Friday, January 04, 2013

Found my old camera today

And well, it was full of photos from 2009 when me and Johan (and Nemo inside my belly) were in Thailand for a week at a luxury hotel. I was 12 weeks pregnant and feeling sick all the time so most of the time I couldn´t eat and I especially remember one evening when we went to the hotel restaurant, ordered lots of sushi (which I LOVE) and after 2 pieces I felt so sick I had to go to the room. The wonderfully nice staff gave us a doggy-bag and later in the evening they even came up to our bungalow with some fruit for the "pregnant" one;=) 
Two happy expecting parents=)

 The hotel was in its own island and we had to take a boat to get to the main land. The surroundings were so beautiful, with mountains in the back of the hotel.

 Lots of wonderful green plants and flowers everywhere

We lived in a bungalow like these and it was so nice. 

We had our own terrace where we each had a sun bed to lay on;=)

 The hotel had a wonderful sand beach with a view that was stunning!

We took a boat to get to the hotel and the view was stunning


And to get to the "city" we took a "tuk-tuk" after the boat ride.

Ao Nang was a tourist paradise for Finnish people and everywhere we were greated by the Thai people with: Hyvää päivä! and Tervetuloa! It was actually quite annoying in the end and I remember my pregnancy hormones making me snap to some of them in the end: I am NOT Finnish! I am SWEDISH!!! Johan laughed like hell;=) 

In x-mas eve they had baked ginger bread cookies and placed on our beds when we came back from our dinner and I can say that this trip was the most wonderful thing I´ve done. Ao Nang was like heaven and it was like paradise. All other journeys in the world I´ve done so far, none has been like this. So we´ll bring the kids and go there in the future but even if this looks wonderful, I don´t feel any urge to travel after these years of touring=) 

So, there you got some nice old moments from my camera and a travel tip if you feel like visiting Thailand;=)

Hope you have had a wonderful friday and will sleep really well!


eskoplja said...

Awww, so sweet pictures! You both look really adorable! Thailand looks like a really lovely place!
Thank you for sharing there lovely photos :)
Hope you are ok

Wish you a nice evening


Ena :*

matotu said...

These photos looks sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

migi said...

hi dear anette :), how are you? Really beautiful photos. Haha a friend of mine was there too. People there asked him "where are you from?". he said "switzerland". And they answered " ohhh yeah, we love abba!"...." well ehm, no switzerland and sweden isn't the same". I wish you a wonderful weekend. And i send you a big hug :)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Whoa,this brought some nostalgia!Everything looked so beautiful!It doesn't really feel like "my" place,because I don't like beaches and suchlikes,but it surely is breathtaking.Looks like something that's not even from this Planet.I mean,look at that!So,so pretty.A forest next to the sea,basically.The colours!So bright.Wow.Just,wow.
I'm glad you liked it there!And I hope you'll have the chance to go there again,very soon!I bet the kids would love it.At least,*I* as a child would have adored it!I loved to swim and to create castles with the sand.
As for people greeting you in the wrong language,I believe it's pretty ok to be a bit disappointed,in the end.Especially if someone is kind of patriotic,as you seem to be!Ah.
Not to mention,you look absolutely stunning.So,so happy.And awhh,Johan is so cute.You guys are the most adorable of things.It's weird to see you with such a light-blonde in your hair,now that I'm getting used to the colour you have on now,though.
Hope you're having a great evening,

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos Anette :-) The scenery looks very nice. Thanks for sharing :-)

I've actually only been abroad once ever. This was when I went to Paris with a friend back in Oct 2005. We stayed 3 days & nights in a bed and breakfast accomodation. At the time I was waiting for an operation for a 'right-sided inguinal hernia'. When we travelled from London Waterloo on the Eurostar my hernia started hurting and it got worse as the journey progressed. I was really squirming in my seat by the time we arrived in the Paris train station. I was in total utter agony :-( It was the worst physical pain I've endured in my entire life. I remember thinking it was typical that as I work in health and social care how ironic it is that my first time abroad I was probably going to end up in a Parisian hospital on my arrival. And if the pain had persisted then I would definately have been admitted to a Paris hospital. Though it didn't thankfully. I was still in a lot of pain during the hour or so it took us to find the B & B. The pain did go though.

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

wow these pictures are so beautiful
Thailand seems to be a very beautiful place.
you still have this old camera? she has a very good image.
I know, traveling the world is tiring, but I hope to see you on tour soon hahaha =)
goodnight my dear
Jag älskar dig

Philippa said...

Those are absolutely stunning pictures Anette. Makes me want to go on holiday somewhere nice and warm :)

I bet you've got lots of fond memories of that trip. Enjoy the rest of your evening xx

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for sharing those pics! Thailand seems to have such wonderful landscapes :)
Have a nice week-end and sleep well ;)

Beatrix said...
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C. said...

Hello dear Anette!

First thing, I'm a bit late (weren't home for a few days) but I wish you a happy, peaceful new year!

I feel spoiled with all these pictures :D (btw, nice to see a pic with Johan on it!)Thailand is one of the maaaaaany countries I want to visit , cause I've never been travelling that much in my life :( Everything looks so...magical, you 2 were so lucky to spend time over there!

I hope you'll have wonderful holidays like thse again with your whole little family!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Now I'll tell you about what we did after my painful arrival in Paris :-)

The first place we went was the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. In this cemetery is the graves of Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, and Oscar Wilde. We saw the Arc de Tiomphe which was comissioned in the 1800's to honour those who fought for France. I also saw the Eiffel Tower which I wanted to go to the top of but there were ques on each corner of the tower which were each about 4 hours long. So we saw Paris from above another way by taking a trip up Montmartre Hill where I took some very nice photos of Paris from above :-) We walked along the River Seine and saw the Notre Dame Cathedral ( the bell's! the bell's! ) We also saw street art ( paintings and drawings being sketched there and then ) :-) And the last thing we wanted to do was go to The Louvre art gallery to see the Mona Lisa but we didn't have time. So that's one for next time if I ever go again.

One of my initial thoughs when I was in Paris was that they are crazy drivers. They seem to drive very fast in Paris and there are so many cars beeping their horns. I was a little wary about crossing the road. Also it was difficult to sleep at night due to the constant noise of engines and motor vehicle lights shining through the window.

Overall though it turned out to be a nice trip :-)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I was watching TV in my bedroom and just thinking "Oh, why not showing this to Anette", so here it is :,d034cd41904c4b9f2b28da191f7cc9c8.jpg.html
Since 2008 you're watching me sleeping every night :)

July said...

Hey Anette!

OMG very nice pictures of your travel! ( the time pass very fast) Thailand looks like and incredible and romantic place, you looked so happy with Johan =)

And poor of you with the sushi, I bet Nemo doesn't like the sushi or yes?

Have a very nice evening and thanks for share this with us!

Lucinda said...

So nice to share these lovely pics with us! You look gorgeous, but I must say I prefer your hair as it is now ;)
You make me want to go there now, haha! It really sounds and looks amazing.

Have a great evening!

Betty Blue said...

Beautiful pictures indeed. It looks like paradise!
... but since it is Thailand, I guess it is a very hot paradise ^^ I like our European clima, the colder the better.
Today was a really good day for me, I managed to eat a whole pizza for the first time in ages and I don´t even feel sick now. Looks like it´s getting a bit better!
Have a nice evening and weekend!
Love, Betty

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

I´m just a new follower of your blog, and I have to say that I love it (I am a great fan of you). I wanted to thank you for sharing all those good moments (and your time) with us.

About the photos, that place looks really like heaven on earth. Really beautiful =).
By the way, because of you are Swedish and not not Finnish (LOL), I wonder if you´ve readed the Millenium Trilogy (from Stieg Larsson, he is also from Sweden). It´s just curiosity, I´m just reading the first one in English and I love it (I usually read it while I listen to you!! =) ).

Anyway, I´m very happy for seen you and your family and I´ll follow you´re blog for now on.

Have a good night! =)

p.d.: sorry for my English, I´m from Spain and I just started to study it this year :S

Dalma said...

Thailand looks nice in your pictures, but I prefer northern countries. I really don’t like when it’s above 20 degress. Only problem is that I don’t even have money for the plane tickets not to mention all the other things. :D But I know once I’ll get to Sweden, that’s my biggest dream.

So cute that you got angry because of such a thing. Now, that’s a spirit. Tell everyone you’re Swedish, Anette. I like that. As for me, I always wear a badge or something with my country’s flag even when I’m at home. I’m so proud of being Hungarian. =)

So keep it that way!
All the best,

Océane said...

Hi my dear and thanks SO much for sharing those photos! It looks like a paradise on earth, and i'm sure it really is!
And you share a photo of you and johan 2 days after I said I'd love you to put one here ! :)
And i also was talking about that blond color on one of my last comment! I really love it! :)

Hope you enjoyed the day! My grandparents and cousins left home this morning to go back to north east of France so it feels like the house is empty now!

Yesterday I booked my flight to go to UK next month for Pain! Maybe now you know if Johan will be here?! Please tell me if you do cause theres only one month left to prepare what I want to prepare for you :)
And if is going maybe you want to go to london for a bit of shopping ? :)

Love & thousands of hugs!
Sleep well

IsaWolfheart said...

HI dear

wouha thanks ! nice photos !

good evening Love

Kaoru said...

Wow, such an amazing place! I wish I can visit Thailand someday! It's impressive.

Unknown said...

Ena; Hi and thanks;=) It is truly a paradise and I must say that it was wonderful, even if a bit warm the last days (over 40 +). sleep well!

Matotu; Hi and thanks;=) Sleep well!

Migi:Haha, I so know that mix-up! In USA everyone thinks I mean Switzerland when saying Sweden and I always get so annoyed about it;=) Sleep well!

The dead unicorn; Hi and thanks;=) i actually think that platinum blond was way to light for me, so I prefer this color=)
And it is like paradise down there! Very close by to our island there is the famous Phi Phi Islands where they filmed the movie The Beach with Leonardo di Caprio. Beautiful sceneries there! Sleep well!

XxBriannaxX said...

Omg I love these pictures! It is so beautiful there! And you look absolutely amazing! :) lots of big hugs to you and your beautiful family.

Logan said...

beautiful photos :)

Unknown said...

great photos what camera are you using?

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I want to ask you something and i hope its okay for you.
Do you know if you will give us some information about your break with Nightwish?
And I sended you an Email and your Management answered me, but will you answer to the Emails too?

Lots of love


Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan, how are you doing?
Wow, is so great to find a camera with lots of photos like yours, it isn't? =D
All the pictures are so beautiful, you and Johan are a very lovely couple and I just can say that you're both look so happy, am I right?
I don't know Thailand, but some friends of mine in Japan say that it's a great place to be and rest, and I think it really is, sometimes is necessary to stay away from everything and just seek shelter in the end of the mountain, with lots of greens and water. I hope one day I can do this.
Oh, I understand that you're really tired of travelling, to be true, I have travelling ahha..when I was younger I wanted to be a famous singer but right now I just can't imagine myself touring the world, without knowing when I'd be back home, so it's not a great thing for me because I think there is no better place to be and stay and relax than our sweet home.
So, I hope you have enjoyed your trip. If you have some photos of Japan, can you post them? =( I need to feel closer to home.

Sleep very well. May the angels always guide you and your family.

Love, Carol

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,
Thanks for the sharing your memories with us.
It´s really a paradise. Johan and you ( and Nemo) shine so right!

As one gets really itchy feet. And there I could practice my Finnish.:D Now I just need to win the lottery and off you go to Thailand.

You can dive there too?

Have a good night^^.


Anonymous said...

hi anette! :) the pictures are beatiful thank you for share it.
Hugs, good night.

Unknown said...

You look sweet! Really sometimes I wish I was you. Just because my life sucks xD


Unknown said...

Sabine; Oh no, your life doesn´t suck! You know, my life is always ups and downs and some days I don´t wanna go up from my bed and life feels like hell, also to me. But I have learned that life is like that: ups and downs, heaven and hell. We "need" both to really live and I believe it make me love life even more with my down times. They remind me that I am not immortal, that life can end so fast and then I appreciate even those harder days and try to see what I can learn from them. And remember Sabine, in a blog or a facebook status, people only show the "nicer" things of their lives, since no one wants to read about misery and pain. And in todays society it´s all about trying to look all happy, even if we are not, cause people don´t like people who complain, being victims and being "weak". So believe me, many people who seem to be so happy are in real life - not. I am writing a book at the moment and I assure you that you will see that my life also has been filled with ups and downs and times when I wanted to just give up and not get back up again, but I am like one of those clowns in a box. You hit me to the ground and I´ll bounce up again right away and I hope you can find that strength and spirit inside you too, cause it´s all about our own thoughts and how we choose to live life. Negative or positive. And also, believe me when I say that there will always be people putting you down, making you sad and you´ll be wondering how the hell there can me such "mean" people out there. But there is and always will be, but good always wins in the end, I truly believe so;=) Now lots of hugs and today: enjoy life without thinking about more than NOW. No backwards, no forward - just where you are now. Maybe the sun will shine today? Maybe you eat something really yummie today? Those little moments are so nice and important in life;=)

Karin said...

Ha ha ! The comment about Johan laughing like hell about the Finnish-Swedish thing, really made me laugh :D ? Well, Anette, you can imagine the confusion when I am abroad. I am speaking swedish although I am finnish :)
Beautiful pictures! I was in Thailand a hundred years ago, and the place was really really beautiful. The nature takes your breath away!

Enjoy the weekend!

Eleonore Saiga said...

Hi Anette !

Wonderful pictures, it seems to be a really nice place !

Are you planning some other trips like this this year ? :) I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands (near Ecuador), maybe one day ^_^

Enjoy your day !!

Hugs from Switzerland,


Unknown said...

Karin: Hi! Yeah, and believe me, we do have "fights" about Finland-Sweden issues quite often, like hockey games and so on;=) And when I think he is cranky, I say; its your Finnish blood talking;=) haha! Enjoy this day!

Nana: Thanks;=)

Nalon: Yeah, its a paradise for divers and snorkelers;=)

Carol: Hi and thanks so much=) I send some angels your way too;=) And yeah, I always wanted to see the world but now I must say I am quite happy being here in Sweden. Its when you leave your home for a long time, you truly appreciate even the smallest things and I wish everyone to do it once in their life cause here in Sweden, many people complain about our country and so on, but after having seen so much poverty and misery, I KNOW we are blessed living here. Enjoy the day!

Alex: Hi! I cant answer all emails since I have the blog and my time goes to this and trying to answer as many as I can in here, so no, my management answers mostly. Regarding NW I will tell my story about being in the band, yes. But you know, and I know, that people still are gonna choose sides and therefore I am careful with what I say and when. Enjoy the day now!

Alejandro; Hi and thanks;=) Its a Samsung. I just ordered the new android camera from Samsung and are awaiting it. It sounds really good, since I can send my photos directly through the mobile net so blogging will be easier;=) Enjoy the day!

Logan; Hi and thanks;=)

Brianna; Hi and thanks so much;=) Enjoy this day!

Unknown said...

Kaoru: Hi! Yeah, its so beautiful there;=) Enjoy this day!

Isa: Hi and thanks=)

Oceéane; Hi and yeah, thought I´d share that photo for you;=) I dont think he will be there, cause there are private things needed to attend at home. But let´s see;=) And I cant go to London, no. Maybe later in the year though, since I do want to visit London with Seth. Enjoy the day now!

Dalma: Haha, you´re so cute;=) I am very patriotic in many ways and proud to be Swedish, so yeah, I always get a bit irritated if someone speaks negatively about Sweden;=) You can imagine me and Johan´s discussions, him "feeling" so Finnish. haha!
I also doesnt like to hot weather so yeah, it can be a bit to much in thailand, but as long as there´s a great air condition in the hotel room and a big ocean to swim in, I can do it! Enjoy this day now!

David; hi and welcome to my blog;=) So nice to hear you like it! It´s a way for me to show a bit of my "private" Anette and also talk about coming projects. At the moment its more or less just relaxing I do, but I think I am well needed of that after these years without my children and friends;=) So a lot of that for a while now, but this year will have music in it too, of course! Now about Stieg Larsson, I haven´t read his books but I have seen the movies and I do love them! I prefer the Swedish versions above the American though;=) Now enjoy the day and once again - welcome to "my space"=)

Betty; Hi and first of all: So good that you could eat a pizza!!! Super good;=) And then, yeah, it is HOT in Thailand, but since there´s a BIG ocean and air condition in the hotel room, it works for me. Especially since I dont have to work when being there. Standing on a stage there wouldnt be nice at all;=) Enjoy the day now!

Ville said...

Greetins from Switzerland.
I have been following you since your days with NW.
I'm looking forward to read your book...
I love to read about your life and I love your style.
Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette;
I watched the swedish version of the books and I liked them too much too.

By the way, last summer I started to study English and my teacher is now living there, in Sweeden, with his boyfriend. She lives in Gävle and teaches Spanish in "Internationella Engelska Skolan i Gävle". She doesn´t speak Sweedish yet, she is studying it and, In fact, she says that is a hard language to learn =).
Anyway, she usually upload photos from where she lives (I have her as friend in facebook) and It´s a very beautiful place (I like the snow =) ).

Thank you very much for your answer, I hope you have a good day with your family.

Taaja said...

PARADISE! It really looks amazing!
I hope that one day I will have a possibility to visit this place or any similar..
I like your hair color here..really suits you well! :)


Shawna Lynn said...

Wow! What a beautiful place! You are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience such luxury in such a beautiful part of the world. The palm trees make me miss California (where I grew up), but everything else looks so exotic! I hope that I can visit the place someday.

Thank you for sharing these pictures with all of us!

I hope that your new year is off to a great start. May 2013 be better than 2012 for us all. Happy Lucky '13!

shay said...

Hi anette....i joined this blog a year ago... unfortunatly im hardly ever on it...i work so much and life is all so busy for me....2012 started off wonderful ..i seen my first nightwish show in california at the universal ampetheater ...was a magical night and ur voice was devine...and clearly an unforgetable evening...but the year went bad n may .then became a dreadful year...with the death of my beloved mother..she was a month shy of her 80th b day.she was a wonderful loving mom full of life and loved to was sudden and a shock to the family.... it will a long long time to be happy again... but im strong and wise and tough when times are difficult....its about strength courage and love...that gets me through my life......i think ur a wonderful talented and couragous woman....someone i strive to be...lotsa love to u....anette..xoxo

Océane said...

Oh then tanks so much if you shared this photos for me!! You really look like a perfect & happy couple! =)Very nice photo!

It's a shame for the fans if Johan don't go to UK but if there's something important to do, then its much better to stay at home =)

Enjoy the day, I'll try to sleep as much as I can during the day as I work all night long and have to stay awake! :/ I'm going to start "Homeland" tonight, its apparently a very good serie, and I remembered you talked about it too! =)

Love & Hugs

rainy said...

Hi Anette!
First of all- thanks for the pictures. That grey and sad weather outside- when I saw all these colors it made me a bit more happy ;)
You were so blonde hahaha :D But beautiful of course :)
And the next thing I wanna write is WOW that comment to Sabine. Just... Respect.
That's why I love this blog. We can share everything with you, feel better. When I read it I was like "yes, that's what I really want to hear". I'm trying to be more optimistic and the blog helps a bit ;)
You're absolutely right, people pretend to be happy all the time, I see it. Why the hell my facebook friends add all these photos there? Because they want to show how great they feel what is complete bullshit.
I can't lie about myself like this, but I'm not sharing everything what's in my mind with another people.
Yes, I want to write about my feelings today, complain about, I don't know, my single life. Yeah, I'm sick of it and it hurts sometimes! xD
But I don't think my life sucks because of it, I have wonderful friends and it's what I need now :)

Hope you're not bored because of that comment haha :D
Wish you all a wonderful day :)

elinie said...

Real Paradise!
So beautiful flowers :)) Do you like exotic flowers?))
Johan and you are very wonderful couple! " I am NOT Finnish! I am SWEDISH!!! Johan laughed like hell;=)" - I like it =))))
Have a wonderful evening! <3

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! What lovely pictures pictures you've taken. If the singing doesn't work out you could always go into the postcard business eh? Haha, only joking - I know your solo career will be awesome! :)

Seeing some of those pictures makes me wish I took more pictures of when I lived abroad. I lived on a small island called Bahrain for a few years which had lovely beaches; really soft sand. And I also lived in Egypt for 2 years (My balcony had a direct view of the pyramids; I even went inside the big one!)

I lived in Dubai for nearly 10 years, and I went camping in the dessert a few times which used to scare me as I was always worried about being stranded there lol! Now I just live in grey, rainy England. I remember reading somewhere you came to London for your honeymoon; why would you wanna come to such a miserable place?? Hahhaa!

Anyway have a lovely weekend! I start Uni again on monday, and I am dreading it haha! ;D James x

Nalon said...

HI Anette,

Thanks for your answer.

One reason more to win:D.
I love to dive or snorkel. Even though I look like a duck it.

Have a nice day.


Elmas said...

Wooow, those photos look wonderful!! It must've felt so good finding your old camera with all these "hidden treasures" inside of it, after so long! I think I would've spent whole hours just looking at the photos and remembering the moments and getting amused!!

You and Johan indeed make a great couple, you just look so so good together, and it really looks like you were both very happy and relaxed on that trip, and I wonder who WOULDN'T be, in such beautiful places? :=) So, thanks for sharing them with us!

I also think that lip-ring of yours looked so great on you, gave you that edgy and playful look, together with the platinum blond colour of your hair!

Have a great Saturday evening!

Moondance said...

Oooh, you and Johan are so sweet couple! ^_^
And Thailand is like paradise on the Earth! And it seems only to me or there is James Bonds's island on some photos? =)

IsaWolfheart said...

hi thanks for your answer Anette !

enjoy your day !


Rebel said...

oo my such a great pics. Now when we have a snow, it is like a dream :) and i feel warmer now :) we need more photos like these. :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei !!
Woooooow so wonderfull and pretty pictures !!!
Cute picture of you and Johan !!
I love :D
Have a great day dear ;D

Unknown said...

oooooooooooooo)) i was in this hotel too)) honestly, in 2011 )) but it so cool...