Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Our new years eve=)

Hi all and thanks so much for your best wishes for 2013;=) It will be a great year!

Here´s some of my photos from yesterday and I´ll start with more outfit and make up photos:

I used my stage make up and I did my base as I always do with a primer first from YSL, then foundation and concealer from Make up Forever, powder from Mac, bronzer and rouge from YSL and then ready for the eyes!

Then lots of glitter on the eyes and I first used a Stay on primer from Benefit, then I put on a white eye shadow on the upper eye lid from Mac, then some light purple eye shadow on the main eye lid before adding a silver glitter eyeliner from Make up store on the eyelid. Then I took a purple glitter from Make up Forever and added it on top of the silver glitter. Voila, a nice purple/silver make up!

Then on to the hair:
First I did an inwards braid on one side which I fastened with a hair clip on the back of the hair.

Then I used my curler from Babyliss to make all the rest of the hair curly.

And here I am before leaving. New years eve was on!


Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettan..for sure this will be a great year for us all =).
So, I loved so much your outfit, make and specially your hair, you should use this kind of hair more times, it combines so well with you. The make is great too, glitters just let us shine more and more and it's necessary for a date like that =).
And about the outfit, some people just said that this dress you used in some shows and it looks really great. I found some pictures of you using but now it looks more beautiful =D..you should use your stage clothes more too, they are great, I like them all, specially a red dress you used at 7000 tons of Metal last year. Red is definitely your color.
Oh, before I forget..your nails, how beautiful they are!! I really want to have some Ciaté nail polishes, they create so many great nail arts and I want them all haha.

So, have a nice evening and a great night.

Love, Carol

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear, beautiful photos.
you used this hair in Atlanta =)
everyone have fun? I hope so.
I went to sleep when the day was dawning, haha

Unknown said...

You look so awesome!!
Really nice! =)


rainy said...

OH you looked so amazing as always :D Love your hairdo and make up :)

Unknown said...

The wonderful make-up for celebrating ;-) You look great as always!

Unknown said...

Carol: hi and thanks so much;=) I will use my stage clothes more and this dress is a wonderful little thing;=) Sleep well now!

Mathews: Hi! Maybe I did, I dont remember;=) Sleep well!

Jade: Hi and thanks;=)

Rainy; Hi and thanks;=)

Alina; And thanks to you too;=)

Océane said...

Hey! Thanks for the photos, you're gorgeous! I wish I could curl my hair too but they are so straight that it cant last more than 30 min!
For the last few days I also do braid very often, I love braid! And with pink touches here and there it looks cool !:)

The appointment with my surgeon been cancel 2 hours before this morning cause he got an urgency and had to operate someone at the last minute! So I booked an other appointment for next week!
And so much for your answer dear!

But we are going to Nice anyway today, shopping instead! :)

Love and Hugs!!

Aline said...
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Aline said...

Hi Anette,

I would like to wish you an Happy New Year and all the best for you !
You are so pretty, I love your style, your clothes, and your make up !
Sometimes, I don't have ideas for outfits, for make up and I look at your blog...it helps me for inspiration !
But ...I don't copy you, you're just my model ^^

Kisses and lot of hugs !