Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy birthday my dear Nemo;=)

Today Nemo has his 3rd birthday and how time flies!!! 

Such a big boy now, full of energy and a fun adventurous boy with lots of courage and self esteem;=)

So a HIP HIP HORRAY for my dear NEMO today!!!

Love you til the moon and back, my son;=)


Océane said...

So touching!
Happy birthday Nemo!
Im sure he is having great fun today!

Love & Hugs to him!

Betty Blue said...

How time flies... He´s been the youngest kid so long - and now he´s a big brother to Mio ;-)
I wish you all a great great day with lots of nice presents for (not so little anymore) Nemo and lots of fun for you all!

Unknown said...

Anette ... Congratulations Nemo, Anette's cuteness! Lots of health, vitality and child's play! God guard and protect. Kisses and good luck!

rainy said...

Happy Birthday Nemo! <3

Farandra said...

Happy birthday to Nemo :)

Unknown said...

Aww, congratulations!
Happy Birthday, Nemo! =")

Carol Misokane said...

Oh Nemo, happy birthday little angel.
It's scaring how time flies, I remember when he was born in 2010 and it seems like it was only yesterday.
I wish him all the light of the world. May his life be always full of love, caring and light. May the wind always blows to the right direction for him and may God send all the angels of the sky to bless and guide him every single day of his life.

Love, Carol

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Happy Birthday sweet dear Nemo!
Hope your cute son has a wonderful 3rd birthday, Nettie. Please kiss and hug him from me. :-)
"Love you til the moon and back"... hehe, that's something my mum and I always said to each other too. Very funny and nice that you use the same expression, made me smile when I read it. :-)

Have a nice day with your loved ones, my dear.

Steffi <3

eskoplja said...

Such a sweet message :)
Happy birthday Nemo, have a great day ♥
I have a little gift on my Instagra page for him :)
And the picture you posted is freaking awesome :)


Ena :*

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Happy Birthday little Nemo !!!!
I wish him some beautifull moments today. A wonderfull new year !!! Best luck ! And a fantastic life !
Hip hip Nemo !!!!

Micha said...

Damn already 3 years gone by?

Happy Birthday to him and a happy and healthy life

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Nemo :-)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, dear Nemo \^.^/

Have a wonderful day :)))


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to him!!Many blessings and best wishes~

Fabio M. said...

Happy birthday to Nemo!
May he have a life full of joy and good music around. Well... I'm sure of that! :P

All the best!

Unknown said...

Yeah, the time goes so fast!
Happy Birthday to Nemo!!! All the best to him:)
Love to your family :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nemo! :-)

I wish I could be 3 again! :-D LOL! :-D

HIP HIP HORRAY for Nemo! :-)Happy birthday once again! :-)

MM said...

Happy birthday to Nemo! Such a big boy!
BTW! He shares his b-day with b-day of my father! Ha-ha!
Lots of love and send him kisses from me! <3

Gary said...

Happy Birthday Nemo!!! Yaaay!!!
Lots of love,

THK said...

Big congrats to your Nemo, wow, 3 years already. :)

Unknown said...

Happy bday to the little one! I just came here to say I've missed you. I've been so busy with work that I almost don't surf on the web, so there's almost 0 time to come to your blog and see what you're doing! Hope you're doing well.

Many kisses and hugs from Brazil.

P.S.: You know, I have a Tumblr and it's one of the only things I get to do when I have some free time at work, and I enjoy making some fan-art and some gifs of you, so if you have some time, just look it right here: http://the-infallible-empress.tumblr.com/tagged/anette+olzon. Anyway. (:

Taaja said...

Happy birthday to him! :D

Gocha960 said...

Happy birthday Nemo :)

AlessandraWilderness said...

Happy birthday Nemo!!! oh, 3 years already, time flies! =)

Beatrix said...

Hope the little man had a wonderful birthday! :) I wish you always be very happy Nemo! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your little Nemo! :)

But I have to ask you about something, too. We're translating Nightmail to a Polish website and have some problem with it. Here's link for a screenshot of what you said there: http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/7356/qwdn.jpg
We have the problem with the second sentence - we can understand it, but when we started translating, probably found a little mistake. Could you check it for us? We'll be so thankful.
Greetings from Poland

Unknown said...

aww... I can't believe that you son have 3 years old.. I remember so good when you were in Nightwish.. and you son have a such a awesome name.. Nemo c: I like it c: oh.. and btw habby b-day for you son c:

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi dear
happy for Nemo.
I wish much happiness in his life. =)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday nemo ^^

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, and happy birthday little Nemo.
3 years already!!
Have a wonderful day,all the best for you.

Emmanuel (FRANCE)

Unknown said...

Happy B-day to dear Nemo :-*

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful baby boy, he will become an exceptional man!

LindaS said...

I wasn't able to get on my laptop yesterday, so today I wish Nemo a Happy Birthday. I hope his day was fun! That cake you show on Instagram sure looks yummy!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Nemo!

July said...

HB Nemo!!

A cute little boy like him deserves the best of the world!!

Henk said...

Happy Birthday to Nemo! Love, health and best wishes!;)

simmy said...

Happy Birthday, Nemo!

Laetitianne said...


How are you? Happy birthday in late to your dear son!

Few years ago, you had said that we have a heat wave when you're pregnant. It's true for the third times! Over 35 degres in France!

Have a nice evening!


Unknown said...

I know this is a few days late but Happy Birthday to Nemo.

Jasper Blindcrow said...

Happy birthday Nemo! Sorry, for commenting long time past, but I didn't have connecting to internet (snow storm :(. But best wishes of luck, and health of course. Long path before you!