Friday, May 10, 2013


Here´s my outfits the last two days:

For mum´s party I had this blouse and pants on from Stylein. Hair band from & Other stories

Red ballerina shoes from Prada:

Necklace from Forever 21:

Ear rings from & Other stories:

Ring YSL, bracelet Forever 21 and nail polish OPI´s Birthday Babe:

And yesterday:

Knit sweater from Charlie Joe, black skirt Gina Tricot, camo leggings, necklace Gina Tricot, boots Fiorentine Baker and butterfly belt from a small store in USA


Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!
Mio is very cuddly and you parace a girl in a skint and boots... is beautiful!
I'm learning Storytime, for me is a lock tongues, but I can!
Winter is coming in Brazil and I think I'll buy a boot like you.
Kisses and hugs!!!

Wall said...

The prada shoes are really gorgeous!

rainy said...

Love the second outfit :D

It isn't really warm in Sweden, isn't it? :D
In Poland it's like 26 degrees at the moment, soooo hot :D

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Love your outfits!
I hope all is well Anette!

Fay Valentine said...

Anette, I love your style!!

I HAVE TO give your blog's link to a friend of mine, you remind me her when I see your outfits!

But, I have only one question: where do you stock all your beautyful outfits? You must have a giant dressing (if it's right, I'm jealous!)!

Thank you to be so adorable =)