Tuesday, January 08, 2013

That gloomy time

I was out late afternoon and it´s been a really grey and foggy day here, but somehow I like this gloomy weather and walking, seeing the trees being so dark and lonely, but at the same time hearing the birds sing - a little bit weird but cool feeling=)

And to add the feeling to the photos I´ll give you a song that Johan played for me some days ago and thought I´d listen to and now I love it;=)

Leaves eyes - Leaves eyes:

Enjoy your evening!


Unknown said...

Oh my god I got scared of the first picture!

The bully is going to be punished!! After so many years I will be better soon! I only need some inspiration for a poem/song/drawing. xD

I hope I will be as you when I grow up! Two lovely kids and a husband and ofcourse a carreer<3

The weather was quite ok here but it gets dark so soon so I am verry sleepy!


Unknown said...

The mysterious weather and photos! Excellent for solitude.
This song is so beautiful ;-)
Have a nice evening! :)

Unknown said...

U seem to really like the outdoors:) I like them, but not when there's light.
Enjoy your evening

Panteleia Nyr said...

The first photo is spookingly gorgeous!

I have always wondered if the 6 months of day/night in the countries closer to the poles is actually true and if it is, is there such thing in Sweden?

By the way, I went to a Leaves Eyes concert in Kavarna Rockfest Bulgaria, the band was amazing!

Best of wishes!

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hello :)
It was a similar weather here too, but is was snowing when I was walking home (I was with some friends and we got into a snowball fight :D) and the sun had already set, so it was magical, I really enjoyed it :) I love the first photo, it's like it was from a horror movie, or from a sad romantic one :D
And I love that song too-I knew it before, but I never remembered that it's that amazing, thanks for showing to me again :)
Have a good night!
Kisses from Hungary!

Carol Misokane said...

Oh Gosh, cold and foggy weather and Leves' Eyes together is the perfection. This is the weather I love the most and is hard to have a day like this here in Brazil, even when it's winter time, so I just seek for pictures, lock myself in the bedroom, turn the cold air on and let the imagination goes.
And this song is my favorite one of the band, so lonely, lovely, calm, I love the way Liv sings *-*. Ask Johan to shoot a video playing and singing this one =).

Enjoy the evening and have a magical night.

Love, Carol

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
The pictures are so gerat... Melancholic, in a way. Not in the E.A. Poe-way, more in a HIM-way, if you get what I mean ;-) I´m not sure if that´s exactly what I want to say, but I don´t have the words in English or German or any other language to describe it. What ever "it" is exactly. Well.
Leaves´ Eyes! They are great. Saw them live once in 2011 when they were the support band for Tarja in Hanover. I had not heard a word about them. Saw them live - fell in love with their music. One highly underrated band.
Now have a nice evening, dear Anette, and thanks for everything once again!
Love, Betty

Niwi said...

I LOVE that song and band!
Its very beautiful and romantic <3

Hope you are fine with your dearest ones :)

A big big hug!
Im supporting you!


Anonymous said...

The guitar player of Leaves' Eyes is a good friend of mine! Saw them some months ago and Liv Kristine is so sweet! Just like you ;-)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
well your photos look really mystic;). And the song fits perfectly with the images.

Leaves eyes I saw a support act of Tarja. Your Johan has a good music taste.
This song reminds me of a beautiful song.

This Song is from the german mediaval Band "Versengold" and call:
Nebel über den Auen
"Fog over the floodplain"

A Nice band. Unfortunately I have not found a video with English subtitles. Enjoy it;)


eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you?
I hope you are ok? Glad to hear you had a lovely time :)
The photos you shared are so lovely! The trees look really mystic. The song is awesome! I really love it :)
I want to share you a song I've been listening all the time today...here it is


Wish you a nice evening


Ena :*

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear
wow this place is so beautiful, I need to visit your city one day. And I love that song. The Kristine has a beautiful voice.
see you later my dear
Jag älskar dig =)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hey, listen to this. I think it matches the somber mood =)


Unknown said...

Sabine; Hi and I am so happy to hear you had a talk with your family and they were right. If you need to, take a break from internet and concentrate on yourself to feel better. You are the most important person and that´s who you need to focus on now;=) And kids are lovely, I love mine and they actually has helped me feel so much better with myself and also see life in a different way. I send you lots of love and hugs and I know you can do whatever you want in this world;=)

Daria Grishaeva said...

Hi Anette!:-)
I realy missed your blog since I was busy with all this holydays and +I wanted to spend it without so much internet.
Beautiful photos, it gives me a "spring feelings". Here in Russia its SO MUCH snow, I just want it to get out of here! haha:-)
It's a little bit late, but I want to tell you about our concert (29.12.12) if you remember:-)
So, it was...something unreal, incredible, just wow! The day before we had a soundcheck for 4 hours, we checked all the
microphones and instruments, but when I went on stage, nervous as hell, I said "hi!" but my microphone didn't work, daaaaamn!:-) But the guys said I screamed so loud, that everyone heard me,haha:) Then it was okay and it is strange, but when I started singing, I didn't have any fear. I had so much adrenaline, so much energy. Yeah, it was so special moment... I remember faces, some people in the first rows and also screaming of my friends that were there. I can say that I was happy on 150%, it was my dream coming true! And when we went backstage, I just wanted to hug all of the world (and I hugged and kissed every person that was there,haha:-) I was so happy that even cried, becouse I had so much emotions inside! I know, you understand me:-) So, i can say, it changed me. I will work with my voice as much as I can. I want to sing and I will:-)
If our recorded songs will be ready, I'll let you know:-)
Oh, realy late now, have a nice dreams, Anette!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Anette about even though it been a gloomy evening taking a walk in it with the dark trees and birds still singing is somehow nice. I have similar feelings about it when the weather is like this. By the way, I was impressed with the way you articulated your feelings about this specific particular type of weather :-) Well done! :-) I couldn't of expressed it better myself :-)

Although I must admit that one of my favourite things in the whole world is sunshine :-) It doesn't have to be warm or hot. Just as long as the sunshine is there :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wanted to ask, didn´t you get my last comment? Because it´s not published.

Anyway, I wish you a good night now and beautiful dreams :).

Please take always good care of yourself.


Courtney said...

I love the photos, I tend to prefer the dark. They look so pretty :)
I listened to the song and I've never listened to Leaves' Eyes much,but I do really like the music. Thanks for the wonderful song.
And also, I've been reading through comments here a lot lately, and I wanted to say thank you. You're so nice and supportive to everyone who comments here. The world needs a lot more people like you. x

Océane said...

Oh i love that kind of weather. It really gives a special armosphere :) in UK its mainly like that during winter!
Here its still so warm during the day, between 15 and 20 degrees. You can easily go outside with just a shirt. Its so strange now! Looks like we wont have a real winter :) a bit of snow would have been welcome as its so beautiful to see a city under a thick white coat :)

Tomorrow was quite a great day, I wasnt so busy, stayed at home, cleaned a bit and then went to a mall where my mum already bought my birthday present (which is only next month) but it was close to be out of stock. Its a ring from Swarovski, my favourite jewellery brand :)

So yeah I'm happy since yesterday even if i just stay at home doing almost nothing. But since I know that now for sure and really soon my life will change, I enjoyed life much more! :)

And to Sabine : I happy to hear you talked with your parents. You'll be better really soon Im sure :)
And if you dont stop cutting for yourself, do it for the ones who care about you. When you're about, give a thought to all of them and maybe you wont do it? Or listen to a song that makes you happy. You know last year I really wanted to die, I was really depressed and felt alone and the thing that really helped me was nightwish and Anette. It was before the album to be release and every time I was thinking "no dont do it you have to wait for Imaginaerium to be release" and once it was released it was " not wait to see them on stage one last time". And when I saw them it just gave me so much joy and happyness that they (mostly anette) made me wanted to live again. Thats maybe why I saw them nearly 20 times! Ahah! But hey they were my light at the end of the tunnel :) and im sure you'll find yours!!

My dear Anette, sorry for the long post! Wish you a good evening and night full of sweet dreams!

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! how are you? me it is not so good. I have a toothache. Yesterday I was at the dentist and he said it would be a wisdom tooth with causes pain. Tomorrow or Thursday it will probably drawn. I have anxiety before. I hate dentists. I'm glad when it's over. Sleep weel. Goodnight

Dark ice said...

Hello Anette today in Montana has been quite gray but not very cold or foggy the weather has been fair this week

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

God natt min kära
Jag älskar dig =)


Lizzie said...

Love the pictures you took, great mood and atmosphere. Wintery and dark but soulful.
I know most people (specially in the north of Europe) are not crazy about winter, personally I think it is beautiful with all the changes in ligh.
I also think the large format pics suit the blog better, a definite improvement in my opinion.
Wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

You like Leaves' Eyes!! They're a great band. I started listening to them when I was a little girl. They are great atmospheric folk metal with some really nice ballads. I always thought if you and Liv Kristine could get together for a duet, it would be the most beautiful song with the most beautiful voices.

P.S., if you haven't heard anything else from Leaves' Eyes, you should also check out their song "Mourning Tree." It's a really lovely, something you might like.

Take care,

Marco (Schmud) said...

Anette, you need to listen more from Leaves' Eyes or Liv's Solo albums. I'm sure you will love it. My wife and me know the band members quite well. They are super kind and stayed down-to-earth. And of course fantastic musicians.

Hugs, Marco

rainy said...

Sabine: Tones of hugs !:*

elinie said...

Hello, dear Anette!
Inspiring, gloomy and a little bit elegy but beautiful photos! I like such a weather too! :))
Glad to hear you liked Leaves Eyes song :)) They're one of my favourite band)))
Have a nice day! May I suggest you this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5fGb8EmXmI this band is from France and their music fits well to gloomy weather :)
Big kiss from Ukraine! <3 <3 <3

Julia259 said...

Hi Anette!

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They only want to know a nickname, password as usual and an email but if you really are interested in that you can make some new email before eg. anette.stylefruits@gmail.com, whatever. ;)

By the way, this is a private message for you!

Hugs, Julia

Ps If you have questions about it, just ask on your blog. It´s a really nice thing, you should try it! And then you could put up those outfits also to your blog to share it with your fans, maybe many will join there. :-D

Have a nice day!

Julia259 said...

It´s me one more time... I just found that stylefruits is also possible in English language!


Wojciech said...

Hi Anette!
I'm from Poland and we are on the good way to see Imaginaerum in our country as first after Finland. Is there a possibility from you to make us a huge surprise and make an meat & great on movie premiere in city of Wroclaw ?

Océane said...

She is not in the band anymore Wojciech, so obviously she cant organize a meet and great! And even if she was, I think that kind of events are in Ewo's hand. Hope you'll meet them one day ;)

Taaja said...

I love Leaves eyes.. they have some nice music that often suits me in this gloomy days..

Have a nice evening!

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette!

Tonight my bf will order a new dress for me. I was so enchanted by your dress you wore in Brussels last year. So I found it on the site you once posted on your old blog. The long dress with the feathers :-) can you help me with the sizes? I'm a 36 normally but I have to mesure some things but it's really diffecult for me :-( I need help!

Beatrix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette how are you? I just thought I'd share a bit of music from a band I'd nearly forgotten about called "Liv Moon". They are a Japanese metal band, with a soprano vocalist who obviously took their inspiration from NW.

Here's a link to a music video of theirs. Lemme know what you think!

You may also be interested to know, that the singer is half Swedish ;) Have a lovely evening. James x

Océane said...

Oh Oona any chance you have the link for me please? I absolutely LOVE that dress, one of my favourite!
Thanks a lot!!

Océane said...

Oh Oona any chance you have the link for me please? I absolutely LOVE that dress, one of my favourite!
Thanks a lot!!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Hope you had a good day :).
I wish you a good night now and sleep well.

Sov Gott, Anette! :).

Please take always good care of yourself.


Wojciech said...

@Oceane, I know and I'm really sad of this :( But personal as a actress :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

my dear, are you okay? I hope so
good night
Jag älskar dig


Anonymous said...

@ Océane: yeah, I still have the link ;-) my bf ordered it yesterday evening! So looking forward to have it ^-^

Here's the link:


Unknown said...

Help! Oh I feel so terrible! Elize is loosing so much weight and doesn't want to tell her parents!

And I am suicidal! I don't care about life anymore! Please help!!

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope you are ok :)
Wish you a nice evening


Ena :*

July said...

Hey Anette!

How are you? I hope you're ok =)

Today the weather in my city it's great, very sunny!

I miss you Nettie! come back soon!

Unknown said...

I understand from your earlier posts that you aren't really going through the best of times. Despite bad stuff that happens to you, always look for the good stuff you have. I don't know you, but u seem like a good person. U deserve to live a nice life and be surrounded by good people and things.
(Sorry if I said something wired/awkward or bad. I'm not really good with words)

Sophie said...

Oooh I missed this post! I'm glad you like Leaves' Eyes, they're one of my favourites and Liv is really lovely, I got to meet her when they played a gig really close to my house!