Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sun has been shining;=)

Oh, what a wonderful day today! Sun, blue sky and 7 plus degrees outside!!! What happened??? We got ONE of those days to get a little "scent" of what spring feels like and thank dear God for that! It´s been so wonderful and when me and Nemo walked a little walk to get some flowers and pick up Seth by the train, I embraced it and now I long even MORE for spring!! In appr. 2 months when our little one is coming I know spring will also come to us;=) 

And spring - you are SO welcome! (you are free to arrive earlier if you want;=)

Yesterday I went to a wonderful decoration store called Living Room and got some candles and I found these cute little candle light holders that fits perfect on our hallway shelf where me and Marilyn smile at each other every morning, when I do my make up and hair;=)

Wasn´t she so beautiful??;=)

My outfit and make up of today, for those interested was my old destroyed jeans from Current/Elliott

my beige top from AJ 177 Project /I have different colors from these since they´re so comfortable;-)

My darling cross boots from Scorett

Make up today was my brown eyeshadow and then I mixed it with a pinkish shadow from the inner lid and to the middle

Hair down and just a tiny little hair clip on one side

And since it was warmer today my dear white coat from Chloé was taken out for a stroll in combination with my scarf with stars on;=)

Now my dear ones, it´s the old dear movie "The Rock" in TV so now Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery will keep me and Johan company;=) 
Sleep well my dear ones and sweet dreams!


Katharine Rv said...

Have a great evening, dear! :)
Good night and sleep well!! ♥

Unknown said...

Hey Anette!

Wow nice weather. I want also sun. We have it here also warmer,but we have no sun. And it is so windy here. Oh Nicholas Cage. He is one of my favourits. Enjoy your movie and sleep well later :-)

Farandra said...

Hi Anette !

Here the weather was beautiful too. In the classroom this afternoon, we turned off the heater and opened the windows. It was soooo great just seeing the beautiful blue sea and hearing the gulls ! I'm so lucky to live and work at about 500 meters from the sea !

Rebel said...

great coat from Chloe (i'm in love) such a spring outfit :) love it. In Poland we have a heavy rain, and it is not goin to stop for next few days :( so sky is grey and heavy, and that's making people depressing.Take care!
P.S would you lend us some sun? ;)

Unknown said...

Yesterday was 70 something degrees and today is much colder. When u live in Texas, the weather doesn't care what season it is. Your clothes r pretty :)

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
you're lucky. We had a gray day and appr one hour ago started raining. Such a boring weather.
I just love your jeans!!!
I'm glad to read thet you all are ok.
Good night you too.
Enjoy the movie

XxBriannaxX said...

Wow so glad to hear you had such a great and warm day! It makes me happy to hear how happy you are. ;-) and yes marilyn was so beautiful. You're beautiful too,i love your outfit and makeup today! :-) sleep well beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Just back from work where it's been a good shift in no small part thanks to me keeping an entire ward running efficiently mostly on my own bat! :-)

I wish we had some of that nice Helsingborg sunshine :-)

Marilyn was a beautiful woman to a lot of men. Though she'll never be as beautiful or good looking as you Anette my favourite lady viking! :-D

Enjoy your movie and sleep well!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
at this evening i dont feel good...
I've listened to your music this evening and it helped me so much!
My boyfriend has a psychological illness. He is a "borderliner".
Now, he is in a psychiatry.
I am so overhelmed!
What can i do?
We have a partnership for 3 years now. The only thing what gives me the strength to go on is you, your life and your music.
Thank you...

Nalon said...

Good night Anette,

You've seen the sun. Thus hopefully a long, long time out with your boys.
Don´t worry the sunn will come back:)

Sleep well.
*Whisper to the baby* Kick your mother is no longer so hard that night, please.;)


Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie..what a time! Are you feeling good? Hope so. I hate to know that my beloved ones are feeling sad =(.
Today when I woke up the wind was blowing fresh and I was so happy but the sun came and took it away, so the summer came again and I felt I'm in hell u.U..cannot wait for the winter.
I used to love spring in Japan, the sakura is the most beautiful flower I've ever saw in life and when I think it's been 3 years without them my heart feels so sad and bleed even more, but okay, perhaps I'll be visiting home until October and I can't wait to be there again, to see my people, eat my food, breathe my air. I'm so tired of this country and Japan is more missed every single day that passes. Living missing someone or something or both is the worst thing to do in life, but it's a part of it and I believe we all pass through this.
I'm happy your little one will born in just two months, I'm so anxious to know if it will be she or he =) but I think your boys want a girl, don't you ahha?
My niece is just two months old inside of my sister's belly and she wants another girl but her husband wants a twin couple and so I do, but she says that if it happens she will run away from home haha..I'm not a mother but I can just imagine how hard it is to take care of our little ones.

Now, have sweet dreams and I will try to do the same.

Love, Carol

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie :)
Glad to hear everything is ok
Such lovely photos you posted! Beautiful clear blue sky....beautiful church...and then beautiful you :)
And yes...Marylin was really pretty.
And the mirror you have is amazing! Where did you get it?
Wish you a wonderful day! Take care


Ena :*

Unknown said...

wow)) you have a spring)) cool)) love your smile! have a nice day)

Unknown said...

You look so fucking sweet!! But where has seth been that you have to pink him up?? Today I'd brush my hair to one side so it loos really awsome(please weather! Don't mess up my hair) today i go to my therapist again. And this week went quite well. Abd if it goes on like this, i can go to epica!!

To school now! Xoxo

Océane said...

Hi my dear,
Im happy to read the sun is shining at you! :)
Nice outfit, amazing that you can still "close" your coat with the belly! :)
Today im feeling a bit better, enough forces to write here :) i still vomit from time to time. I had an exam this morning to check if the food go throught the stomach. And it turns out that no! So still no food or drink till tomorrow :( i havent eat or drink since monday! Quite a long time ago... This week is not the funniest ever but it'll bring so much happiness afterwards.
And I dont think Ill go to UK to see pain as I dont feel perfect and it could be dangerous. This make me feel really sad as I couldnt wait to see them on stage again. But i'm sure I'll have other opportunities to see them. The thing that annoys me more is i was suppose to go with a friend. And if Im not going he's not going too and we already bought our plane tickets etc etc ... But health is more important than anything I guess....

So enjoy the day!
Love and Hugd

Unknown said...

Yesterday we had a grey weather, but today a lot of sun here and blue sky! I look forward the spring ;-)
Thanks for these wonderful photos! You look so sweet and beautiful ;)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette,

The sun has been shining here today too! And I'm so happy! Perhaps I'll go horse back riding this weekend! Since 5 years or something! I just love to ride but I don't have my own horse so it's been so long :(

*Escapist* said...

I love your hairstyle Anette!!! It looks great!!!

dracarys said...

Dear Nettie, hello! :)
Interesting post and beautiful pictures as always! :)
I started following your blog 2 years ago (I'm not 'following' actually, but I visit it every day. Finally I decided to register and leave a comment, and I just wanted to thank you ^^ I've been wondering, if I send you some pictures of you could you sign them for me? Because you're one of my favourite singers and it would be a honor for me ^^

Enjoy the day and take care!

Kriszti said...

Haha that comment about you and Marilyn smiling at each other cracked me up! You're one funny lady :D Oh btw when I was at Via del Corso in Rome I saw a pair of leggings with a cross on each side and I thought "Anette would probably like them" ;)