Monday, February 04, 2013

Windy monday

Good evening all and THANKS so much for all your kind and warming get better wishes for Nemo;=)
I think they helped cause now tonight, he even had energy to jump a little in the couch! Kids are amazing! The moment they get a little medicine they just forget all about their illness for a moment and I love that spirit! When I am ill, I am quite whiny...hehe! But maybe me too was like Nemo when I was a small child, I guess the innocence in children are so much bigger than in us adults.

After having mainly just been sitting holding him in the couch and kissing his hot forehead all afternoon, I went out to get some more paracetamol and some rosehip soup for his little tummy.

It was really windy outside but still, I love to get some air! I also visited my church, Mariakyrkan, and lit some candles and took some photos for you. I´ll take some more of the altar next time, didn´t want to disturb the praying people there today.

Here´s the smaller prayer room where I lit candles. You can also write a prayer in the book standing in the holder, if you like. 

This beautiful candelaber is hanging above the candle holder

Chairs to sit when they have lunch prayer in the daytime

Not the best photo but the windows are beautiful

Then I took some photos when walking to the pharmacy and the grocery store too:

Our City Hall seen from the other side than the one I´ve shown you before

At 3 o clock every afternoon they have a cute carillon (glockenspiel) that plays different songs for us. You can also get married in here if you do not want to get married the Christian way, in the church.

This photo shows one road that takes us up from the walking street towards the hospital, our big Arena and many other attractions. You don´t see it from here, but it´s a LONG road upwards which will give you a good exercise;=)

The nice greenish house has a great coffee place called Kopi, with the best coffee in the city;=)

Then, this is the other way around, going down to the walking street again. 

And I just had to take a photo on these cool Marc Jacobs glasses in the window to Synsam. Look at the ones in the right lower corner! My God, sooooo cool;=) Like Dame Edna!

And then, for those interested, my outfit for the windy day!

My dear warm cap on my head;=)

A skull scarf from Gina Tricot

A dark blue eye shadow on my eyes

My new lovely top from Zara. Love it!

And then my dear leather pants from Hunky Dory that I´ve had on stage in Russia for instance;=)

 Now a movie (again, hehe) for me and Johan;=) We LOVE watching movies as you can see!

Sleep well my dear angels and sweet dreams and again THANKS for your kind get better wishes for Nemo;=)


Katharine Rv said...

I just want to say that you're a great mother, Anette. And it's true. :)

That's really nice to know that little Nemo feels better. HOpe he will get well soon!

Good night and sweet dreams! ♥

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics! I love the architecture of churches, I find them really beautiful and peaceful :)

Betty Blue said...

Great to hear that Nemo is better!
Yes, children are awesome. They have so much more energy than adults... I wonder when and how we lose this energy.
I can´t really sleep, can´t stop thinking at the m oment plus I´ve been feeling sick all evening long. Guess I´ll go for a movie too ^^
And sorry for weeping so much in the comment section of your previous post, I just felt so horible at that moment...
Sleep well!
Love, Betty

Océane said...

What a lovely town you're living in :)
And when the sky is blue im sure its perfection :)

So whats movie for tonight?

Im feeling sooo tired since I left the hospital today, slept 3hours this afternoon...and still feeling sleepy!
I tried to eat whats recommended (between 150gr ans 180gr of mashed food) but I couldnt eat more than 50gr, then felt bad. I dont feel ungry but so thirsty! Thats the worth thing and as strange as it could sounds, frozen water is one of my fav drink! So I miss big big glass of very very cold water :(

Tomorrow and for 3 weeks a nurse have to come everyday for daily injection, which is quite annoying :/

Well have a great day and Im so happy little maestro is feeling better! :) hope he'll sleep like a baby!

Enjoy the movie,
Love and Hugs

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Nettie, I've liked this post and all the photos...a little trip around Helsingborg =) Those sunglasses are so crazy :D Maybe I wouldn't wear them but they are so nice anyway!! =)oh, I remember those white pants!! The top is very nice and singular! =) I'm glad that Nemo is getting better!!!!! Yes, children have an unbelievable strenght and energy!! And tomorrow he will get even better!! Goog night and good movie to you an Johan! Sleep well!! kyssar :*

Unknown said...

OH MAN ;( i see i am a little late but here it goes hope you get better really soon little nemo, been ill is horrible but damn seems like kids are stronger than adults haha when i'm sick i'm like atention family that might be my last words haha and look at little nemo, super high fever in the morning and jumping on the couch in the evening haha gotta love kids =) hope you're ok dear and damn your city is just lovely :) i don't even talk about the city hall because i work right in front of the city hall of my city and i don't wanna be depresseve when i see mine tomorrow haha and your windy outfit looks really cool and loved your makeup! now good movie to you two and again best wishes to little nemo.

Anonymous said...

Hi anette!, i hope that nemo get well soon :)
I love the stars!! ^^ i really like your outfit and the red glasses are cool.
enjoy your movie, sleep well

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette!
Your city looks really nice. I'd like to visit it. And I just love cities by the sea :) hehe
Today we had more luck than you with weather. We had a really nice sunny day and it was quite warm.
You're beautiful. Your make up suits you, because you have beautiful eyes.
Good night you too.
Best wishes (again) to Nemo and I hope he's better now.
Hugs to all of you and one extra hug for Nemo ♥

Lisa said...

Hello Anette...I'm happy I found your blog! First, glad to hear your little one is feeling better tonight. Also, congratulations to you and Johan on your next little one that is due soon. I had the absolute pleasure to attend both your shows in Atlanta last year, as well as the show in Columbus, OH(USA) and your performances were wonderful, so thank you for that. I feel lucky that I saw you when I did, and am pleased to learn that you are going to work on your own music in the future. You look so pretty in the photos from your performance with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, and you sound great on the videos! You are a delight :) Take care and best wishes~

Karin said...

Good that Nemo is feeling better! As you said; kids are so amazing:)
And tbanks again for your photos, I really like to watch them, and I had a small "morning-laugh" here by myself when you mentioned
the Dame Edna-glasses :)

I have to mention : I have a few months left of my studies, and I am now working with children with different disabilities, in school. I really could'nt imagine when I was younger, that I will be working with children someday! But yes: this is the best work in the world, the children are just so wonderful small personalities: every single one of them!

Give Nemo a hug from me !

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette

Glad to hear, that Nemo is getting better.How are you? I saw your gig with NW in Vuokatti, and I`m still
so happy with it. Your voice has a soul...Hope we`ll hear your music in future

Rebel said...

The city looks really nice. it looks sooo pleaceful and beautiful :) take care :) have a lovely day

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,

You have a beautiful church in Helsingborg!
I love to go to church, there reigns a calm and peace that can be found nowhere else! It is soothing and feels good!
Personally its always funny while entering a church that was of great importance in history, it is almost as if we were suddenly reject in rear. We think of hundreds of people who are coming. The builder and the wonderful job they have done with so little means he have! And windows! I love ... This is so beautiful!

I'm glad Nemo goes much better!Is so hard to look a little sick :(
You're beautiful you're top! He is so funny & class
Enjoy you're day

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that Nemo is getting well ;-)
I go to the church and light the candles also ;-)
This church is very beautiful!! And I like this City Hall. What a wonderful city Helsingborg!
I love your outfit! You look lovely, as always ;-) Thanks for the photos!
Hugs ;-)