Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yummie "healthier" snack;=)

Hi all,

So today I felt I needed something sweet but since it´s not saturday and candy day I had to make something less filled with sugar, so I took a recipe for Snickers cakes and modified it and here´s my version:

Heat up 1 dl (100 ml) of honey with 1 dl (100 ml) of stevia on a low temperature. Add 225 gram of natural crunchy peanut butter, (I use Fitnessguru´s peanut butter), 1 dl of coconut flakes, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder and whole weat corn flakes or as I did- spelt flakes without added sugar.

Then put the mix in a form and flatten it down. Put in the fridge while you melt 70% dark chocolate ( I had mint flavor in my chocolate) and put on top. Put back in to the fridge for appr. an hour. Cut into pieces and enjoy!


Océane said...

And here again the stupid Océane! So sorry!!
But when you say 1dl of solid ingredient I dont get it as 100ml is a liquid mesure...

I HAVE to try this!
Why not changing the recipe with proteins powder?! :)

Love and Hugs

Helminen said...

Happy Friday, Anette!
I really enjoy you're posting here recipes as well, now more often. I've tried some of them, like the muffins and my family was very surprised, in a good way! ;-) Thank you for doing that!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe! Of course I will try to cook it:) Enjoy this day!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Anette :) I just want to say that I visit your blog alot and I absolutely love reading your positive comments and all your advice to stay happy and healthy. Your blog is a happy place for me and Thankyou for that. Stay safe and happy :)

Betty Blue said...

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Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

I must say that I presently really approve of all this sugar free healthy food :- ) As coincidence would have it that's the path I'm currently treading on :-) Having recently had an abdominal ultrasound examination to try and explain the pains I get every now and then in that area I've been informed by the doctor that I've got a very small gallbladder and a fatty liver. The doctor is not worried about it and I'm not fat but he wants me to lose just a little bit of weight :-)

So I now have my tea with no sugar : -) Luckily I'm sweet enough! :-D Sorry, couldn't resist that one! :-) And I intend to try these healthy snacks you upload here in your blog :-) Though when my mouth has returned back to normal as I visited the dentist this afternoon and one side is still a bit numb and I think it's going to be a bit sore for a day or so :-) Still, my teeth will approve of my present sugar reduced diet :-)

Have a nice evening Anette! :-)

Laetitianne said...

Candy day? I love that!

Take care!

Unknown said...

Looks delicious :-) Mint flavoured chocolate is the best kind, I think.

Enjoy your evening/day! X

Unknown said...

Anette ... is it me or you can eat candy will not fattening? Your metabolism must be the best friend you have! (laughs) I would give a good bite this beautiful piece ... this chocolate coating seems to call me! (laughs) Kisses and hugs from whom you can not share the taste of this cake with you! (laughs)

Luciana said...

@ Océane: I guess, you can think 100 ml as a measure for both liquids and solids, since it's a measurement for capacity in general. Leaving the Physics and thinking on the kitchen, I would remember that our (grand-) grandmothers' recipes didn't have either dl's or grams, but cups and spoons. =) How much flour can we fill a cup with? Nowadays, it's understood that it is around 240 grams, but it wasn't in the past. My cup could be different from yours. So, what I would do is to use the measurement jar (or whatever you use) for "liquids" and measure your "solids" with it. Call it a gastronomic poetic license. In theory it should work okay. But recipes require sometimes a bit of magic, more than Science... :P

Serafim said...

Happy Birthday, little Nemo!
Anette, congratulate you on birthday of your precious son! :-)
Have a fantastic day all of you!

Best wishes,