Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer and days...

...are passing by;=) 

The weather here in Helsingborg is not the best summer weather, unfortunately;=( I dont know why Swedish summers always are so boring with chilly weather, windy days and rain but well, that´s how it is most of the times. So what to do than to get a pair of rain boots and be ready when it pours down? I got myself a pair of Hunter boots on sale and picked them up yesterday;=)

I also found a great site from Chicago, USA, called where I ordered me some shoes and pants that arrived yesterday! I am going to use the shoes for coming photo shoots and I guess I need to sit down or stand still cause they are sooo high to walk in! But COOL and a dream to look at! The heel was the thing I fell for, I love crosses, as you know!

I also found a pair of boots from Jeffrey Campbell that look a bit like a pair from Givenchy I´ve looked at but these to a much cheaper price. I will wear them to a black dress or a short skirt this autumn. Love;=)

And then I got these pants that also will look great on stage or in a shoot:

Yesterday Mio got his first two vaccination shots in his both legs and one of them is a really painful one so he got a fever and were sad and down all day afterwards;=( It really hurts to see your little one in pain... luckily he is happy today again and it feels good to know he´s protected against some really bad deceases.

Now soon time to exercise and today it´s upper body work out!

ENJOY this day!


Taaja said...

Love the pants and first shoes look cool, but boots really aren't my cup of tea, haha.

Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

I love the heels with the cross!

HGate said...

Damn, those look hot :)
My girlfriend was taking a look at the website... She was often tempted to by from the USA but was a bit scared of the delivering times and the costs. How long did it take for them to deliver your order? Did you have any problems with the custom?

Unknown said...

Here, in my city, is veeery hot weather!
I love boots from Jeffrey Campbell! Really cool ;-)
Glad to hear news about coming photo shoots ;-)
Have a nice day!

Océane said...

The cross shoes are simply fab!! But I cant walk in hight heels. I used to walk with 11cms heels everyday and now i cant anymore! Dont know why :/

Love also your pants a lots! It dont suit to everyone I guess but its like you can wear anything and look gorgeous with a plastic bag! Ahah!

Now, off to the swimming pool!! :)

Love & Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan, how are you doing?
I missed you all these days you've been far from the blog but of course I was following you at the Instagram =).
The winter here in Brazil seems like a summertime, no rain, no wind, just sun and sun and sun and I hate it, I miss the rainy days, the clouds in the sky, so I think we should change country haha.
The shoes are so high and I can't walk on them but they are very beautiful, I never saw something too gorgeous. Crosses are my protection everyday and I love them too, so I wish I could have a shoe with them in.
Also the pants look great, I just can imagine you on the stage singing a rock song with the new boots and a black hair haha..can't wait to see this. And of course I'm looking forward to see the new photo shoot, oh God, how great is to know that you are coming back to the music you never abandoned but of course we are missing you on the stage and so on.
And oh, I apologize by Nemo. How the children suffer with vaccination but it's a pain necessary for their health and even though we feel in the heart the pain they do, we must know it will be for a good thing =). I hope he gets better.

Now have a beautiful day.

Betty Blue said...

So good that Mio is fine again! Vaccination shots always are painful but so very important...
The high heels are great. I saw ones similar to yours in a shop a few days ago and just thought "How can a person walk on shoes like this?" But they look really cool =)

Anonymous said...

hi anette, i'm glad mio is ok.
wow the pants are really cool and the shoes too =)
ohh a photo shoot? i'm curious of your New hair style xD
Have a wonderful day anette, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful shoes!!!!!
Have a lovely day, even if it`s raining and winding, same weather here in Rovaniemi

eva said...

when finally released your solo album?

eva said...

when finally released your solo album?

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
Love the cross Shoes and the pants ! I have visit the site and they are so many beautiful outfits and accessories !!
You're lucky to have a cool weather at home you having 40 degrees at the sun and 33 degrees in the shadows ! I prefer have yours ! becuse here is very hot and stifling ! same for the clim is hard to ketp a good and breathly temperature!! send me you're and I send mine :p
Ohhh sorry for Mio !! I'm happy he's feel more better now !!
I understand you ! See a poor little dear like him sad is very hard and more for a mum !
Have a good exercices and a wonderfull day
With Love

Pinja said...

Just saw Kat Von D wearing very similar shoes, cool! ;)

Gary said...

Hi Anette,
It's been really hot here, 99 degrees F as I write this, and hoping for some cooler weather. Happy to hear Mio is ok :)

Cool shoes, boots, and pants.

lots of love,

Unknown said...

Anette ... I loved the pants! This style is very cool! Kisses and hugs!

Rebel said...

I was on your instagram few mins ago and your hair is brown just like i said! How do you feel in browns? If you wanna ask me I LOVE it! greetings from Poland! have a great weekend

AlessandraWilderness said...

Sooo crazy clothes =) wow!! I like them!!! The weather is not s good in Italy day it's too hot, the day after it rains or it's too windy, so the sea is restless and bathing is impossible sometimes :( Oh poor little mio...he's been strong anyway =) big big hug my dear!!! :*