Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love like you´ve never...

....loved before!

I have this little black board hanging in the kitchen and here I write positive statements that I can look at every day and lift me up. Last week was a really "down" week but this week will be a "happy" week;=) And therefore I wrote this today on the black board!

Even the greyish weather outside can´t make me sad today! Nope, cause I wipe away every single bad thought and it feels GREAT! No one else can make your life feel positive even when there are a clouded sky and we CAN change negative feelings into positive. 

Here´s my view from my kitchen window. As you can see we live up in the roof tops;=)

And the same goes with how we feel about ourselves. I know that when I have a bad day and I feel like my hair is shit, my face is ugly and I am fat and yeah, you know those feelings, then I let that day be like that and know that next day can be one of those where I feel absolutely STUNNING! And our brains are like that, they trick us now and then and again, we can change our thoughts and accept also the bad days and wait for the good days to push those days away;=)

Today I felt like having a ballerina hair-do so I used my donut and put my hair up.
Just pull all the hair up and fasten with an elastic hair band, then twist the loose hair around the donut and fasten with hair pins. Spray with hair spray to fasten and voile - you´re the prima ballerina of the day;=)

And my lovely cross top from Vivistyle is on. Love that it´s longer in the back than in the front. And today I wear my old maternity jeans from H&M that I got when I expected Nemo. These are really ok;=)

Make up today is a green-yellow metallic from Make up Store I got for the Imaginaerum tour. 

So now my dear ones, I´ll continue my day and just want to send lots of positive and loving thoughts your way!;=) 


Unknown said...

oh the weather is the same like here in germany. I hate it when it is so dark and could outside,that make tired ;-)

I started to look really forward to the day when it gets warmer and the spring is there. I love winter,but I miss the sun and the warm weather.

You look great today. I love your Cross Shirt :-)

Betty Blue said...

Sarah´s right, here in Germany the weather is the same - grey and boring. So I decided to dye my hair today since I don´t have anything else to do ^^
Lika you said, we´re able to change bad feelings into good feelings. Of course not from superbad to supergood, but still ^^ I learned that it helps to make yourself up when you´re feeling down, even if no-one will see it.
By the way, you are beautiful - and since I don´t think any woman gets tired of hearing this I´ll tell you again and again ;-*
Thanks a lot for this positive and warm post!
Love, Betty

linnea-maria said...

Du ser helt underbar ut :D Så himla fräsh. Man skulle inte kunna tro att du också går och har sådana dagar.
Jag hittade en tutorial på youtube på hur man gör en "sockbun" den ser lika dan ut fast man använder en strumpa och rullar upp håret på. Jag sover med den på och dagen efter har jag ursnygga hollywoodlockar hela dagen utan att behöva hålla på med sprej och varm locktång. Ett litet tips ;)

Nora said...

Hello Anette.

Glad to read that you feel good. :) You look so lovely on pics, thanks for sharing them with us.

I wished I could say that I am okay also...I lost my job yesterday and I feel kinda sad about it. I saw it coming somehow though...! :-( So of course yesterday I was kinda down. But fortunately I have an awesome husband who cheered me up the whole day. And even 2 of my friends came over in the evening to cheer me up and distrat me a little bit. I´m really thankful that all of them were there. :-)

By the way: I totally love the statement on your little black board. I like the idea of it as you can change the sayings on it...in whatever cheers you up. :-)

Have a nice rst of the day. :-) Love, Nora.

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi my dear
how are you? and you always beautiful in your photos ;) so I'm so happy for you for the new baby !!


AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette, I really like your lifestyle and philosophy...and I think it's really nice to have wise and positive thoughts hanging somewhere in the house, I have some, not written by me anyway. Everyone needs to find strenght in a thought, a sentence and so forth =) It happens to me too, and so many times, that I look at myself in the mirror and don't like my hair or my face, expecially my nose xD I don't like it and my boyfriend always tells me that no one notice it, that it is not the best nose but that it is not so bad...and he really likes other pats of me, he sees only those ones! he's a saint for standing me everyday xD we ourselves often magnify our own defects, that maybe are not defects from other's point of view, and we must remember there are people who love us for many other things or features we sometimes take for granted, 'cause everyone has his beauty inside and outside! it's hard to have these same thoughts in bad days, but I also think that sadness is necessary to feel the contrary too, that is to say feel happiness. An ancient philosopher, I can't recall his name at the moment, said that everything can't exist without its contrary. If we were always (apparently I'd say) happy, without ups and downs, we'd be empty inside, without those ever contrasting feelings that make a human being what he/she really is. We're not robots, and I wouldn't barter my sadness for anything, 'cause it makes me dig into the depth of my soul, conceive the deepest thoughts, and then....when the storm inside ceases, I can enjoy that sensation of peace, can really feel the most positive feelings again, not feigning. So I like myself again, and yes, our brain makes many jokes as it transforms our thoughts continuously! I like your outfit, I'd want to try the donut for the hairstyle =) I also really like clothes that are longer in the back but shorter in the front!! Oh, there's a thing I wanted to ask you, is it painful to make a piercing on the eyebrow? because I've always wanted it, I've thought to make it for about 10 years and put off everytime xD have a nice evening :**

Unknown said...

Looks about the same of weather in Michigan, more fog though...
Glad your week is starting out well!

Karin said...

My friend called me the other day and complained about her life... She was feeling like shit... Alone... Miserable....all that stuff. And then:the next day fhe feelings turned quite around: the miserable feelings were gone, and everything seemed brighter again. It is funny you mentioned just this Anette.
I talked with my friend a couple of days ago, how we maybe should try to "enjoy" those bad days. Ok maybe "enjoy" is the wrong word, but just as you said. Just take the bad day,go through it, feel the shitty feelings, because very so often, tomorrow everything seems brighter! Life is so full of feelings. I had such a bad day on sunday, but now, everything feels better, and I know i will "survive"!
Thanks for the comforting words Anette. They helped :)

Läste lite om Läste lite om Helsinborg på nätet, och förstod att ni har nåt slags "ljusfestival" på kommande i februari. Kanske du kan ta några bilder? :) läste också om historia, och förstår nu vad "Kärnan" är för nåt . Intressant !

I also like your cross shirt !

Take care ! And hope your little figure in the belly takes it easy tonight :)


Unknown said...

Hi Anette

I have been reading your blog for a while now but Ive never left a comment before :) I wanted to tell you thank you so much for keeping your blog up! It always makes me smile to read it.

I am also SO SO happy that I got to see you in Toronto in September, it was the best day ever! I was in the front row and my friend and I (and my brother) had a big panda, maybe you remember that :)

Also if you have time to look, here are two drawings I have done of you, not the best but they were fun to do :D



And I am so happy and excited for you and your baby!!

Hugs from Canada :)

Betty Blue said...

Oh, Anette, by the way... I just heard a version of Sally´s Song (taken from The nightmare Before Christmas) sung by Amy Lee, and my first thought was "I wish Anette would sing this song once..."
It´s probably not the best time to ask you about music since your family is MUCH more important than music, so please don´t get me wrong if I still ask... Is there any chance of you singing some musical-songs or Tim Burton-musical-songs? I really think that would fit ^^
So sorry for spammin you with ridiculous questions. I was just thinking... You know ^^
Enjoy your evening!
Love, Betty

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie :)
What you write is so true, I can agree with everything you say.
Even if the times can be gray we can always think positive and take what's good in it. I know there are bad days in life, but they can always get better, and will get better for sure :)
And by the way..you look great as always! Really lovely! I like your cross blouse! Where did you get it?

I had my Latin test today and I can say it was really hard..but I hope it will be ok :)
And I went to the dentist again and it seems that I wll have to go on a surgery..but oh well...better to make it better, right? :)

Sending you also LOTS of hugs and lots of positive toughts to you too! Wish you a lovely evening


Ena :*

XxBriannaxX said...

I like what you wrote on the little black board. It is a very nice quote. And yes sometimes we all get into a bad mood and things but it feels so great to tell yourself to be happy and to have a great day! I have struggled with bad depression but now that I am moved in with my aunt i am a lot happier! When I was home my dad was abusive and called me very mean names so sometimes I believe what he says is true,but then I tell myself I am beautiful,and it helps a lot. :-) You are very beautiful Anette,and you're not fat at all. You have a perfect body. Curvy is better than super skinny in my opinion. ;-) enjoy your night and hope the baby lets you sleep better! Hehe!

Océane said...

Hi my dear!
You dont even know how happy I am to see photos of you when I m that "down" physically. I really love the last photo! And you're more and more beautiful eveyrday!! :)

So this morning I had my surgery, it went really well. When i woke up I was in the "wake up room" (?) and was sweating so much and felt nauseas but I just fell asleep. After a while they put me in my room and slept till 5:30. Well I just woke up few times for few seconds when the nurses came now and then to check if i was okay. At 5:30 my mom arrived, i felt "ok", called few persons till I felt really bad. I vomited blood but they said its normal after that surgery. Then I fell asleep again and woke up, they allowed me to stand up and went to the toilet. Now I feel better! Still tired but better, my belly hurts but its normal of course.
The surgeon came to see me and said that it went perfectly, and that he did a "beautiful and verry pretty by pass" ahah :) and Ill see him tomorrow again. So now he did his job its all my hands!!

So, time for me to rest again! I'm soo tired but i wanted to let you know.

Have a great evening!
Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

You look absolutely awsome! Today i talked with a teacher about me being bisexual and it maked me feel really well. :) I've became a bit happyer. Yay xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi anette! beautiful words, and it is so true what you say, thanks to you I can see the day of another way

Beatrix said...

Bad weather can have serious influence on our mood, thus I am very proud of you that you found your way out to your own 'sunshine'. This is trully inspiring. :)
Love your idea with the board. I will go to ours right now and draw something kind for my son, which he can find in the morning. :)
Have a LOVEly evening!

Kaoru said...

I'm totally with you on this! We can always bright up our days with a smile and love.

Anonymous said...

Hi princess ^^! how are you?
I love you hairdo you look cute
"we can change negative feelings into positive" you are rigth and thank you for your words, today was a good day for me :)
hehe i like the last picture xD
have a great day anette, take care

Unknown said...

Hi Anette :)

You are so right about the mind playing tricks on us. I had a moment like that today, but with the help of one of my best friends, I was able to put a stop to it.

The pics you have taken of the sky looks like the sky here in Texas in the late afternoon today. It was nice and sunny one minute, and the next it started getting dark and rainy. Not complaining - unless it's summer and we're in the middle of 100+ temperatures, I love the weather here.

I hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful evening, and I hope the Little One lets you get some sleep tonight.


Unknown said...

huggs to whole family, especially for you Anette<3 I like the way you tell you'r life, and i camed so happy when i saw this :)

Unknown said...

Hello there dear Anette :)

I know that you receive tons of mails and questions every day. But I really hope that I got a tiny little chance to ask you a few questions in private. Nothing disturbing or nosy ;)
I'd like to know a few things about touring with a band from your 'angle'.
Please be so kind and let know how I can contact you, if it's not a problem for you :)

Hope your day is amazing and peaceful.

Lots of love and a big hug,

Unknown said...

Hello there dear Anette :)

I know that you receive tons of mails and questions every day. But I really hope that I got a tiny little chance to ask you a few questions in private. Nothing disturbing or nosy ;)
I'd like to know a few things about touring with a band from your 'angle'.
Please be so kind and let know how I can contact you, if it's not a problem for you :)

Hope your day is amazing and peaceful.

Lots of love and a big hug,

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you! We can change negative feelings into positive in any case ;-) Thanks you for these nice words!
I like your hair-do, very convenient!
Have a great day!

Nalon said...

A nice lunch I wish you Anette!

Since yesterday we have just rain and rain, it's the only thing positive is warm. But I'd rather have snow and frost, in weather are not so easily get carried away sick. Like now!

But I'd rather have snow and frost, in weather are not so easily get carried away sick. Like now!

Thanks for your instructions ballerina hairstyle;) Maybe I manage time properly.:D
And thanks for your positive energy from yesterday, it has helped with much;)

Have a nice family day.


Unknown said...

Sarah; Hi! yeah, I really long for spring and today we had 7 plus degrees and I got such happy feeling inside but they say there will be colder weather again, so I guess I have to wait 2 more months to be truly happy about the weather again;=) And maybe you´ll have spring then too;=)

Betty; Oh, thanks so much for such sweet words;=) And you are so right, we can´t hear that enough;=) So what hair colour did you do? A totally new one or? Show me a photo;=)

Linnea: Hehe, jodå, det har jag;=) Fast inte sååå många just nu när jag är gravid, det är som att jag mer accepterar mig själv när jag väntar barn;=) Och det där lät ju intressant, har du en länk jag kan få?

Nora; Oh, I am truly so sorry about you lossing your job! That sucks;=( I understand you are sad and down and there´s not much to say other than that I hope everything will be fine again. And so nice that you have support, that´s truly important! Someone to listen to you and hug you and give some comforting words, that´s always helping. I send you lots of comforting hugs and will think of you and send positive energy your way;=)

Isa: Hi and thanks so much=) I am fine! My belly is getting a bit in the way and some stomach pains but other than that I feel happy, loved and blessed and all the love I get from you dear ones in here is truly so wonderful! Lots of hugs to you, my dear;=)

Unknown said...

Allessandra; Hi and thanks for such wonderful and true words;=) You are so right in everything you say and for me, I have noticed that the more negative I think about myself, or about others and worry and so on, the MORE negative my life gets! It truly is like that! I guess it is like the saying; what you send out, you will receive. But of course sometimes we just cant help but feel negative and down and those days are also needed but it´s what we make of those days that counts;=)
About my piercings in the eye brow, I didnt think they hurt at all. The only one I have thought was hard to cope with, was the piercing I had in my nose. THAT was painful to do!!;=)

Kate: Hi! Yeah, I guess the weather is kinda the same in many parts now. Hope it gets better soon for us all;=)

Karin; Hi! yeah, I dont think enjoy is what we need to do, as you also say, but cope. Accept. Not struggle against them so hard. I learn a lot from my mother. We talk about these things and since she is older and wiser than me, I take her advices to me and one thing she has said to me is to "accept" things more. I have always had something inside me that I want to change things, change myself, change others and so on and she wants me to instead try and accept these things and not have so high expectations about life, on myself, on others and she is right;=) And I learned a good statement from my coach some years ago. She said: GOOD ENOUGH, Anette. You are good enough and don´t always have to be PERFECT, which I have always stribed to be. And it´s hard to try and be perfect, since no one can be that;=)
Och ja, jag ska försöka ta lite foton på ljusfestivalen, om jag är ute då=)

Unknown said...

Laura; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words;=) I couldn´t get the photos up, the page said it was currently unavailable? Can u try again?=)

Betty; hi and oh, I would love to hear Amy sing that;=) Can I find it in youtube?
About music, I first want to get a record deal with a good label and my wish is to get an album out as soon as possible. I have some great songwriters I co-laborate with and also my songs I did in 2009 and I want to make a great album. So, as soon as I get a deal signed and the baby is out and so on, I´ll start heading to the studio! But as you might know, getting deals and dsicussing with labels are a time-taking thing and therefore it can still take some more time to get things on the roll;=) And I´ve been quite stubborn about what my album should sound like, otherwise I would had a deal already in 2009;=) But sometimes it need to happen in a certain time and now things are changed in my life and therefore also the premises;=) Fingers crossed that a deal soon can be signed!;=)

Betty Blue said...

That would be the link to Sally´s Song by Amy Lee on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQj2iOEx-V8
Concerningt he heir colour, it´s more or less the same as always. I used to dye my hair black for years and now decided that a change was needed and tried some mix of purple and black, it looky actually more or less the same but it feels good to have tried ;-) Not gonna show you a photo, sorry, since I would have to upload it somewhere and I am quite careful about pictures of myself in the internet. But thanks SO much for taking interest <3
Love, Betty

Unknown said...

I think they will work this time :) I hope



It's so nice of you to take the time to look Anette, it means a lot to me!