Thursday, January 10, 2013

Having fun with...

...with my new wonderful camera - Samsung Galaxy camera!

This is an android camera and it´s so easy to handle, I can share photos directly with my friends, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and so on. Easy to manage and reminds me of my Iphone and I hate complicated electronics.

So nice photos, so much to learn so I´ll have to get out and take some nice photos these coming days! I want to get out and try it in the forest and by the ocean and I long for spring and warmer days when the flowers start to open up. Will be some wonderful photos taken then=)

Today just playing around indoors and trying out different things...taking close up photos and now I will be able to take real close up´s! 

Clearer and brighter and more detailed outfit photos

Fixing the photos with effects directly in the camera, instead of in the computer. I can do frames, effects, paint on the photo and much more!

Lots of different frames to choose from, here´s a white polaroid frame

Use effects like this one. Andy Warhol style;=)

Cutting the photos and getting only the important stuff in the photo. Tonight it´s Hells´ Kitchen and well, not my favourite program but nothing else to watch so....

Sleep well everyone!!!


Océane said...

Good to hear from you dear! Seems like you got a great camera! :) johan look depressed on the photo "ok take a photo if you want..." Ahah! :)
And yeah better than photos with iphone! Even if I think Iphone can make amazing photos! :)

Hope you had great two days! what about the name of your studio then?

Sleep well!!
Love and Hugs

XxBriannaxX said...

That looks like a very nice camera! It takes good pictures. ;-) sleep well and have a good night my dear!

Océane said...

Oh I almost forgot, I watch "The back up plan" yesterday as you gave us the tip! And yes it was great and funny! A good movie to watch when you want to relax, thinking to nothing :)
And my turn to give you a "movie tip", as you liked "the back up plan" im quite sure you'll love "what happens in vegas", same kind of movie : love, fun, happy ending... Its with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher! Enjoy and tell me if you watch it one day!

Love and hugs

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, glad to hear everything is ok :)
What a great camera! The quality of the photos is great! I should get something like that since I will be studying in art school and apart what I want, I will need to do photography also
Andy Warhol effect looks really cool :) pop-art style
Wish you a good night and sweet dreams

Ena :*

Unknown said...

the pictures are really good! Great camera!

Have a good night!!



Beatrix said...

You seem to enjoy the experimenting with your new camera! Have lots of fun and don't forget to share the results with us! :)
So far my favourite is the one with Johan. :)
Take care and sleep well!

Unknown said...

Océane: haha, Johan hates having his photo taken so yeah, it was like that: just go on with it!=)
Sleep well!

Brianna; Thanks and the same to you;=)

Océane; And thanks, I´ll check that movie out for sure;=) i love to watch movies every night;=) And I have forgotten to say that I am so happy for you to get that surgery scheduled finally!=)

Ena; Hi! yeah, its an impressive camera and you can send sms and mms through it too. So like a phone but you cant call;=)

Jade; Hi and thanks;=)

Beatrix: Hi! Yeah, its my new "toy" and I normally dont get so exited about technical stuff but this camera is so fun and easy to work with;=) And yeah, the Warhol effect is cool;=) Sleep well now!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
I was worried about you because you have not posted yesterday. But I'm glad to know that you're okay.
wow this camera is very beautiful, and the picture is great.
heeey I think I saw you on google maps hahahah you know about this app?
Helsingborg is very beautiful
goodnight my dear
see you tomorrow
Jag älskar dig


Unknown said...

Mathews: Hi and thanks;=) I dont know Google map, so I need to check it out;=) Sleep well!

Océane said...

Oh thanks so much Anette! It warmed my heart you wrote you're happy for me! :) I'm going to takes photos of few days before and then every week or months and make a collage at some points when I'll have loose weight. The first month its around 10-12kg so we'll see! I'll put the collage here of course :)
Thanks again for that message :) <3

And about the movie, if you like to watch movies everynight then tomorrow I'll find the english titles of movies I loved and I think you will too :)

Sleep well angel
Love and many hugs!! You're such a sweetie!

Nalon said...

hello Anette,
New new camera is amazing. Too bad it's my birthday today. Then I had wished a Samsung Galaxy camera.
Now all my guests are back home and I can devote my presents.

You should get better pay attention to the background.;) Here you can now see a little more, what then there is everything in the closet. *whistel*

Johan does not look cheerful as to pose your model.;)But the Andy Warhol style pictures look really fabulous. ^ ^

Where did you get that great sweater from?

Have the boys and you a good night.:)


Dark Queen said...

It look that you have fun with your camera :) I'm a disaster with my own. I really don't know how to do decent photos.
Enjoy the evening.
Good night and sleep well you too <3

Anonymous said...

Nice camera Anette! :-)

I need to get a new camera coz I'm going to Prague in April :-)

I seriously also need to get a new mobile phone as I've had the same Sony Ericsson for 9 years now ( since 2004 )! :-) It's now a dinosaur of the mobile phone world compared with what other people's phones are capable of :-)

Have fun with your new camera Anette! :-)

rainy said...

Hi Anette :)
Wow, great camera, photos look really nice :D
Good to know you have some fun with it ;)
Sleep well :)

Unknown said...

Nalon; Haha, that´s all my paper work, company stuff and you know, a disaster. some day I´ll organise it;=) I got this lovely sweater dress from Zara a while ago. Its cosy and came to a good price;=)
Sleep well!

DarkQueen: I am the same and therefore this camera is perfect! It has pre-fixed settings for most things so easy to use;=)

Tom: Oh, but I loved my old Sony Ericsson´s I had. They were great and how many new cell phones would last for so many years as yours? =)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

thanks for answering my question =)
open the main page of google. At the top is written '' maps'' click it
after you type the city name or even the name of your street
click the place you want to see and approach using the scroll button on your mouse
you can '' walk '' through town =)
I find very interesting
if you could not understand, here's a video explaining. It's in Swedish =)

and don't worry, it is not possible to see people's faces or car numbers
tell me what you think?
good night again =)


Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Nettam, how are you? GOd, this camera is really nice! A really good quality for the pics, better than your Iphone or Mac... really nice photos and effects!Nice that now we will see some parts of your life in a better quality hahahahaha
Wish you and your family is ok... And the think about the studiow Everything happen all right? You chose the name of the place?

Have a really nice day my dear!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan.
Uau, I love cameras, taking pictures and this camera seems to be perfect. The quality of the photos you took is really great =)..need to buy one for me haha. In special I loved the photo of Johan, very very great, I think if you weren't a singer, you would be a photographer.

Have a great sleeping night.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Anette about the old Sony Ericsson's. They're excellent! :-) It was my younger brother who recommended it to me. And I remember when I got it he was saying what a really good phone it is :-)

One of the thing's I like about it is there is no lid to flip up when you want to use it. To me this makes it less fiddley which is better practically :-) It's excellently designed :-)

It has done really well to last 9 years. Every now and then it malfunctions a little ( it frezzes or just stops working ). So what I do is just take out the battery, give the battery a little dust off, re-insert the battery and it's working again :-)

I've only ever really used it for text messaging ( I don't often use it to make calls ). I also use it to record my songs onto with my acoustic guitar :-) And then I transfer them onto my computer via blue-tooth :-) Then burn them onto CD :-)

Whenever I come to get a new phone I think I might get a more modern, up-to-date version of the Sony Ericsson :-) It's a wonderful little phone :-) And Swedish too by the sound of it. Ericsson is a Swedish name ( Sven Goran Ericsson the football manager ) Lol! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anette.
I have to say this. You without knowing me, You have teached me a lot; you are an awesome person, the way you talk in this blog.
Two years ago I was sad all the time (for many reasons)and then I heard NW (Maybe I should not say that) and I loved your voice and your grace; and I wanted to be like you haha.
I started to read your blog a few months ago (and this is the first time I post a comment) and I was amazed the way you talk about life, about everything.
Now, I consider myself your biggest fan.
I read you are writing a book Isn't right? I hope will be available in my country, and also I am wating for your first solo album.
And this is all. I hope you keep being as you are now.
With love from México. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!!

This is a good camera, take beautiful photos, no indication of movies, I love what you posted, cry, smile, cry again, very good.

and you aways beautiful.

Sleep well, and God bless you

Raffaella - Brazil

Anonymous said...

hi anette !!!! :) wow that camera have a great resolution and i like the effects.. hehe is johan?
i like hell's kitchen the chef gordon screaming make me laugh xDD
Have a wonderful day princess
take care

coelones said...

I'm so happy for you:D! i will expect your new photos then, and i hope they will be fantastic ones, just like you! :3 Sleep well, take care!<3

Hugs from Chile,

Courtney said...

Love the new camera. Can't wait to see the photos you'll take with it. Have a nice day! xx :)

Izabella said...

I'm jealous now. i dream about that camera but i can't afford it because the price here in Poland is just ridiculous. and i love take picture:(

saskia said...

Nice camera and nice photos. have fun with your new toy.
I am sitting home with my gastritis and trinking lots of tea. Hope I get well soon.
Nice friday

shay said...

Great camera anette.....ive been lookin to get a new camera and i wasn't sure which one to i might know which one to lookin forward to see more pics that u post......xoxo.....

Elmas said...

Awesome! Have fun with your new cam!
And have a great weekend!

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear !
nice new camera I like Samsung I change my Iphone for a Galaxy S 3 and I have not regrets !
and great photos thanks :-)

good afternoon