Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New bureau=)

Hi all and a very happy wednesday to you;=)

Here it´s even colder today, -6 degrees, so when going to the playground I guess I need even MORE clothes on;=)

Took some photos on the bureau for you, but it´s quite big so hard to get a good angle since it´s in our hallway but here you go;

Got this lovely new candle holder in the mall and it was really good since the package included sand, candle and the glass vase for a  price of 8 euros;=)

The lovely small heart shaped bowls are also new and so cute;=)

Todays music is dear John Lennon;=)

First out is  - Woman:

Beautiful boy;


NOW - enjoy this day and embrace it;=)


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello again
well, it is very beautiful. Johan did a good job haha
this statue you bought when you were in Thailand?
Happy Wednesday to you too =)
Jag älskar dig


Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

How are you today?
The bureau is beautiful and have nice color. I like white furniture. And the candle look nice. I love candles. Candles keep the places warm ;-) I have one candle here,thats a great candle...the candle change the colors. Like this one:

Wow -6 degrees,that is very cold. We have here in germany -4 degrees and snow. That looks so beautiful when all is full of snow. It is cold,but I like it to take a walk in this beautiful winter wonderland ;-) I wish you a nice day and I hope you have a beautiful day :-)



Beto said...

we have the same weather conditions of -6. So you are expecting a girl? ;)

Océane said...

Have a very good day too! And yes put a lot of clothes :) it would be annoying to get sick during pregnancy!
Here the sun is shining :) and I'm at work now but I'll stay outside till the sun go to bed, so basically till 5 o'clock something like that ! (I work in a toll but now everythin is automatic we're just here to be sure everything is okay, help people i theres a problem and so on. That job is not interesting at all but thats what I found to save money and pay for concerts and travelling :) )

Love & Hugs

Miriam "NocturnalConcerto" said...

oooh I love the new bureau also I really love the Miu Miu sunglasses although I cannot wear them 'cause I wear glasses and I would have to change the lenses with the graduated one...
Hugs, Miriam xx

Baru said...

Oh it´s pretty nice! I think I have to check the furniture in IKEA for my bedroom.

Have a beautiful day!

Unknown said...

I shall, Anette :). Going to a victorian tea party best wishes for you today

XxBriannaxX said...

Oh it is so beautiful. I love it! And the little hearts.are very cute. ;-) enjoy your day as well dear Anette!

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie :) Hope all is well
The new berau looks really nice and for hte mucic...great choice :)
John Lennon was really good. And the songs you posted are really nice :)
I know you love cats...I found a new video and I am sure you will love it. Look at this cutie

Big hugs and enjoy your day


Ena :*

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette!
Today it's snowing again here in Italy. I don't like this weather! Is too cold!!! Today I had to go at my friend's mom's place. She's the mom of my friend who is away for work, so I don't see her often. In any case the oly thing I can do is saty at home and wait that the snow stop.
Johan did a super great job with your bureau.
I have another question to you. I like a lot the dress which you wore in Copenhagen. (this one: So, my question is: where did you buy it?

Enjoy the day you too!

P.S.: Thank you so much for your answers. You're so kind :)

Meghan H. said...

What does the candle actually have written on it?

Also the bureau looks great ;)

I actually used to have some John Lennon albums on black vinyl, sold them because I needed money though... Still have heaps of my parents old records though haha :)

Have a lovely day Anette xo

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie.
Wow, the bureau is so beautiful, I really liked it. Congratulations to Johan for the hard work haha.
I love candles, for me they give any place a romantic air and it's amazing..I just wanted to know what is written on it, if you can translate =). The hearts are great too, perfect for two happy lovers like you are =).
I hope you have a magic day, even though it's cold. Here is cold too, rained a lot but now the sun is shining and so I hope he does in your city.

Love, Carol

linnea-maria said...

Vilken fin byrå! Ser ut att vara av bra kvalitet tycker jag :)

Gretchen said...

Cute bureau! I love your little heart dishes. They look good for little candies. :) The song, "Beautiful Boy" reminds me of a movie. I really like it and haven't seen it in forever! Maybe you will like it to. It is "Mr. Holland's Opus". I hope you have a lovely day. Your little tummy is so cute, and I hope mine is just as cute in a few months! (I have 8 months to go.. lol)

Unknown said...

Johan did a good job. Bureau looks wonderful!
Here we have -2 degress, and for me it is good weather ;-) Because this Monday we had -10 degrees! Snow is melting around.
I like this candle holder! Wonderful thing ;-)

July said...

Hi again Anette!

That is a very nice bureau I really like the way that you decorate it =) and your new candle looks so peaceful!

The songs are wonderful, in fact Lenon is my favourite Beatle.

Have a nice nice day and enjoy these beautiful moments!

Nora said...

Hello Anette.

The bureau definately was a good choice, it looks super good. Hopefully Johan did not had to swear too much about assembling "the damn IKEA stuff" (that`s what I heard a lot by some people I know). I love going to IKEA and also assembling the stuff they sell. But unfortunately the next IKEA store is kinda far away from my hometown. That`s one of the not-so-cool-sides about living in a small city. ;)

How are you today? I`m actually not that good right now...having an awful pain in my back says it`s called "intercostal neuralgia" in english (which is not that different from the german word actually). ;) Also there are some other things Í worry about...but hey, it will get better soon, I hope.

Hope you`re having a good day! Love, Nora.

IAN:) said...


Upon hearing the great news about you having another child I thought you would like this video. It is my little brother rocking out to a part of Storytime. When my friends and parents saw it they all loved and laughed with it. I like how he tries to headbang lol

Ian :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday Anette! :-)

Your new Bureau looks fabulous! :-) Johan has done a terrific job assembling it! :-)

Here in my part of the UK we've not had any snow yet and I hope it stays that way...

Nice music today :-) I think my favourite John Lennon tune would be ( Just Like ) Starting Over.

The Beatles maded lots and lots of good records. Though I'm not one of those people in the world who think everything The Beatles did was brilliant. Although there is something magic about the music of The Beatles ( and it's members solo work's ) that no other band throughout history has been able to touch :-)

Enjoy the rest of this day Anette! :-)

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
Beaufitul decoration ;-) Although I don´t like Buddhas I have to admit that it looks good on your bureau. And the bowls are so cute...! IKEA´s the best ^^
Love, Betty

Paulo said...

Congratulations to Johan! He did a great job! And those were lots of screws hahaha Did it come with a manual?

In my country the stores where you buy furniture usually send one of their employees to assemble it to you, but it's a very complicated business.

I worked in a furniture store and those were the worst 2 years of my life. Everything that could happen wrong was happening there. The owner was just so sloppy with the management that didn't matter what we, the employees, were doing that things would still go wrong in the end. I felt so much relief when I finally managed to quit.

But that job experience haunted me for a few years When I got another job, I was feeling so bad and had so many negative thoughts that I had no idea of my potential and talents as a professional and in life in general. I became really good friends with my new manager and he was very nice to me, always saying nice things about my work and helping me to improve. I became a great professional in that company and it prepared me a lot for what was coming my way next. It's incredible. It seems God had it in his plans that I had to go to that company before my life finally starts to improve, and man, it did! In the speed of light!!! 5 years ago my life was mess and I just couldn't see any future at all. Now I'm full of plans and ideas.

Long post. Anyway... Hope you are having a great time with your family and that the sewing went well.

Beatrix said...
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Beatrix said...

I checked your photos on Instagram. Wooow, this place really exists?? I thought I was living in a beautiful town, but after your pics I don't even dare to show it! :):)

Anette, you should really visit this place... Maybe you could have a show there!! :) ...and I should definitely be there when it is happening!! :):)

Océane said...

Beatrix : ahah! Yes it does exists! I live here since I was born so I get use to see that every day and dont realise how lucky I am! But I really am! The thing is everything is expensive, we pay for the sun basically. And a lot of celebrate people lives around like Michael Schumacher from time to time.
But this summer I'm going to take a lot of photos cause you haven seen anything yet ! :)
We have 2 islands here and it only take 20 min to reach them by boat and its just incredible how beautiful it is there. When I go there It like I'm millions miles away, the water is blue like you see on adverts and wild nature. Lovely!

And yes Anette come and visit the region :) hehe

SM said...

You have a great taste. I love how looks your flat. I love white colour.

Tyler said...

I love that you posted songs by John Lennon. The song mother really speaks to me seeing as I lost my mother while my father was at war. Brings back memories. Thank you for being a wonderful person Anette =]

MabelEarth said...

Hi Anette,
I am longing for a house tour video!!