Monday, July 01, 2013

Studio yesterday;=)

Hi all and happy monday!!

Yesterday I went to the studio and me and Nicklas recorded a new song I wrote lyrics for last week. This song is really good and we both enjoyed playing around with different harmonies and vocals and the best thing with working solo and doing my own music is I can play producer too;=) And me and Nicklas is a perfect team!

I put a short snippet in my Instagram, here you also can listen;=)

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MusicOfTheNight said...

Your voice is so beautiful, Anette! I can't wait to hear the whole song!
Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linnea-maria said...

Får gåshud! Det låter riktigt bra :D

Unknown said...

Anette ... it seems that time is your friend! The more he spends, the more your voice is beautiful! I am very happy and excited to see how all this will be. Kisses!

Unknown said...

<3 glad that made it onto the album. i can't wait to hear the rest of it. :D

Anonymous said...

I love it already! So beautiful as always! :DD

Black Crow said...

Very nice! I really want to hear your solo album! :)

Unknown said...

Your voice is amazing <3

Carol Misokane said...

Hello my dearest one..
Uau, I don't have words to describe what I felt when I listened to the song. Is a kinda sad song and I love it, melancholy and pain are part of me and everytime I hear about tears come to my eyes.
I hope you can write much more lyrics and record too many songs and release them as soon as you can because I cannot wait anymore =).

Love, Carol

Henk said...

awesome! can't wait to hear it all!

André Verwijs said...

NICE..!!!! :) you have a amazing voce...!!!


AlessandraWilderness said...

Woooow....I can't wait!!!!!!! =) =) thank you for these pieces of your songs in advance!!

Jasper Blindcrow said...

You sing very nice in this recordings. But for me - the best thing you ever sang (I'm not shure, if I wrote it correctly, me english is o bad!) is 'Scaretale', but 'Falling' totally blowed me away! It's an awesome song, and I hope, it will be a huge hit in Sweden! And I've got a question to you - would you record a part of vocals for my solo project? And how much you would take for it? I'm playing something similar to Nightwish, but in a bit lower tuning (Drop-C) and heavier I think.