Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Different hair colors

Hi all!

And first of all - THANKS for so many who wants to be in the raffle! Fun! I´ll pull two winners tonight;=)

On saturday I´m doing a hair make-over again. I am so tired of my hair and my pale and tired nursing face need some fun hair so I´ve decided to do a real make-over. To make my coloring choice easier I´ve taken some photos of me with darker hair, crazy red hair and then my normal hair. It´s good to do this to see where your features appear best, where your skin looks best, your eyes are looking best and so on. 

With dark, almost black hair:
here my eyes look really good, my skin looks paler but it suits the color. I look younger I think?

And in crazy red:
This color is not bad but it doesn´t suit me as much as the darker hair.My eyes doesn´t pop out as they do in dark. Look older?

And then with my hair nowadays. Medium blond with golden blond in the ends.
I look more natural and that´s nice too. But maybe boring?

When it comes to me, I know I look best in dark hair. It´s a fact and even my mum says I look better in that, haha! Johan always want me to have black and well, I like it too. The only reason to why I dislike it, is that I have to color my hair roots so often due to my own middle blond hair looking "grey" in my scalp and well, who wants to have grey hair?;=)

So let´s see what I do, but I am quite sure it will be darker again.

Give me your thoughts! And of course some other variations if you have some ideas;=)


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette
Why you not mixe Black and Red ?
You made all black with a little bit of red ?
Personally I like the 2 !
Good luck for you're choice
Have a wonderfull day
With Love :*

eskoplja said...

I like all hair colors you had :)
My natural hair color is between blonde and ginger. Now I have dark red hair (and I need to recolor it again)
I thin darker suits you better. Your beautiful eyes pop out :)
Maybe dark red or blue night (it's black-blue color which is really nice. It's has blue light on the sunshine :) )
I think you will look lovely with anything you decide :)

Ena :*

Nella said...

Maybe some dark red or red-ish brown? (like copper) :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear!

Most of the people I know always tell me your natural hair color suits you the best. Although I really like you with black hair :-) But I really like your hair how it is now.

I don't color my hair because I really hate the idea of coloring it every once in a while. That's why I prefer wigs. I can wear them whenever I want and I can put them off when I don't need it anymore. So I can wear every color I want without going to a hairdresser or to the shop.

I know some wigs are really expensive but if you count... Going to the hairdresser or you go to the shop, it's also expensive. Most of my wigs are between 20 and 40 euro. It's really hot in summer but I really love it and it's really handy!

Hug and loats of love!

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear !
for me I prefer you in blonde and black hair but no red hair !
ps me too I change many times my color hair ;-)

Kaoru said...

I like you with black hair the best. I don't know why, I just think it suits you more than any other color.

Magia Gelada said...

Hello dear Anette.
I think you look great with all of those colors but I vote for black hair.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Annie! Good morning!
Hope you and the boys are wonderful!
Hmm,I'm facing the same dilemma! I'm a natural blondish,very light brown and already had blue black hair,red hair and now chocolate. Even though I have to stay blond or light hair colour because of my brows that are actually blond, I love darker hair. Would love to go back to the blue black I had. And I think this colour suits you better too! It really makes your eyes stand out and gives a good contrast with your pale complexion.
From time to time I like to go a little crazy on my hair too,I get sick of the color and the shape.
Maybe darker hair would look good on me too? With the white blond bangs? Hmm,think I'm gonna try...hehe
But for you, even though I love red and blonde, I believe darker hair will be perfect! Gonna look gorgeous! =)

Have a wonderful day, dear!
Love and hugs from Brazil,

Bru :)

Océane said...

I prefer blond, the blond you had in 2009 was PER-FECT!
When you're darker its cool too but I personnaly prefer blond. Im surprise when you say you prefer black hair cause few months ago you wrote you felt "you" when you're blond as its your natural color.
Why not blonder with some pink? You love my hair like that so why not on you?! It combines your natural color with some crazy colors! Sounds great to me!

Cant wait to see the results!
Love & Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Hello dear. I hope I'll be the one to win the photo =).

About your hair, you are beautiful in anyway, I think you can look good even without hair haha but I prefer to see you in black. The black hair combines with your white skin and your green eyes and so you look too great. Think Johan has a great opinion about.
The red hair looks fun too, but the black one is the best EVER!

Have a nice day,


IsaWolfheart said...

it's me again ^^

do you have to try a brown color hair ? not too dark like a black .


Babsy_NW said...

Hi Nettan,

Well, tough choice :). If you're tired of your natural colour, maybe you should give black hair another chance. I think you look beautiful and your eyes really stand out.

Hmm, red hair ... not a very good choice in my opinion. But what about ginger? It would look more natural. What do you think? :)

Much love and hugs <3

Unknown said...

Hi Anette :-)
I like your blond colour but...
I think in black you looks like "rocky princess" and I like it very much!:-D
so your blond hair are nice but black is more crazy :-) other colour? maybe black with blue locks :-)
have a nice day dear
hugs, Radka

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Why do you not try the brown hair ? It's darker but not really black.
Like this colour :

Have a nice day
PS: I'm so surprised that so many people wants to participate to the raffle ! Do you have more visits the raffle's days ? Or it's just that everybody comments ?

Queen of Sadness said...

Hello, Anette! :)

I agree with you, you definitely look younger with black hair, it really suits you. Even though, black tends to make people look older, you can really pull it off :).

Have a nice day!


Francesca said...

You look gorgeous with both black and blonde hair :) it's all up to you!
Anyway, your eyes look so much lighter with dark hair...and your skin looks so pale, which I love!! :) I think you could try to dye it black again!!

Unknown said...

Hi dear, how are you? I hope everything is ok with you and your family :)
You're beautiful with every colour, but I think that black hair is the best :) maybe becouse I have black hair too ahah :D
Have a wonderful day!
Kisses :*

Yanna said...

You look really great with blond hair and dark hair.
I do love red hair more than anything esle ♥ (probably because I have my hair is red).
Maybe if you make your hair in black, you could had some red parts inside :)
Can look great.

And you'll look young anyway :)

Unknown said...

Hi, dear Anette! I think you look good with any color hair :) but with black, long hair you look simply gorgeous ;) although long hair need more time to care and sometimes laying :\

Unknown said...

I'd like to see you with dark hair again ! It suits you so well =)

Anonymous said...

Black looks really great on you, Anette! You look younger (not that you are old, but you know what I mean ^^) on the pictures from 2012 when Imagiaerum has been released. I think black or dark hair suites you better than everything :)

Anonymous said...

Like the second photo. Why don't you mix both variants? It'll make you younger than simple black colour :)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
well I love to discuss about hair... ;-)
Other variations: Did you think of brunette? I think it's the only colour you didn't mention... Or maybe you could colour your hair in one colour and do some highlights in another colour?
According to the colours you mentioned: I like the dark hair most too. I makes your eyes shine in a wonderful way which looks so beautiful because you have gorgeous eyes.
And about the grey hair... ;-) Well my mum and I always solve this problem by using a colour which washs out after some weeks (don't know how this is called in English but I think the description is good enough)... ;-) There are some products which can be used very easy and which is less work than the colouring.

Hope this was useful for your decision.

Enjoy your day, my dear, and lots of love for you,
Steffi :-*

Vilma said...

I like your current hair colour but I think that dark hair suits you very well! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved you with your dark hair, nad didnt like when you went to blonde. Now I love your blonde hair and am not liking the dark look! I also think you're going to have to change your style around to fit the dark look. But the real question is, which does Johan prefer? haha

Love from Chicago


Anonymous said...

Black hair really suits you best! :) You can still change it back afterwards, I'd go for it if I were you.

eva fliesaway said...

Hey Anette,
nice you wanna her our opinions! :)
in my eyes, I would choose a very very dark brown or black. it makes you eyes shine the brightest, you look younger - it suits you best, I think. And the best is that you don't look pale when having black hair. Most people do this when they dye their hair black, but you don't ;)
Wouldn't choose red anymore, it doesn't fit your eyes that well.
I like your blonde hair but I think you look best when having it dyed black!
Black beauty, hehe ;)
Hugs, Eva

Mattia Vismara said...

Hej Anette!
I really love your blond hair, it's typical from Sweden but not so typical in Italy, that's why I like it so much! Keep being blond!

Unknown said...

You really look a bit pale with blond hair, and (because of your eyes) black hair doesn`t make you younger at all. I think something between ginger and light-brown will suit you, will make your face more fresh. I hope you`ll find your new style, dear :)

Unknown said...

Hi darling
I see you look great and that's good
I like all the options since I had all the colors in my hair ;) and now I'm wearing red hair
For you I like dark hair or maybe a combination of black and red that would be fun
Either choose will look great I can't wait to see the final decision
Take care and lots of love to you and the boys

Iita said...

Black hair! You really look younger with black hair.

migi said...

Hi dear anette, i'm very excited because of the raffle. Haha
Well i also like your hair black. You're right your eyes looks great with it. The red is like what i have at the moment. Would it be the first time that you have your hair red? What disturbs me is that the red turns to orange very fast or some kind of copper. Especially in summer. What about a dark brown? Blond... Well you look sweet with it. Our anette.;) but if you want to make something different, i would say a bit darker would suits you well. Have a nice day dear anette. And big big hugs as always

Anix said...

I prefer you with dark hair. It's a color I love and on you it looks fantastic!

Misi said...

Come back to the dark side! :) Honestly, I think you can pull of any hair color. The darker colors really makes your eyes stand out.

I really like this site:

it has lots of cute ideas for hair and make up. I am in love with this style at the moment:

Can't wait to see what you come up with! have fun!

Kriszti said...

I don't think you look older with red hair, but I have to agree it doesn't suit you as much as the dark hair and doesn't bring out your eyes as much. You've had your natural blond hair for a while now and you said you want a makeover, so I'm voting for the black hair. You're always beautiful though, so I don't think there is a wrong choice :)

Ever Dream said...

Hi dear Anette!

I've always liked the darker hair colour on you the best, but what I truly most liked was that hair colour you had back in the day in 2008 when you and NW performed in Kaisaniemi pre-Tuska. It was a bit darker brown with some really nice reddish stripes or something. It looked so amazing!!! I like the black too though. I am a redhead myself but not originally. My real hair colour is almost the same as yours and I know the root-thing.. But I love my red. I've had it coloured red since I was ten years old. :)
Have a lovely evening and I sooo hope that you will pull me tonight in the raffle!!

Orcrane said...

Hi Anette!

Did you thought about an ombré hair? Keeping your natural color then making an ombré red or pink?! Or making a dark color with clearer ends?
Good luck with your choice, can't wait to see the result!;D


TheDeadUnicorn said...

I think black hair suits you the best.Though,I did have a little heart attack at the thought of you going red again:I'd love that!Both red and black are really strong colour,that make your eyes pop up.
I was thinking,maybe dark orange?Like,not Hayley Williams orange,but something darker/more brownish?I was about to suggest dark purple/black as well,but I seem to recall you had some purple,for a short time.
But then again,you look great any colour,really.

Ever Dream said...

Hi again,

I found some pics from the gig. It looks pretty red in these photos, but it is really beautiful and looks so great on you!! Here is the link.


Hartwall 2009 blonde:) or your current hair, black depends on de way you wear it cos you look so diff at start of imaginaerum tour compared tk start of dark passion tour

Lawri said...

Go as dark as you can! :D You look lovely in black hair!

Janina said...

Hi Anette!

I must say, in my opinion you do look the best with the medium blonde. Maybe you could add some red strands to make it look more "tougher"? I think that would suit you very well!
I have to disagree with you when it comes to the black hair. You looked young with it on the promo photos with Nightwish, but I think it looks too hard on you when you don't have any make-up on etc. So I would way stay with the medium blonde hair and add some fresh red strands. :)

Have a nice day and I'm excited to your decision!



Svanhildr said...

Hej Anette! I think you had a nice idea, sometimes a good hair change can boost the mood quite a lot.

I think as well that you look at your best with dark hair, it just makes your eyes shine :) perhaps not a completely dark hair, so it doesn't make the skin look too pale. I also liked the color you chose some time ago, I think in Summer 2011, with that purple/reddish color that was so fresh for the Summer. What about a main dark hair with some purple/reddish ends or hairlock?
Whatever you'll decide in the end, it will surely be inspiring and a nice turning point.

It's also nice to read about the studio and the birth of your new songs.

Take care and have a nice evening!

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous with different colors of hair!
But, on my opinion, black hair suits you best ;) Maybe with red, pink or purple strands! And yes, with black hair your look younger and skin looks paler.
Have a nice evening!
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Anette!!

I definitely think that dark brown or black hair are the best for you!! You look extra feminine and sexy with dark hair and I think your Johan will agree with me! ;)

I know that our age we have to deal with the grey and even me who is a dark brunette, I have to dye my roots every 3 weeks. I used to try dark auburn but when the roots were coming out, it was like grey, auburn and dark brown... Issshh!!! ;)

Now, being a black hair lady, I really like it and it doesn't make me look older!! ;)

I think that black will be perfect for you. I can't wait to see what you will choose!

Take care!!


XxBriannaxX said...

Dark hair dark hair dark hair!!!! :D you look so lovely with it!

Lana said...

To be fair, I like your hair red. I've alwas loved the striking colour difference between blue eyes and red hair (my hair is dyed bright red, but I have brown eyes) and I think it suits your skin tone perfectly. Adds a bit of lively-ness aswell.:)

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
I very like a natural colors of hair and I colored my not very often. I prefer darkest colors like brown, black, but for me these colores are good ;) What do you think about "redhead" but in color like that not total red ;) This color is crazy and beautiful and I think you will be look greate in this one ;)
So I wish you a nice day and evening, lots of hugs and kisses :* :* :*

Unknown said...

Hello, Anette!

You have a great look on the 2 photo where we can see black and red hear together. Maybe, you can make dark hear with some red locks? It's a bit crazy but looks nice!
Wish you to choose your color=)

Forever Yours,

Unknown said...

Firstly, I didn't take part in the raffle, because I already have a signed card :) so one more chance for the others!
I would go for the good old blonde, since it's your natural hair colour. And I loved your hair and your look in total when you performed in Bale (2009). I thought it was more "Anette-like" than when I saw you in Stuttgart (2008) :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,i hope you are fine!
The dark hair suits you great!You do seem younger ;)
Best wishes,

Betty Blue said...

Ha ha, I know that problem with the roots and black hair. I have brown hair and dye it black, and the roots always look grey. That´s really horrible. But hey, it´s worth it ^^
Or maybe you try a mix or red and black? I had this some half year or so ago, it´s pretty nice. Although I think you and your mum and Johan are right - black is the best choice :-)

Nora said...

Maybe black? After being a cute blondie for a looong time you should try the black hair my opinion you look gorgeous with dark hair. :) Have a nice evening, my dear. :) Can't wait for how you look like after your makeover. :) ;) xx

Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,
A make-over is always exciting. I like to change my colour and play with it too. Only limitation ismy job, which does not allow me to go very crazy.
You really look good in black, but also with copper red, I remember. Now, why don't you choose a darker red? I have a very nice colour at home, waiting for me to apply it. I think it is called "black cherry". I think it would suit you as well.
Plus you could have some lighter highlights in it! It would be so much fun!
Medium blonde is nice, but kind of boring, I think.
Will you keep the length?
I am so much looking forward to see the result!! ;-)

DreamerGirl131 said...

I vote on the dark one too :) the red looks pretty unusual, and unnatural to me, the dark one and the blonde is definitely better :) so, go black hair!! :D

Soffel said...

I agree with Johan. Back to black :)
But I like the blond, too.
Hugs, Soffel

saskia said...

I love you hair blonde or dark.
Have a nice day

Escapist said...


I think you should go back to the dark hair. Of course lucky for you, you're one of those people who can pull off any hair color. :) But I think black/darker hair suits you very well.


ItInsane said...

you always look gorgeous with a dark hair, this isn't meant that be a black hair ;)
A dark hair, that's my vote!!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! In my opinion _every_single_color_ suits you very well (cause beautiful blue eyes and skin color) but would be magical to see you darker again :P

How about sliding or dipping color...? Maybe with some distinctive detail (for example dark purple to the hair roots or vice versa)?

rainy said...

I think you look beautiful with darker hair :) Not really black but maybe dark brown :D
Blond is great too- if it's close to Your natural color it looks really nice :)

Khaos86 said...

Hi Anette!
Black hair forever ahah why don't you make your hair black with a lock of red hair like in the DPP time? You'd look great :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi dear
I like your long hair. No matter if it's black or blonde.
You have such beautiful eyes, no matter the hair color too. =)
for me, these are your best hair.
and if you do not want black and blond. It may be dark brown.
well, I do not know the color name.
but this is here.
I think this woman so beautiful
you will be beautiful with that too. =)
I'm so tired and don't remember some words, so sorry for my bad english. Haha
Hugs ♥


Unknown said...

Ah I love dying my hair. And it's also already grey at the roots - and I'm not even 18! (I used to have dark brown hair but dye it red)

If I had your hair color I'd dye it pink haha. But well I think black suits you best. :D

Dalma said...

Of course I would say red but not this really red red but that simply red red. :D

I absolutely love black when it comes to anything, and I really liked when you had black hair. But I also don't think you are worse with your original color.

But if you really want a darker hair, what about black with a few red highlights? :P

I_want_my_tears_back said...

I have some blue colour but i think sone voilett can look very good....if you don't like take please black! :) looks so pretty

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Nettie!
I think the black is you colour for hair=)

Vivien said...

You may laugh, but until the day I saw your pictures with Alyson Avenue, I thought that dark-brown is your natural color. It definetly fits you. I remember that times when your hair were long and wavy. I like that style very much. And your eyes look beautiful with it :)
Some people say that color of hair it's not just feature of style, but expression of your character features too. But I don't know is that really true. Just think, in which of that styles you feel the best. As for me, I vote for dark one)

Unknown said...

I think that the dark colour suits best in your hair.
You're right, it makes you look younger and your
beautifull, green eyes get more seen with the dark
colour. :D No offence, but don't choose the red one.
It just doesn't look like you and your style. Though
I like red-heads. :) Still, you make your choise and
this was just my opinion.
Hälsningarna från Finland <3

Unknown said...

I like the black one. Black suits you so great and the eyes shining like stars than :-)
Maybe you can take black with a other color in it. It looks so great with the purpel in it. I like that at you. :-)

Unknown said...

I vote for black/dark :D. you look good whit blonde and red hair too but somehow black hair suits better to your face

Christina said...

Well instead of black (which surely you look amazing with), you could dye them a warm brown maybe? Or if you want light, I think the shade you had in th 'October and April' video was better than the one you have now, it was lighter, wasn't it?! Copper red suits you too but not as much as dark colors or blond..! :)

SuperCherie said...

Hello Anette! I can't deny either that dark hair suits you best :) It is the best for your eyes and the shape of your face. Also it makes you look younger than blond hair. But I don't think that really matters :) I don't think it really can be defined what should or does certain aged person look like. But I still think you have treated your body well and look much more fresh than some other people in the same age :)The red hair is also challenging because it can fade easily and needs to be re-coloured. Maybe some reddish-dark(brown)?

Songmaker's Cry (Mandy) said...

You are honestly so pretty, Anette, that you look amazing in any hair color. However, I do feel that dark hair suits you best. I wouldn't go too black. I think a rich mahogany color would be beautiful on you. Maybe a little darker than that, but still lovely.

Marekos said...

Do what you think is the best for you, but it is a well-known fact that dark hair makes people look older ;) You're looking good with your blond hair. Greets from Poland :D

dorak said...

Hi! :)

You can pull any hair color, you lucky one. Not many can do both blond and dark. But I must say I absolutely loved your hair like this:
Reddish brown. So fresh and sassy!

Enjoy your makeover. :)

FAQing Amazing said...

yeeeeeees!!! you look so much better and younger with dark hair!

you should definitely consider this options, it doesn't have to be only black or only red:

1. maybe chocolate? i think this is a very elegant color and it has a sexy vibe
and the good thing is, maybe the roots are not that bad with the contrast. another good thing is that if you don't really like it after a few days, you can dye it over with black.

2. the ombre style
I have this but the cool thing is, it's brown and the ends are light purple ;) a friend of mine also has this but the ends are blue. there's many options to play with this style.

3. everyone knows how you look with black. i had this color when I was a teenager and it absolutely rocked: it was black but with a purple-ish glow...

You'll look gorgeous no matter what, though!

Many kisses

SirenNemo said...

Hi Anette ! Personally I think every color suits you! But the one I really loved was black! And I remember I was at a festival when you were in Nightwish and you had this very very beautiful brown color! But as said every color suits the pretty ^^ I also think that red would look great on you! :-)

slacky said...

jag tycket att blond är den bästa för dig :)
Cheers frÅn Italien :D

Gemi said...

Hey Nettie, I love red hair, in my opinion is crazy, very sexy and daring :) For a singer its perfect! :D

I´m blonde, but I want a change, im boring! :( I want to have red hair, what do you think? My mum say that im crazy because with red hair I´ll have to dye every month but... i love red hair.... what do you think about this Nettie? Thanks in advance because I need some opinions!

For you, i like red or dark hair, you look beautiful! :)

Karin said...

Hmmmm:) Dark is really good on you , but I know what you mean about the roots... But you are right about your eyes with that colour :)
Blonde is also good, it is not that bad if the dark roots come out, a little bit....
Red is fun, but it is so hard to keep that colour "fresh. It fades so fast, and need to be "updated " really often ! You know what I mean :)

I have had all those colours: red was nice , but got tired of keeping it nice... Black, or dark brown was a disaster :) I looked so much older , and it didn't suit my skintone at all.
Now I am blonde, and happy with it . Can change the shade a little bit once in a while, depending on time of year :)

Good luck with your makeover! And you know , and we know , that you will look soooo good!
It is so really admirable that you take good care of yourself . You like your clothes, you work out, you eat healthy... You are an inspiring person , Anette :))

Fay said...

I really like the dark hair but I can remember the dark red hair and I liked that as well.. Like here

And I really like you with black hair. But blond suits you aswell! Every color suits you!

Choose the color you feel most comfertable with.


morwen said...

hi anette nice beautiful :D.
from chile.

Black Crow said...

Hi, dear Anette!
I really want to see you with dark hair again! It suits you perfectly, I think! It would be really nice, if you change your look by coloring your hair in black :)

Anonymous said...

You are one of those people whose hair looks good blonde or dark :-)

Though if you are having trouble deciding on a colour then the advice I give, and I have given this advice to people before who can't make their mind up, is simply to stick with their natural hair colour :-)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
This is a Hard Question. You look in all three Haircolors good.
I think you can wear brown haircolor too:).
I think you were look good with dark Brown hair with light brown streaks or another one;) The same with Johan too *whistel*

Have a nice day, Nalon.

LindaS said...

Hi Nettie,
I think you look beautiful with yur blonde hair.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi anette, How are you?
i like the second picture because i think the dark and red color would be a nice look for you,
i mean dark hair with red highlights.

If you want a look more natural you can try a dark brown hair.
I had black hair and now i wanna be redhead but the black is not easy to remove, that's what i say that maybe you should try dark brown and so it will be easier for you when you want to go back to being blonde.
You can have green hair and still be beautiful because for me you look great in every hair color.=)

Have a wonderful day with your family, take care.

Hugs from Colombia.

Katy Marie said...

Try medium or dark brown. Your roots will come in less noticeably as brown has less of a contrast with blond than black does. You can do a medium brown with black lowlights, too, to darken the hair without such a noticeable difference in the roots area.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
This is my first time writing to you :)
I think you look amazing with black hair. I'm pale too and dark colors are more helpful hehe. But if you really want to try something new maybe you can:
* Try a dark brown
* Stay blonde and just dye some locks in black.
* Go black once more (but not too black) and highlight it with a crazy color!

I can't wait to see the final result...
Greetings from Mexico! :)

Dark Kitten said...

Hello Anette!
Well, I like your current colour. I like the dark hair too, you look really younger. And maybe dark red hair would suit you.
Take care;)

Unknown said...

you know grey hair picks up colour very well. my mother ends up with bright colour where her greys are.

and who says you have to have all your hair 1 colour? ;)

The Escapist said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, I have always liked your dark/black hair best! :) And if you get bored and want colour you can have red on some hilights, like when you had the purple one. It was really cool! :)

Courtney said...

You look great in all the colours, but I really do love your black hair.
I think it would look good with red highlights as well but that would probably take more dying and maintenance than just the black.
Hope I could be of some help!

Anonymous said...

I always thought black suits you the best, but now you are to pale for that so it will only make you look older and ill. You can try brown haircolor. If you dye it dark brown it will look just like black, but it will be more natural and perhaps better. Or maybe you can dye it light brown. It would also make your eyes pop and the roots wouldn't be so tragical. Like this:

I also always liked how you look like with auburn hair and it wouldn't be so difficult to have as fiery red.

Can't wait to see what you'll choose :)

Rosana said...

Black hair is Great! What do you thing about black and purple? or another color :) good choice!

Karoliina said...

Hej Anette!
I used to think that dark hair suits you the best but I think the hair you have now is the best hair you have ever had.
Its looks very nice as it has grown and you dont need any extensions even and it looked amazing at the pictures taken from the stage when you had your last solo performance.
The "ombre" dye looks both edgy and natural.
But if youre bored then I guess you have to do what ever feels best.

I do have one suggest how ever: a copper redish ombre, you havnt had that before! ;)

SM said...

I agree with Océane said...

"I prefer blond, the blond you had in 2009 was PER-FECT!
When you're darker its cool too but I personnaly prefer blond. Im surprise when you say you prefer black hair cause few months ago you wrote you felt "you" when you're blond as its your natural color."

Unknown said...

mmmm, yep, dark hair makes your eyes look brighter/deep,
and suits perfect for your skin tone, but you will look pale...

Mix Black & Red, Blonde & Red...

this is black & red or ''Raspberry'':
Another Black & Red Variation :
Like Manuela Kraller :
Something Like This :


Some Raspberry :$T2eC16F,!)cE9s4PsM5tBRIwqZKG+Q~~60_35.JPG

vesna said...

Hey sweetie,
if you're bored with your haircolor, why don't you try some hairchalk, it's not permanent, for example kevin murphy's color bug, it's really popular these days ( i've order the cheeper version and waiting for delivery to play with it):

either way, you'll look beautiful


Unknown said...

nice <3

Unknown said...

Hi Annette!!!much love and kisses from Greece I really love your dark hair but I believe that blonde which is your natural is very close to your amazing characteristics!anyway I have the same problem here but black is dificult color and cannot change easily to another and blond__too much paint!i think that you look wonderful any color you ll choose :-D