Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi all and a happy Friday!!!

Yesterday I bought myself new lovely running shoes and a new sports bra and then I headed out for a nice 30 minute run in the city! I haven´t been running since week 15 of my pregnancy and now it´s 3,5 months since I gave birth and all the indoor exercise has given me the core and strength to be able to run again. It´s amazing how fast the body can get back in a good condition after 3 pregnancies and I thank all my exercise for that. 

Todays music is The Neighbourhood and Staying up:


Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
Your shoes are very nice, they have good color :) I need buy some shoes for exercise but I don't know how yet. I really admired you, I can't run without shortness of breath o.O I follow you and I everyday do exercise and I see effects ;) I'm really happier and I have so much energy now :D

Have a nice day my dear :*

Micha said...

Great taht you do so much for your body..I should do so, too..but I am way too lazy :P

And the shoes..well, interesting color xD
No essential that their are comfortable

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, happy Friday to you too =).
What a long-waited day every week haha. And of course is a great day to get out and take a run and a walk, I wish I could be back to my exercises because now I study at night and work all day but I'm looking forward to be back.
Now I wish you a beautiful day and a relaxing weekend.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Over here in my part of England the weather is very hot :-) The sun is out in full effect today :-)

If the sun is shining in Helsingborg I hope you had a good, ahem, run in the sun! :-D

Have a nice evening my favourite lady Viking! :-)

LindaS said...

I love the shoes! Looking good while staying in shape.

Have a great day Nettie!


Unknown said...

Anette ... is very nice to be able to exercise outdoors. Nice pair of shoes, but I prefer the brand Olympikus think are more anatomical and light. Kisses!

Croatian Idiot said...

hey Anette :)

so, I'm gonna start doing Tabata, and I wantet to ask for an advice? I mean, can you give me some idea for training, what do you do mostly?

And have a nice day! :)

July said...

Hey Anette!

Those are a very nice sneakers I loved the colour! look at these ones:

Thanks for shared the song!!

Have a very nice day!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi dear
I hope you are fine
smoking again?
Please don't do it :\
take care, hugs.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I have to say that, though I have followed Nightwish from the very beginning, the band came alive when you joined the band.

You brought the emotion and touch of tenderness to the music, and you are the for me the real singer of NW.

There is no one that can sing slow, love, slow and meadows of heaven like you. That is sad but true.

It is sad that you no longer sing for NW, but I know you have your reasons.

I hope that you will release some new music soon so that I can enjoy your voice again.

With all best,

Fan från Finland :-D