Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Two new a cappella videos in my official Facebook page=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, it's lovely to hear (from) you :)
i already saw your videos on fb, since i have the notifications for your page... i loved them both! the two-voice one is great, and i would have been with nemo, i admit. ;) but i loved the abba one, and one of my fav as well! there's only one i love more, the day before you came... but don't make me talk about abba or it will take hours! i'm a bit more fond of agnetha (i have all her solo albums after abba, and some before or during the band, includes a cd in swedish import - sung in swedish of course. great version of sos, i even love it more than the abba one! too bad i know nothing about swedish language...) see, i told you that i could speak hours about abba, lol!
last but not least, i hope you haven't forgotten about the paypal link, for the necklace... i'm counting the days, and on friday i'll finally have my money... at least, something on you vintage shop that i love, could afford and (most important) that i could wear as well... i love this necklace up to the point that i have the first pic as a wallpaper, lol
i hope you're ok, lots of hugs for you, and kisses & love to share with your family <3

Anonymous said...

When I first started going clubbing 15 years ago ( I don't do it as much these days ) the night always ended with an ABBA medley. Thank You For The Music was always the song to finish the medley and I have memories of an entire nightclub drunkenly singing out the words of Thank You For The Music before staggering off home at 02:30 in the morning ( sometimes later ) :-)

Though I'm not suggesting for a moment my favourite lady Viking that you sounded drunk with your own personal rendition of that song as it was very nice indeed! :-)

Hehe... still no Storytime by Nightwish though? :-) Well, as well as that, seeing as you're now doing ABBA songs Anette, may I request Disillusion, Dream World, Ring Ring or my personal favourite Fernando? :-)

Have a nice evening! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i woke up with thank you for the music and it's all your fault, lol :D i'm trying to clean my mind with agnetha's a (i'm in love with i was a flower... it would fit your voice nicely, btw)
i cganged my pic on my google/yt account, i hope you wouldn't mind that i put your first photo of the lovely necklace... it's my way to tell you i support you. :)
kisses & love for you and your family <3

Pascal said...


I watched them and I can say it´s really amazing work again, on both of them :). Both are songs that I too really like and well, especially the video of "Bring me to life" was really fun but I think you did great with those two voices. I could imagine to hear "My immortal" from Evanescence by you, but I guess then I would collapse in front of the PC, because that song in its original version is already so sad and you manage to give those songs even more emotions. But it would sound great, I have no doubt on that.

And I´m also looking forward to merchandise, those shirts you posted on instagram look really beautiful :).

Kramen och ha en bra dag Anette!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

I hope you are well. I really like these a capella videos you've been putting out.

When I was young, Abba was the first music I listened to before I got into bands like Europe, Motley Crue etc...then, of course, later on came Nightwish, Delain, Epica...but, yeah. I also remember learning to play an Abba song on the keyboard but, I can't remember which song it was I learned haha.

How about an Epica cover since I read somewhere that you like Epica? :)

Anyway, all the best with your tours and merch! X

Henk said...

wow! bring me to life is amazing!

Unknown said...

Hey Anette would you be able to sing Amaranth? It's my absolute favorite song in the whole world and I love your voice in it :)
Think you are amazing by the way <3