Friday, January 11, 2013

And friday it is!

Woke up at 11 (yeah, still loving to sleep long;=) and sun is shining, cold but really beautiful weather outside so me and Nemo are going out later on to try my lovely dear camera;=) 

But since it´s friday we NEED music, right?

Here´s my playlist of this friday:

Muse - Survival (live from the Olympics):

David Bowie - Where are we now? (sooo great he´s back!):

Bon Jovi - Because we can:

And why not dear ABBA with one of my favourite songs;=)

ABBA - What´s the name of the game?


Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
Happy Friday to you too! :)
Just wanted to ask you how are your science studies coming along? Are you still planing to enrole into university next autumn? I'm also planing to go back to my old uni finally finishing my Chemistry degree, although I don't really like that uni, but I want to prove to everyone there that I can do it! But I first have to do an advance level in Chemistry and then maybe I'll be admitted. But I'm a bit fallen behind with studying but I still have 4 months.
Hope you're okay and you're studies are going better than mine! :)

Unknown said...

Krisztina: Hi and thanks for your comment;=) Regarding my studies, I have been tossing my head back and forth about which education and plan that is the best for me. Since I started a behavioural education in the uni before NW and has studied 75 points I have decided that the best choice for me is to continue with that and take a bachelors degree (hope that is the correct translation) and I will start as soon as I have the time for it. This spring something else is taking my time so I cant do it now, but I will start in the autumn if there is time for it. Since I also am a singer and a mother I have several things to do but as soon as I have the time for it, I´ll continue my studies. But not just now;=) take care now!

Unknown said...

Happy Friday Anette! I'm actually doing something today:) Get to go see my friend Chelby...and her dog Chloe. I love dogs...and cats...and animals! Hope u have a fun and productive day:)

Unknown said...
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Philippa said...

Hej Anette!
So great to hear that you are planning on continuing with your studies. I got my bachelor's degree last summer, and in September I will start a master's degree.

Love your music choices for this Friday. I love ABBA, and I'm so excited as well about Bowie making his comeback. Can't wait for his new album, I believe it's out in March?

Enjoy your day, and I hope you'll be able to take some nice pictures with your new camera :)