Saturday, November 24, 2012

A wonderful day;=)

Oh, today I´ve had yet another nice day and it feels like my life now is just going in a very positive direction=) Nice and I thank for it and embrace it;=)

Me and Nemo had a wonderful, relaxed day at home where we both took a nice bath in the morning. Nemo, like me, loves to bath, and he always have so much fun and of course the bath room is soaking wet afterwards, but that´s ok=)

Then in the afternoon I lit up all candles and also decorated with some new ones, like this heart shaped one. Its a nice white heart shaped form which I filled with 3 big candles and when I took the photo it looks like a beautiful shiny heart, beautiful;=)

Then I took a book I started reading a while ago and put myself in the couch with my head against the window and the beautiful afternoon sky and just relaxed
I love the shape of our windows and they were one of the reasons I bought this place. They are so wide that I can sit there and watch down on the street and the people outside;=)

Then for dinner I made my own kind of Spaghetti Bolognese - Anette´s Bolognese;=)
Very yummie and I add carrots and cream to mine.

My outfit today is this: black top from Gucci and army jeans from Zara:

A cosy and relaxed day at its best and tomorrow me and Niclas, my dear friend and former colleague in Alyson Avenue, are heading to check out a studio we are thinking of buying;=) Exciting!

Enjoy the evening and when it´s time for it - sleep well!