Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy birthday my dear Nemo;=)

Today Nemo has his 3rd birthday and how time flies!!! 

Such a big boy now, full of energy and a fun adventurous boy with lots of courage and self esteem;=)

So a HIP HIP HORRAY for my dear NEMO today!!!

Love you til the moon and back, my son;=)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yummie "healthier" snack;=)

Hi all,

So today I felt I needed something sweet but since it´s not saturday and candy day I had to make something less filled with sugar, so I took a recipe for Snickers cakes and modified it and here´s my version:

Heat up 1 dl (100 ml) of honey with 1 dl (100 ml) of stevia on a low temperature. Add 225 gram of natural crunchy peanut butter, (I use Fitnessguru´s peanut butter), 1 dl of coconut flakes, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder and whole weat corn flakes or as I did- spelt flakes without added sugar.

Then put the mix in a form and flatten it down. Put in the fridge while you melt 70% dark chocolate ( I had mint flavor in my chocolate) and put on top. Put back in to the fridge for appr. an hour. Cut into pieces and enjoy!

And the sweater...

...is now sold;=)

Thanks to everyone who bid for it. It was sold for 110 euros.

 There will be more items coming up soon;=)


Hi all,

The studded sweater is so popular and the bid is now up at 100 euro so you all know who may be interested;=) To place a bid send an email to:

I am sitting with Mio in my lap, writing lyrics and melody for a new song cause heading to the studio on sunday;=) And it´s raining outside so perfect songwriter day!

ENJOY the day!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hi all,

I hope you all enjoy the summer (or winter where that is now) and are in good spirits;=)

Here in Helsingborg it´s been real summer for a week with high temperatures and that´s nice. We´ve been out by the beach in the late afternoons and I actually like the later hours of the day is the nicest when its hot. Also for Mio, its better with a bit cooler temperatures.

Today I had a meeting here in Helsingborg with my manager Petri, who came passing on his way from Malmö. Nice since we haven´t met in person for a while;=) We had a nice frapino at Espresso House and talked about the autumn and spring and the plans ahead! Fun and soon I´ll tell you all about it;=)

As you know, even if I am not updating so much in here, you can always find me in INSTAGRAM where I post almost every day!

Now enjoy the evening and before I leave you I want to give you a really healthy but yummie recipe that I love to eat before bed time. Banana is said to make you sleepy so a good thing to eat before bed.

Healthy banana split:
Take approximately 1 dl of quark and mix down frozen or fresh raspberries. Peel a banana and slice a banana in two. Melt dark 70% chocolate or any of your choice and pour gently over the bananas. 


For those who cant open my vintage blog for some reason? Here you go!

Hi all,

This sweater was used on stage in Moscow in 2012. Cool to use in every day or with leather pants for a party. Studs are not real so you won't hurt anyone;=

Fabric is cotton and studs are in a rubber style. Studs around the shoulders as well as the neckline.

Size small/medium and quite long and not slim.

Since this is a stage item I will let you bid on it with a starting bid of 30 Euros plus shipment. If the price ends over 100 euros I pay the shipment.

I also give parts of the profit to charity and I have chosen CHILDHOOD. I enclose a CHILDHOOD bracelet to the package and also some goodies from my time in NW.

Happy bidding and to bid send me an email at www.pipponcrack@hotmail.com

Please note that the bustier worn over is NOT for sale. It´s only the top underneath I am selling.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi all and a happy Friday!!!

Yesterday I bought myself new lovely running shoes and a new sports bra and then I headed out for a nice 30 minute run in the city! I haven´t been running since week 15 of my pregnancy and now it´s 3,5 months since I gave birth and all the indoor exercise has given me the core and strength to be able to run again. It´s amazing how fast the body can get back in a good condition after 3 pregnancies and I thank all my exercise for that. 

Todays music is The Neighbourhood and Staying up:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer and days...

...are passing by;=) 

The weather here in Helsingborg is not the best summer weather, unfortunately;=( I dont know why Swedish summers always are so boring with chilly weather, windy days and rain but well, that´s how it is most of the times. So what to do than to get a pair of rain boots and be ready when it pours down? I got myself a pair of Hunter boots on sale and picked them up yesterday;=)

I also found a great site from Chicago, USA, called shopakira.com where I ordered me some shoes and pants that arrived yesterday! I am going to use the shoes for coming photo shoots and I guess I need to sit down or stand still cause they are sooo high to walk in! But COOL and a dream to look at! The heel was the thing I fell for, I love crosses, as you know!

I also found a pair of boots from Jeffrey Campbell that look a bit like a pair from Givenchy I´ve looked at but these to a much cheaper price. I will wear them to a black dress or a short skirt this autumn. Love;=)

And then I got these pants that also will look great on stage or in a shoot:

Yesterday Mio got his first two vaccination shots in his both legs and one of them is a really painful one so he got a fever and were sad and down all day afterwards;=( It really hurts to see your little one in pain... luckily he is happy today again and it feels good to know he´s protected against some really bad deceases.

Now soon time to exercise and today it´s upper body work out!

ENJOY this day!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Here´s some photos from yesterday:

Seth got the new WII U black edition and it´s cool;=)

Flag on the table and summer flowers, ready for a birthday party:

Bought new lovely owl napkins for the party:

Baked this lovely cake that Seth wished for. A summery one with bananas, raspberry jam, vanilla whip, whipped cream and strawberries:

I also baked these delicious cupcakes. Chocolate topped with a frosting of white chocolate and philadelphia light cheese:

And my clothes were a white dress from Ester Eleonora:

Ha ha!

Mum sent me this hilarious video:


Hi all,

And thanks for all of the hair color comments! Well appreciated and let´s see what we do. I am pretty sure I will go as dark as my own hair is, but then the level of it and so on we´ll see. I feel I don´t want to color it so often and therefore either very blond or very dark is a bad idea.

I´ll show you afterwards tomorrow of course!

Yesterday it was my dear oldest son Seth´s birthday and we gave him the new Nintendo Wii U and it´s a fun thing where also the whole family can play along;=) Tonight I´ll try tennis but I need to go and buy another remote control so we can be two at the same time.

It´s 12 years since I had Seth and it´s wonderful to have children in so different ages and Seth is such a helpful and great big brother to the other two.

ENJOY this friday now!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And the winners are....

...Kathy and Gocha90!!

Congratulations to you both:-) Write your address in a comment and I´ll post the cards to you!

 Thanks to everyone, both in here and from Instagram who participated this raffle;=)

Blogger kathy said...
such a happy memory for me. got to see you live!
9 July 2013 18:44
Blogger Gocha960 said...
Hello Anette, I have no idea what to write, just speechless because I did not have the opportunity to appear on any Nightwish concert when you were still in the band which really is a shame ... It would be wonderful if I could get your autograph and guys :) The autograph is on my list of dreams and I hope that if not now, then someday I can get it :) (sorry for my bad english) Greetings from Poland Małgorzata
9 July 2013 14:57

Different hair colors

Hi all!

And first of all - THANKS for so many who wants to be in the raffle! Fun! I´ll pull two winners tonight;=)

On saturday I´m doing a hair make-over again. I am so tired of my hair and my pale and tired nursing face need some fun hair so I´ve decided to do a real make-over. To make my coloring choice easier I´ve taken some photos of me with darker hair, crazy red hair and then my normal hair. It´s good to do this to see where your features appear best, where your skin looks best, your eyes are looking best and so on. 

With dark, almost black hair:
here my eyes look really good, my skin looks paler but it suits the color. I look younger I think?

And in crazy red:
This color is not bad but it doesn´t suit me as much as the darker hair.My eyes doesn´t pop out as they do in dark. Look older?

And then with my hair nowadays. Medium blond with golden blond in the ends.
I look more natural and that´s nice too. But maybe boring?

When it comes to me, I know I look best in dark hair. It´s a fact and even my mum says I look better in that, haha! Johan always want me to have black and well, I like it too. The only reason to why I dislike it, is that I have to color my hair roots so often due to my own middle blond hair looking "grey" in my scalp and well, who wants to have grey hair?;=)

So let´s see what I do, but I am quite sure it will be darker again.

Give me your thoughts! And of course some other variations if you have some ideas;=)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A little raffle;=)

Hey guys!

I found these two signed cards (except by Emppu) in a bag and thought some of you might want one of them? 

Let´s do a raffle! Post a comment and I´ll pull two lucky ones tomorrow and send the cards to you;=)

ENJOY the raffle!

A yummie healthy pizza

Hi all,

Yesterday I did a delicious home made healthier pizza with my own home made tomato sauce and also home made pizza salad. Here´s the recipe for you:

25 gram of yeast
2 1/2 dl of water (37°Celsius degrees)
2 table spoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
6-7 dl of spelt flour

Mix everything together in your kitchen aid until the paste falls off the sides of the bowl. Then put on a towel and let it stand for 30 minutest to an hour to increase in size.

Tomato sauce:
1 can of crushed tomatoes
2 table spoons of tomato purée
A pinch of white pepper and salt pepper
1 tea spoon of basil
1 tea spoon of salt
1 minsed garlic

Just mix it all together.

For topping choose your own. We had smoked ham, red peppers, red onion, mushrooms and low fat cheese. 

My pizza salad:
Chopped cabbage
4 table spoons of oil
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
a pinch of water
salt, black pepper and sugar after taste
If you want it more sour take more vinegar, if you want it more sweet, take more sugar

Bake the pizza in 225 degrees for appr. 10-15 minutes.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

Have you...

...kissed anyone today??

It´s the International kissing day today so if you haven´t - go kiss someone;=)

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