Sunday, January 27, 2013

And for the little ones...

.... I found these cuties;=)

First from Zara:

I really think I need to order this one below;=) So fun! 

And then the lovely brand Lively has some cute stuff too:

This star mobile I really would love to get;=) Cute!

And I love Gucci´s kids clothes:

And then some more colorful stuff from Molo:

And from MarMar, which we have a cool pair of leopard leggings from since Nemo was a baby has this wonderful leopard romper I need to get;=) I LOVE leopard print as you know;=)

And THIS one for sure I need to get;=) Cause yeah, shit DO happen a lot with little babies...haha!
From the brand Ugly;

Cool and cute stuff;=) 

ENJOY this day!!


Serena said...

Many of the clothes are girlie stuff hehehehe!
Does this mean something? :)
Have a nice day!

Betty Blue said...

OmG, thiss is so cute!
We have stuff like this in my favourite mailorder-magazine EMP, the baby clothes say things like "My mummy rocks" or "you might be taller, but I´m louder" and so on, I love this stuff ^^
Love, Betty

Meghan H. said...

Ah had to laugh at the 'I make shit happen' one hahaha, reminds me of one a friend of mine wanted for her baby girl which was an Iron Maiden one with instead of 'The Trooper' 'The Pooper' :)

Have a lovely day Nettie xo

Laura said...

ok, it's a girl :)


Ibthink someones expecting a giirl:P

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Ohhhh so cute ! <3
I love :D

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, veery cute and funny clothes for children :-) I like it, specially this red coat and white star :-)
Have a nice sunday with your beloved ones ♥

Nalon said...

Happy Sunday Anette,

yes really cute clothes for little ones.;)
But the small always grow out of their clothes so quickly. Then ordering something bigger for him or her.
Here for you! Here you get cute baby shoes. I sent you the link Germans. Using any language conversion will also change over something the offer.;)
Enjoy browsing!

And a happy Sunday, Anette.


PS: The little red coat you can sew but also himself.;)

Unknown said...

I bet you get a girl!!(all those clothes look kinda girly) I wish i was grown up and got a littke one. The snow is melting here in holland(it just stoped raining and the sun is shining) my nails look quite awsome as you may saw on my instgram(missvuorinen)
it goes quite well with me. I feel like cutting so i cleaned my room haha. It workrd quitewell yah.

Océane said...

Owww theses clothes are so cute!
When the baby is suppose to be born?

Yesterday we had a great time with our friends. Lots of fun and so good food! Ahah! But the evening ended up bad!!
When my friends left between midnight and 1 oclock we saw the neighboor knocking so loud at his door. We thought he forgot his keys and his girlfriend was asleep, nothing serious... And 5 minutes later we started earring screams and people fighting really hard!
She opened her door and she was with her new BF and the "old" boyfriend get sooo furious when he saw the "new one" and they started fightfing like hell, she was is the middle tryin to separate them. And we know she have a baby so we got so worried. Of course we called the police immediately. She run to our door as she could, knocking and ask us to call the police but we already did. The police was there in 3 minutes! They came with 3 cars and at least 10 men.
They separated the 2 boys, talked with them during a while and took us to the police station for the night.
When they all left we felt so bad for that girl so we went to her door and asked her if she wanted to come at ours, she was completely lost and crying. So she came, then 2 friends of her arrived too as she called them a bit before. And we all stayed togeter till 5 o clock this morning, trying to comfort her. She explained us her life with the father of her baby (the one who knocked) and he seems to be dangerous. She is so afraid of him! This morning she was supposed to go to the police to declare everything, hope she did!

So a very strange night for all of us, and it was the first time we talked with her. Strange start! But hopefully she didnt get hurt, neither the baby.

So i hope your evening was peaceful!
We live in a crazy world!

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

I feel there is a litte Annette who is coming our way!!! ;-P

Have a nice evening dear Annette!!


Anonymous said...

OOHH!! I think a little Annette is coming in the world very soon!! :D

Have a nice day my dear Annette!!


Karin said...

So lovely clothes! I remember I searched for grey babyclothes when my children were babies, but they were really hard to find.Ok, I only went to those typical stores like H&M, Lindex, Kappahl and similar.... Shopping on internet wasn't that common in those days:)
I feel a little sad right now, like every other sunday at this time, when my children go to their father. An empty, silent, guilty bad feeling :( But I have noticed that it helps to cry a little bit. I am not ashamed to cry. It is a normal feeling to be sad, just like being glad and laugh. I know it will be better tomorrow.
Hav a nice sunday-evening, Anette. I just listened to " Watching You from a Far"...It helps :)

Black Crow said...

Yeah, some cloths are I think it's a little princess! ;)
Have a nice evening, Nettie!

Philippa said...

The clothes all look so adorable Anette! Makes me wish I was having a baby too so I could buy all the cut stuff haha. And I do wonder, are you posting a lot of outfits for girls on purpose to confuse us, or are you really having a girl? I guess only time will tell. I hope you'll have a lovely evening xx

Serena said...

Océane your story impressed me a lot!
Do you know if she is OK now? I would be very worried if she was my neighbour!
Did u have any chance of speaking with her?

Mary said...

Heeeeey dear Anette! :)
Some of the clothes seem to be more for girl than a boy, so is it girl ? :D

Mary said...

Heeeeey dear Anette! :)
Some of the clothes seem to be more for girl than a boy, so is it girl ? :D

Karin said...

Hej igen!
Måste berätta: var på youtube och lyssnade på dina sånger, och irrade in mig på andra vägar. Hittade en intervju med dej för Radio Extrem i Finland, på svenska alltså. Ni talade om svenska dialekter i Finland, och namn . Det var roligt att se och lyssna på :) Du berättade om hur Nemo fick sitt namn. För 9 år sedan födde jag en son , som jag ville skulle heta Neo. Jag försökte allt jag kunde, men min man gick inte med på det.... Han fick namnet Tim :)
Bara en liten fråga: talar Johan finlandssvenska? Eller talar han sin "egen dialekt" : "sverigesvenska blandat med finlandssvenska och kanske lite skånska "
Du skrev nångång att han svär på finska.... :)
Hej, ha det bra, och sov gott!

Unknown said...

Serena; HI! Half of the clothes are unisex, so no;=) But fun that you are guessing;=)

Betty; Hi! yeah, there are so many fun baby clothes out there;=)

Meghan; haha, yeah, they just make shit all the time;=) So those statements are perfect;=)

Laura; You´ll see in some weeks;=)

Nightwishoholic: Hehe, fun you´re guessing;=)

Mél; Yeah, aren´t they?=)

Radka: Hi! yeah, baby clothes are just so adorable=)

Nalon; Yeah, I know=) I also saw with Seth and Nemo that some sizes they outgrow so fast that there´s no use buying that size but to upgrade to the bigger one directly=) And thanks for the links, I´ll check them out!

Sabine; Hi!I I´ll check ur Instagram tonight and see the nails;=) And GOOD that you did something else than cutting! ;=)

Océane; Hi! Oh, what a night! But so good that you helped her and called the police! And also that you comforted her all night;=) That´s a true angel;=)
I also hope she went to the police and that they do something about it. And we´ll get to know soon when the baby will come, but mid or end of march;=)

Sophie; We´ll see when he/she is out;=)

Karin; Hi! Oh, I so recognize that feeling, leaving the kids;=( It´s just horrible! But you know, they are with their father and they are just all right;=) Even if we feel so bad we do the best we can, even as divorced parents and the guilt we have, will always be there. That´s the bad side of being a parent, when we end up in such a hard situation, as a divorced parent;=( And crying is always better than to keep it inside. So cry! I send you lots of comforting hugs!

Black Crow; haha, or maybe I am just fooling you all;=)

Philippa; hehe, let´s see when he/she is out if I tried to fool you;=)

Mary; Hi! For me, most are unisex but yeah, some are for girls;=) But can also be me trying to fool you=)

Karin; Hej! Vi tänkte först också Neo, faktiskt, men Nemo kändes bättre och så fastnade vi för det;=) Namn är ju svåra att komma överens om men jag har med Nemo och den kommande varit den som "bestämt" namnet och Johan är så snäll att han hänger på=) Seth var min exman som bestämde och jag ville egentligen han skulle heta Elliot;=) Och Seth säger idag att han önskar han fått heta det istället. Ibland kan det vara jobbigt för våra barn att få lite annorlunda namn, som Seth, så det är svårt när man ger dem dem. Tim är också fint;=)
Johan pratar svenska flytande, så inget finskt där alls utan Stockholmska, men när han pratar finska har han en dialekt från där familjen kommer. De är från Lappenranta och vet inte vad dialekten kallas, men kanske du vet?=)

Unknown said...

So, it's a girl i can say, right? So happy for you, at least this news came to bring me a little happiness to my day because the day was awful, 245 people died this night due a fire at a danceclub, well i can say that all of tragedies that happened here in brasil touched me the most as this one did, i don't wanna say too much details because i don't wanna make you sad but anyway, i just ask you to pray for this families because it's needed, I couldn't do much because I live in south of Brasil but not in the same state that happened this situation so what i could do was just online help, asking to people reblog/retweet/like all the numbers and places where they could do to help, give blood, meds and all of that!
Well, anyway hope you had a great day and see you soon sweet!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
nice clothes. I'm thinking that you're expecting a girl. =)
well, I do not know if you've seen on TV but a tragedy happened today in Brazil. More than 200 people died in a fire this morning. The whole country is in mourning. Some of my friends have lost family members and ... It's so sad!
I'm sorry for saying bad things.
Good night to you and your family.
Jag älskar dig ♥


Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
Beautiful babies clothes!
I love you!I'm your fan brazilian.


Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

That are nice and cute clothes. I love the clothes. Thank you :-)

What do you think about the label Rock star for kids?

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I have a question. I have get red extnsions in my hair....I want have more color in it and I love red hair. so I want to asked which hair products use you when you have extensions in your hair?
I am looking for a good uv spray, which protects my red extensions before sun exposure and fade.

Can you give me a tip?



Karin said...

I just want to say to all you Brazilian people here, that I am so really and deeply sorry for what happened . Thats a horrible thing to happen when people just went out to have fun...
Take care of eachother there, and give comfort to those who need it .
My thoughts are with you
Karin from Finland

Yanna said...

If I have a boy one day, I want him to wear pirates clothes everyday...
I won't be a good mum x)

Have a nice day ♥

Océane said...

Hi my dear!
Im now sitting in my room at the hospital. A nurse came to take some blood and asked differents questions and it seems like im going to have my surgery after all that sickness period! :)
Tomorrow i have to wake up at 6h30 and be operated around 8:00 something like that! So please send me your strenght ! :) hehe!
Tonight my mom stays here with me, they allowed her to sleep there tonight :) and i'll be out the hospital on saturday hopefully! Not a nice week ahead but a brighter future :)

Oh and I have an AMAZING view from my room, right in front of the ocean. Just beautiful. I'll put a photo tomorrow for you on my Insta! :)

So have a great evening!
Love and Hugs

Black Crow said...

hahaha! Yeah, I thought about it already, but let's see when baby is out. ;)
Anette, I know that you often write about bullying and things like that. I want to share you my little article that I wrote in my blog. It's not about bullying, but I'd like to know your opinion.