Saturday, July 06, 2013

Montreux jazz festival

Here´s a video from the performance from last years Montreux festival. This was broadcasted june 15 at RTSDeux. I was pregnant here;=)



eskoplja said...

This brought tears into my eyes....I rememberd the concert in Croatia and Dusseldorf. Truly amazing.
And I can not wait to hear your solo stuff, really miss your voice.
Big hugs to you

Ena :*

Karin said...

Merci Anette :) It has been a while since I listened to, or watched Nw. I loved it, when you being there. Your voice, your presence, your natural being, and your smile :) Just lovely, and so enjoyable !

Unknown said...

Anette ... pregnancy leaves us illuminated and the light was too bright for you. The emotions that music and pregnancy cause merged, mingled and you outdid yourself, sound beautifully! I hope that the experience and talent to bring joys and satisfactions, so we who are fans follow in its momentum in its rhythm! Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Anette ... I can not hold my tears! It is a wonderful presentation and I miss the shows that only you can do. Never seen a live show your ... my God ... I feel in heaven listening to her angelic voice ... imagine, right in front of me ... filmariam every second my eyes and everything would be forever etched in my heart! May God continue to bless your life so you can stream a lot of joy to people who appreciate good music! Feel embraced with all the affection that a fan could give you!

July said...

Hey Anette!!!

Thanks for share it!!! I have to say you sang amazing your vocals had a great tone and rhythm.

And OMG little Mio was in your belly, how cute!! and you like always full of energy and sympathy.

I miss see you in "action", but you're an incrdible singer and woman with a big pottential and charisma, so I'm sure we'll see you soon again on the stage. =)

P.S: I loved Come Cover Me!!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
Thank you very much for this.
It´s nice to see you on Stage with a smilie:)

Have A nice Day.


Júlia Cavagnolli said...

What an amazing video! Thank you for sharing, Nettie!

And I have to say that you singing Come Cover Me is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It brings tears to my eyes everytime.


Gemi said...

Slow.... love...slooooooooow (8) Nettie, you´re the best singer in the world! **

Anonymous said...

So lovely! I get chills at the end of Slow Love Slow every single time and have watched almost every recording of it. It is going to be our wedding song someday soon. :) I am still sad that I did not get to see you perform it in Austin, Texas last year but I am grateful there are such great recordings to enjoy! <3

Anette said...

Oh, I want this times back, Anette...

lehPhotography said...

Wonderful performance Anette!! I am glad I got to see you in Philadelphia last year, before things went sour halfway through the US tour. I was watching clips from the show in Philly last night and they were great. Here is one of "Slow, Love, Slow" .

<3 Lauren

Yanna said...

You look great !
And what a voice !!

I love the way you say "merci beaucoup", you're so cute ! ♥

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

A LOVELY peformace! Its so nice to see a pro shot for you and NW... :)
The ponly bad thing is that they dont broadcasted storytime and scaretale :/

well, have a GREAT weekend anette! Full of joy, happy things happen, and love!

Taaja said...


FAQing Amazing said...

WOW thanks for sharing!! I'll always miss you in Nightwish! One of the most amazing bands in the world, now incomplete again...

migi said...

Hi anette,

... I have no words. I cried so hard when i saw this. It s like i was there again. This was the best day, best place, the best band, the really best evening in my life. Thank youuuu. If i had only known that i will never see you again in this band :(

MusicOfTheNight said...

Anette, you are a wonderful singer and a beautiful girl. You must NEVER EVER give up on singing!!!
Right now I have really big problems in my life, but when I feel down, I always tell myself, that after a storm there's ALWAYS a sun shining, after a night, there's always a day, so it's part of life, and it's up to us if we'll be there to wait for the upcoming good things, right? :-)
I can't wait to hear you singing again.
Take care!

Mary said...

This is awesome! I saw it today :)
I can watch this all day. It made me cry because I won't see this anymore. Anette I'm so sad you left Nightwish :(
I love the way you sing this songs and how you did Come cover me and Planet hell. It's perfect!
Have a nice evening ;)
Hug from Croatia

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Thank you so much for the video !
It makes me feel happy when I see it ! A lot of memories and some "regrets". I really loved you in Nightwish.
I want to ask you something and I understand if you don't want to answer. But what do you feel when you are wathching this video ?
With love,

Khaos86 said...

Hi Anette!
Thank you for sharing this link! I've just finished to watch it and I feel so nostalgic that sometimes I cried. For the whole view of the concert I had like an idiot smile on my face ahah and I smiled even more when the camera pointed you and you were smiling. I feel stupid, I know, but I missed so much the Nightwish of one year ago :( they aren't the same without you. It was my favorite group, but not anymore when they fired you. I followed every setlist you did with NW, and I checked every type of video on youtube. Now I feel sad because these old times will never come back :(
Sorry if I seem a little bit whimpering, but it were months that I didn't listen to a NW concert with you as the singer. Anyway, I hope you'll have a nice evening.

Dark Queen said...

Woooooow :') This video reminds me your performance in Milan. It was a super magic night! You have to promise us that soon you'll release your album. I miss your voice so bad and I can't wait anymore!!!!!!!
Thanks for the video!
Good night, sleep well ♥

Babsy_NW said...

Hi Anette,

Thanks for sharing the link with us. I couldn't help but shed a tear while watching this concert ... everything seems so unreal. I really miss you in Nightwish, but you know what people say: everything happens for a reason. I'm sure God has bigger plans for you :D.

All my love,

Fiona said...

Annette, do you know why I love your voice so much? Your voice sounds girly and feminine, but like an angel at the same time.
I saw Nightwish last year in November in Birmingham, shortly after it was announced that you and Nightwish parted ways.
I was so disappointed that I wasn't able to see you, I saw you 2008 in Barcelona and it was really cool

Fiona said...

I wanted to add: See, how quickly our life can change from hardships and total tragedies to blessings and wonderful times.
You had to go through a really hard time with Nightwish last year, but you got a blessing out of this, your son. :)

Unknown said...

Man... This was awesome...
I wish you could come back to nightwish...

Aline said...

Hi Anette,

Thank you so much to sharing with us this video, I can't stop to watch it !
I remember a lot of things during this concert because I was there. And I really loved it, cried at the end (like all the others I went). I realized how I miss you on stage, I miss your voice, I really hope to listen your album soon !

Thank you so much for all concerts I saw with you and the band....It will be not the same now.....but you're still here, still keep touch with us, on Instagram or on your blog...and I would like to thank you for everything !

Don't change and always stay yourself, it's like that we love you !

The show must go on !

Lots of love and hugs


Anne said...

Excellent, thanks for sharing! I miss you in Nightwish as well, but I agree with Barbara above that everything happens for a reason. I look forward to your solo work, and to you having more creative input with it than you did with Nightwish. :)

Unknown said...

Wow!! That was great! I am so glad you are out of a bad situation but damn, Anette, I miss you in Nightwish. You truly are and will be the best singer they will ever have. Shame on them for not treating you right! Their loss! Boneheads!! I really love your versions of the Tarja stuff. Planet Hell kicks some serious ass with you on vocals! You Rule, Anette! :^) I can't wait for your own stuff. I know it's going to be great! Not trying to sound devilish towards NW or anything like that but would you ever work on anything with Tarja? I think it would be really neat and such a treat for us fans who loved both of you gals from Nightwish. Working with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) would be great also as he is my favorite male vocalist. eh-hem...hint. LOL :^D I have a small NW poster with the guys autographs, minus yours. Is it possible to send it to your management to forward it to you to have you sign it for me? This thing means nothing without the best autograph on it!! ;^)Hehehehe.

Love Ya Anette!


AlessandraWilderness said...

Thank you for sharing this!!! As others told in previous comments, it seems unreal that tou're in NW no more, and this makes us so sad...I really think you're the best singer they ever had, because I think your voice is complete, versatile, and above all you have always showed your soul and this is the most important feature a great singer must have; technique is nothing without soul...this is what I learnt from you (besides many other things regarding vocal techniques closely) and I think that NW got a real "amalgam" with you, I really appreciated the way you interacted, entertained and showed yourself, it was not a leading singer and then the band, no, it was a real group, every piece was at its right place, I don't know how to explain...surely you'll understand what I mean, and this is what I'd want for me and the band where I sing in. The times when NW had you are a good model for me =) I miss those times so much as other fans do too... I'm looking forward to listen to your album now!!!! kyssar !!!