Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For those who cant open my vintage blog for some reason? Here you go!

Hi all,

This sweater was used on stage in Moscow in 2012. Cool to use in every day or with leather pants for a party. Studs are not real so you won't hurt anyone;=

Fabric is cotton and studs are in a rubber style. Studs around the shoulders as well as the neckline.

Size small/medium and quite long and not slim.

Since this is a stage item I will let you bid on it with a starting bid of 30 Euros plus shipment. If the price ends over 100 euros I pay the shipment.

I also give parts of the profit to charity and I have chosen CHILDHOOD. I enclose a CHILDHOOD bracelet to the package and also some goodies from my time in NW.

Happy bidding and to bid send me an email at

Please note that the bustier worn over is NOT for sale. It´s only the top underneath I am selling.


LindaS said...

Hi Nettie...will you ship to the U.S.?

Fay said...

I want to bid but when I send you a mail it said it can't be deliverd

Unknown said...

Linda:; Hi! Yes, I can ship to USA;=)

Fay: Weird! Did you write
I have gotten lots of emails so seem to be working... try again!
Kind regards Anette

Fay said...

I did try it later and it worked. You allready answerd my mail but in the blogpost the i was missing in pippi. So that's why it didn't work.

Thank you!

LindaS said...

thanks Nettie. Now I am able to bid when something I really want comes up!