Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Only babies...

...in my head nowadays;=) It´s so clear when closing in on the birth date, that the longing gets so much stronger and well, I really am SO curious of this little one inside;=) 

This night, we haven´t been on the same level and well, he/she didn´t want me to lie as I wanted to. I normally love to sleep almost on my belly and he/she´s been fine with this up until now. Now when I put myself on my right side he/she immediately start to move around like crazy and well, I get the hint. I move to the other side and think that maybe we can be "friends" now? NO, he/she doesn´t like that either...

I start to get stressed and toss and turn in every position to get him/her to move so I can lie as I want, but the stubborn little one takes his/her time to move to a spot so I can lie on my left side and relax...puh;=) 

At the latest ultra sound the little one lied on his/her back against my back with his/her head upwards, looking at the stars and almost like a little dog with his/her arms and feet straight up. I wonder how he/she´ll lie tomorrow, when we´re going to check his/her size again;=) But one thing is for sure - I LONG to meet the little one and while waiting I surf around and look at cute babies and baby clothes and kiss and hug Nemo and Seth a bit extra. Lovely kids - the joy of my life;=)

Here´s some wonderful baby stuff I found today and I would love to put on the little one:
These from a new brand at Mom2Mom;=) The babies are not included...hehe!


Dark Queen said...

Oh, Anette! This is just so sweet! It warms my heart when I read such lovely posts. I can feel your joy and I'm so happy to all of you.
Hehe, fun to read about the "night battle" between you and the little one :) hehe!
Enjoy the day dear :)
Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

Hi :) i'm really excited that your having a baby and that all goes well for you :-) and i really hope that he/she is nice to you and lets you lie the way you want to! :-)

Meghan H. said...

Aw you seem so excited, as I'm sure most would be ;)

Also thought I'd post this link here for you, I mentioned this to you the other day, Iron Maiden, the Pooper


Have a lovely day Anette xo

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei, Ohhh so cute, babies !!
I wish you a lot of courage for her last night with your little one, wriggling in all directions! I'm sorry, what is so difficult! My mother told me that I also move a lot in her stomach when she was sick it up and listen to music (Roch Voisine) and may from time after all was calm and she could sleep peacefully .. . you should just try to be with any singer :)
Enjoy your piece of cabbage before birth, after it will be more complicated: D

Have a good day :)

Vinga said...

Dear Nettie,
I hope you feel good. We all ( all mums) known than hard is sleep when a little star crazy inside our belly ;) But over few weeks, you will could hugs your little baby ;)
Motherhood is the best what we have :). Children are a sense our life. And I'm happy with you that you can have this happiness. :)
With Love and kisses for your all family

Anonymous said...

Anette, I'm so so happy for you!!
Your words warm my heart and put a huge smile on my face.
Awaiting your baby must be the most incredible, happiest feeling ever... I can only imagine it to feel something like when you are a little kid and it's only one day left before X-mas and you are already so excited and count the hours and long to see the X-mas tree and your presents and just can't wait anymore... times 1000, of course. ;=)

I just love those little onesies with funny pics or messages on them. Sooo cute!! ;=)
Anette, check these out, they made me laugh so hard:




I guess half the fun of having a baby is being able to buy these adorable clothes! ;=)

Have a lovely day!

Hugs Sabine

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,

lovely post!
You gave me a really really good feeling for today!
Thank you for this!
You are blessed with your kids and the new one :)
Take care about you and enjoy your day.

With love,


Unknown said...

Can't wait to find out the gender of your newest arrival, hope everything goes well for you :)

Betty Blue said...

Now what else to think of when the birth date is so close? ;-)
I am so happy for you and your family! Are Seth and Nemo looking forward to their little sibling? I remember I couldn´t wait to meet my brother ^^
This is such a lovely, warm post, and the pictures made me smile - as always, I guess every woman has to smile when seeing babies ;-)
It´s so good to read that you are fine and happy!
Love and hugs to you and your family!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Your baby already has its own head.;) Or he/she wanted you sing something.?!
I your baby is curious. To his parents and big brothers and says hello with his ever powerful kicks. hehehe

In this pictures one gets to relish even a mother. But I let me some time.;)

Have a nice Day. Nalon

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, this literally made me crack up a couple of times. I think we're all excited for you to have this little one. However, you still won't be able to sleep so good after he/she is born. That's the kicker. Lol. Enjoy your day! :)

Unknown said...


hehe. Love the post. As a guy I can't say that I know what you are going through...but I can imagine it. :^) Congrats to you and your family. Your whole family must be excited for the little one to show up. How are your boys doing? (all 3 of them...hehe). Are they just as excited as you? I never had the pleasure of being a parent but enjoy hearing and seeing the excitement children bring to my friends and family. I have been enjoying all your posts. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment in you life with us. It's great! Hope you and the little one can agree on a comfortable sleeping position next time. Sing to him/her the next time. I know I love listening to you sing at the end of my day as I'm drifting off to sleep. One of your albums is always playing. :^)

Take care,

saskia said...

Yes babies are so sweet.
My best friend got a little brother at the end of 2012 and the little one is so sweet. this little hands and feet are so cute. I do not now if I want own kids later on but the more I see the little ones the more I want. But I think I have some time before decide if I want become mom, because I am 15 years old and I do not need a child now. But maybe in some years... lets see. :)
Have a nice day and sleep well!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

How are you today?
I hope you feel good and you have a great day.

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So I lie here surfing in the internet,watching TV and waiting for my man.

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Can you give me a tip?

Greetings and have a nice day.

I hope you have sun :-)

IsaWolfheart said...

Oh so cute <3

XxBriannaxX said...

Sounds like the baby is stubborn just like its mum! Hehe! I'm so happy for you Anette. Children are truly a blessing and I am very excited for you. I cant wait to hear if the baby will be a boy or a girl,the curiousity is killing me. ;-) enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

Babies r soooooo cute, but I have a really low patience and I don't think I could ever have kids:(
I guess my low patience is a bad thing...at least when I do spend time with kids who r not my brothers it doesn't affect me. Kids r wonderful tho

The Crow, The Owl And The Dove † said...

Hi Anette :)
I don't know if you're going to read this coment , anyway I will write It .
I'm a girl that loves your sweet voice and Nightwish too. I have read your biography and I'm so sorry of some Nightwish's fans did with you , really. The first time I heared you was in YouTube(Wacken Festival 2008)and I fell in love with your "hep , hep , hep" . When I'm sad , I imagine you saying this and this motivate me to continue. You're the best , please , don't leave music never . I hope that your pregnancy continues successfully. I'm waiting for your solo album . Luck and greetings from Spain.

Beatrix said...

Absolutely no clue where this little one inherited her ( my guess for today is a girl) stubbornness... :o)
Hope this night you will come to an agreement. :)
The clothes you posted are so cuuute. :)

I just want to share with you the funny thing that here in my country parents who are expecting a baby are called little-mommy and little-daddy and even doctors call them this way. :) I am used to it of course, but still find it funny as hell. :)

Take care little-mommy!