Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated Mother´s day here in Sweden and I am so happy to be a mother to 3 lovely boys who give me so much joy as they do. And I am so happy to have my own mum who is so special to me and I love her so much=)

Mothers day was a lovely day with rehearsals with my band and also celebrating my mum with a nice big flower and a gift.

But the lovely sunday were darkened when I saw that so many countries had so many voters who voted for racist parties and nazi parties.

I can't even understand it? Have these people forgotten what happened not so long ago during the holocaust?

Really, what´s happening in  Europe at the moment?

Sad, sad to see this happening….


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

I had to vote too. At least I voted on the right ones. I voted for a better nature! The same here in Belgium as in the rest of Europe: they all vote for a racist!

I'll be so happy when I can pack my stuff and (hopefully) live my life in America...


Hep-Hep Steff said...

oh, you're so right to say this. i just shared it on my fb aand i said i could translate if needed (most of my friends don't read english, sadly)....
i live in one of these countries, unfortunately. i could say that the bigest winner is abstention: 57% of the voters did not go. and i must admit i'm one of them.... not because i don't care i do. but i'm tired of going from the left to the right to the left to the right and again and again.... there is few political parties who are out of this, nor left nor right but with a wish to change things. the intelligent one here is called nouvelle donne, with the widow of stéphane hessel and people like this. they scored 3,5%. this give you an idea of how it will not change. i'm simply disgusted to see this again and again, and two years ago i learned my lesson, when the prez who was sold by the medias won. now the medias and the french people haven't still larned anything: they talked a lot about the front national (nicknamed by some f haine, i hope you understand the pun).... they bash and trash a lot about the left wing, the right wing is just a big joke (although not a funny one)... and people like the ones in nouvelle donne? well, no one cared about it, nothing in the medias, some people who haven't even learned about them..... and here you go! the racist ones are the winner! i'm ashamed to say that in bretagne, traditionnally on the left side, is now on the right one and with the front national the third ones....
you're right, people have forgotten the holaucost. worst than this, we have people like dieudonné, with his racist and antisemitic humour is doing more damages, and yes some people like him. the nazis had their arms stand up, the dieudonné followers have their arms stand down (its called quenelle), the shoah is talked as a fraud..... scary!
and in france, we haven't even learned the 2002 lesson, when jean-marie le pen (her daughter marine is the actual leader of the extreme right wing) won his ticket for the second tour of the presidential election!
thank you for what you said. i wish more people could be as sensitive as you, this world would be a better place.
love & kisses from st malo <3

Micha said...

I was shocked, too.
After all these killings and murders how could someone vote for such an unhuman view of life?

I am afraid this will take a terrible end...again

Lucinda said...

Yes, France is one of the countries. People are just tired of their situations, they just want things to change, and even if it won't be for the best, well at least maybe the parties' actions will make other parties aware of the shit people have lived in for many years now.

Herbst von Winter said...

Nationalism is not nazism.
But you can see now how the actual party (for example in usa and etc.) support and sponsor the nazis in the ukraine.
No more double standards, please

Pascal said...

God kväll, Anette! :)

It´s good to know that you had an enjoyable day on sunday :).

And about the other topic, me too, I don´t appreciate and support nazi and racist parties. If people have forgotten what happened during the holocaust... either that, or they never had any history lesson, OR they simply don´t care, I don´t know. But no matter what, this is really no nice thing.

By the way, I can tell you, I´m so happy when I´m through all exams this week, but so far it goes well I think.

Anyway, I wish you a very nice evening now :). Take always good care!

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
It was a really really sad news in France sunday night... I'm not proud of my country since this election and I feel suspicious with my friends, colleagues... And I really think that the 25% of frenchs who voted for this party are stupid and amnesic, and the 57% of frenchs who didn't go to vote are also stupid...
I'm afraid of this movement in France :-(

Unknown said...

Ciao Anette..well..i'm proud to say that in Italy the left wing anti racism party won.It has been a big birthday present for me!You can find racism and intollerance where ignorance and stupidity lives..even here there are some very small parties of the right wing that are racist...i hope they will remain small and will disappear soon in the future.

Unknown said...

Ciao Anette...well..i'm proud to say that in Italy the anti racist left wing party won the election by far.That has been a big birthday gift for me!Even here there is a small party of the right wing with racist people,(idiots are everywhere!)but i hope they will remain small and disappear in the future...

eva fliesaway said...

Hey Anette!

Well, it has always been the case in history that people are more likely to vote for extreme parties if they are not in favor of what the current ones are doing.
As many people doubt the choices of Europe's financial politics, they don't mind if e.g. nazi parties have done or will be doing harm to people. All they want is change... I think that people so desperate often do not see any other choice, you know? :(
It makes me sad that there are people out there that are so poor, alone and desperate out there that they don't vote for parties that represent their opinion but simply want to change their situation no matter what.

I mean, I am from Germany and for God's sake, I would NEVER vote for NPD (the nazi Party). Never. I simply cannot forget the crimes that have been done here. I do not want to live in a country an extreme party has the might and right to decide. I don't share any of their opinions.

Well, I don't think all these people that voted for such parties suddenly turned racist, you know? I just think it is sad that people are desperate enough to act so.

Lots of love to you and your family,

Unknown said...

Anette ... the world is going through a strange time and is difficult to understand some behaviors. I believe that mothers can work much better for everything, making love is manifested most strongly in their children, that love for the things that are really important in our life. You always shows pictures of loving moments with your children and it's important for the fans, shows that we like rock, work, pursue our dreams and give all the attention that our children need, with love and respect for everything around us. Kisses to you, your mother and your children. Good essays.

Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie and happy Mother's Day. Is funny to celebrate the same date twice a year haha..and I want to give you my congratulations for your three lovely boys. May God always bless and guide them =).

About your question, I think the world is lost. The wars are back not only in Europe but all over the world. There is no peace anymore to take a walk with your children or to just think with your own mind, there is always a reason for people to want to kill you, to hurt you, everything is wrong and I'm afraid about the world our children will see in some years. Maybe we'll be still here or not, but whatever, this world has come to its end slowly everyday, it frightens me.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Anette ... I saw the pictures of the rehearsals and all look so happy! Having children is an art of nature and raise them well is a human art. Kisses and hugs to all!