Saturday, July 06, 2013

From my Instagram

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Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, thanks for photos, it´s sooo cute when Nemo and Mio play together :-)
Have a nice saturday!
hugs, Radka

Unknown said...

Anette ... pregnancy leaves us illuminated and the light was too bright for you. The emotions that music and pregnancy cause merged, mingled and you outdid yourself, sound beautifully! I hope that the experience and talent to bring joys and satisfactions, so we who are fans follow in its momentum in its rhythm! Kisses and hugs

Betty Blue said...

Always looks as if every saturday breakfast is some sort of celebration at your place =) Reminds me that I should have breakfast, too... Well.
Oh dear, the pictures of your boys are so incredibly cute! You must be very proud of them!
Have a nice day!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Nice to see you as a child. A happy Child and a happy woman;).

It´s so cute your Boy´s a so lovley together. You has so big luck to have lot of nice Boy´s in the House. They sleep like Angels, if the mother cleaning the house.

I have saw the pic with your mother and you and i have believe that were your big Sister *angelface*
Your Mother look really young and you has got her smilie:).

Enjof this day.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't explain I've always enjoyed viewing other people's photos from their family photo albums :-)

That's a very nice photo of you Anette with your elder sister :-) Once upon a time I was also as little as you are in that picture :-) Looks as though there is quite an age gap too :-)

Cheers once again for sharing and have a nice evening Anette! :-)

Unknown said...

Awwww! That last picture of yourself as a kiddie and your sister, so cute! :) I also loved the videos, I think it's a nice idea to upload them besides the pictures!
Well, I think I will write a bit more next time :)

Babsy_NW said...

I do not have instagram, but I always make sure I check yours every day. It's so nice of you, sharing parts of your daily life with us ... I really enjoy watching your videos and photos :)

Much love from Portugal <3

eskoplja said...

All of the pics are awesome, especially those where you smile :)
Love the hippie/pochahontas ones, you look absolutely amazing :)
Big hugs to you


Ena :*