Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creative day;=)

Good evening (night;=)

Soon time to hit bed and both my dear sons are in bed already:=) Have had a nice and very creative day today since I sat down by my computer and did some songwriting and gosh, time just flied away. Guess it was one of those days when the creative part of me was strong and I´m happy I could send away two lyrics and melodies to Fredrik to work with:=) He also got happy since he was creative and longed for some songwriting too, so perfect match today.

Earlier today I went out to the fabrics store to get some more things for my sewing stuff. Needed some more things to be able to sit down and do a pair of pants for Nemo too and since it´s sunday tomorrow I had to go today. And I guess tomorrow, I might want to sit and do some sewing again;=)

I did the hair do today and even if I got shorter hair and no extensions, as Marie has, it turned out well and I actually liked the look so I´ll do this hair do more. Easy and cute!

Well, I hope you see some of it. Not so easy to take pictures like this, but next time I´ll use another angle=)

My make up was simple, just some red lips and a green metallic eyeshadow from Make up Store


And my outfit today is the studded black jeans from Gina Tricot, black maternity top H&M, silver cardigan from Zara and UGGs again;=)

Bracelet and necklace from Dyrberg/Kern

And I love the words on my necklace: 


Now my dear ones, sleep really well, sweet dreams, lots of warmth and hugs to you all!


Katharine Rv said...

Good night dear! =* Sweet dreams! ♥

Océane said...

I did that hair do too today :)
I have very long hair and it always reminds me of Lara Croft! Ahah!

Thanks for the photos, simple outfit but casual and looks good :)

Today I'm still sick but at least the fever seems to be gone! Put my troat is bad like never before! Cant eat, cant drink. Well i can but it hurts like HELL! Puh!! But I do everything I can to get better :(
Is there any chance you have a tips for me? As a singer you may have some when you have a bad troat, dont you?

How was the movie the other night?

Love and many hugs

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

You look very good with this hairstyle! And also your make up is very nice!
I wish you a good night!
Take care!

*big hugs*


Unknown said...

Oceane; Hi! Well, I hope it´s not toncillitis you´ve got cause then you need antibiotics. BUT for soar and painful throat I use a tea called Throat comfort with lots of honey in it. And if you can find some throat pastilles in the pharmacy with lidocain in them, it numbs the throat a little. BUT do not sing when using them!;=) I send lots of get better hugs to u!

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

You make me really curious about the songs.:)

I will enjoy my warm milk my "Jääkukka" honey:). My walk was alittle bit to lang.

Sleep well and for your baby a lullaby


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gray in the first photo :P

Océane said...

Thanks a lot dear! Tomorrow I'll go the pharmacy open, as its sunday and buy pastilles with lidocain! And maybe they'll have same kind of tea you use? We'll see! And I think I'll go again to the doctor on monday if it's not better tomorrow evening! :(
I REALLY have to be back on my feets soon as you know!

Thanks again!
And here a quote I found and it made me think of you immediately!

Thanks and have a very good night!
Love & Hugs

XxBriannaxX said...

Goodnight Beautiful! You look very nice today. I love the hair. :-) sleep well hun. Xoxoxo


Did you dye your hair it looks different?

migi said...

hi anette, just saw this sweet little pants :D aww, so cute!!! and the bracelet you wear today is very beautiful.

today i was listen to some cd`s while doing some work at home. here are my favorites. the first and the second are from one of the best band here in switzerland (my opinion). unfortunately the singer Steve Lee was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2010. we miss him :(.

the other ones i`m sure you know them already :)

now i wish you a good night a big hug as always;D

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette!
Evan this evening I came home late. We had as every saturday a volleyball match and I'm so proud to tell you that today WE WON :) Finally :D I'm so happy for that, cause we lost 14 matches!
Anyway, I need your help. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me, because if I'll have luck, tomorrow my friend (the one who works 650 kilometers away form home) maybe will be here at home for 6 hours. I know it's a sooo short time, but better than nothing. I really miss her and is we'll have luck she will spent this time here with her family and me.
I'm glad to read that you had a creative day. I can't wait to hear some new stuff from you ;)
You did nice hair today. Maybe one day I'll try to do some similar on my hair. It will be easier for me, because I have a little longer hair. Let's see if I'll can do that!
Good night you too. Sleep really well!!! See you tomorrow!
Hugs & kisses to you Johan, Seth, Nemo and the baby ♥

Jooleahh74 said...

Hi Anette! I know you sharing music you're listening to, so I thought I'd share some good stuff with you ^_^

They're called "The Green Children", and they're really good!
youtube(.)c o m/watch?v=Jv9q71bO5S4

Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,
Good to hear you were in a creative mood. Hopefully we can hear the outcome soon! :)
About your hair-do. Is it a simple braid? It looks kind of different, but I can't guess what the trick is. :)
Btw, once you put on some videos showing us your daily facial routine. Any plans for the same with some hair-dos? We would love it!

Taaja said...

You look so amazing and fresh on this pictures! Really lovely!
Nice outfit! I wonder something what might be clear to other people here.. during daytime you are always dresses so nice? Because me and many people usually dress when they are home something cozy, something old perhaps that they don't wear anymore for "going out".. a tracksuit or something like this also. I couldn't be dressed up well for the whole day.. ;)

Have a nice day!

Mágika said...

Hey dear Anette!

I hope you have a great day! I am really looking forward to listening to your own songs! I miss your voice so much! :)

In the first two pictures your hair seems to be grey! :D I was like: wow,did you dye your hair, or what? But then I saw it was because of the lights :) One thing is sure now: grey is going to be suit you, because your skin is quite white. :) Grey is very stylish nowadays ;)

And btw congratulations on your DIY baby pants! It is really lovely :)

Kisses & hugs,


Elmas said...

Just like I always said when you were pregnant with Nemo some time ago, you just SHINE! That thing about expecting mothers being more beautiful than everybody else must have some truth to it!

Have a great Sunday!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Nettie =) what a wonderful woman you are, you're a mum, an artist, you manage to do so many things all together, that is to say taking care of your children, of your dear ones, of your house, and being an artist at the same time...and above all you have a great personality, it never happened that I could feel love and friendship for someone that I've never met, someone're the only case Anette, that is the reason why I always support you!!! have a great day and...I agree whith the sentence on your necklace ;)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Nettie!
It so cool that you have enough powers and inspiration=) I can't completely finished my song=) But I also haven't time:)
Hope you will have a wonderful day today=)
With Love,

Life++'er said...

Dear Annette,

I discovered your blog when I was digging a bit deeper into Nightwish, and I just wanted to say I love that you really show how you are as a person, with the pictures of your outfits, hairdo's, decoration... :) Being bullied myself when I was in high school, I also admire how you stand up against bullying! :)

I am a girl of 20 years old and I love being creative too. I am studying game development, so I have to make art in 2D and 3D, but beside that, I also love writing, making music, and singing. I'm thinking about taking singing lessons/a vocal coach when I can afford it, but I'm wondering if 20/21 isn't already too late...

Can you maybe give me some tips or advice? That would be really awesome, but I'd understand if you're too busy.

Best regards and a lot of good luck with everything, especially your family (including the baby ;) )

Suh Oliveira said...

Anette, I miss you!!! I love her voice! You are my inspiration to overcome difficulties!
I hope to see you on stage singing her songs soon! Kisses from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil <3