movie but cool musical-songs and I think they would work fine with my voice;=) Thanks for the links and sleep well!

Dark ice said...

I hope your day has been good and Johan and Nemo look so cute together;)

Wérleson Alexandre said...

Thanks for your answer Nettie ;)

I understand and hope that all occur well with you and the baby! I remembered you when I listened those songs this morning! :)

#sorry for my english!

ImagineerGirl~ said...

Hi Anette! I've heard you are pregnant and I just want you to know that I'm really happy for you and your family. God bless you and that new baby that is coming to light up your world. Please, if it's a girl name it Natalia, I'd be very honored ahahah, just joking, I don't know if you even like that name. I love you and I wish u the best ;)

Eleonore Saiga said...

Good morning Anette !! :D

I just love that picture with Johan and Nemo, great light you pictured a perfect moment ! :)

I hope you're having a great thursday !



^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette! I'm really happy for you and your family!
God bless you and you babies!
Love from Italy,
Claudia :)

SM said...

Thanks for this nice photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anette :-) We'll try to fix it with 2 clips or something. I already have nipple covers to wear underneath the dress ;-) Because I don't it will be beautiful with a bra underneath it..

Kiss & hug!

Unknown said...

Such a sweet photo of Johan and Nemo :)
Can't wait to find out the gender of your newest arrival,
Love and hugs from Michigan
~ Kate

matotu said...

Old photos are interesting. Thank you for them. Have an amazing day!

MM said...

Your outfit is really awesome! Especially the sweater with guitar!
The old photo is very nice, but the quality isn't good =( anyway, I'd say that your outfits from DPP and Imaginaerum tours were much more interesting =)
Please, show us the result of sewing =)
Kisses and hugs :* :*