Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Candlelight spirit

Good evening dear ones;=)

Hope your day was relaxed and nice in every way! Mine has been wonderful and the best thing today was that me and Nicklas has gotten ourselves a studio!;=) Wow! Its just so fun and I can´t think of anyone else I want to own a studio with than dear Nicklas. Now the fun begins!

Then I´ve gotten the nice things I ordered from Hemlängtan today and thanks to them for super fast delivery and wonderful things;=)

The wonderful x-mas candle holders in zink. It says X-mas in Swedish;=) This one is now in our hallway by our big silver mirror.

Here´s the wonderful silver plate I really love. To match it up I went to Indiska to get some nice candle holders and then the little owl could stay;=) I have this on the living room table.

Then the two cool x-mas tree balls are at the moment (awaiting the x-mas tree) in our plants in the living room windows. Also from Hemlängtan.

This beautiful swan was a new decoration in the mall today and it was so beautiful!

Todays outfit was this:

Sleep well everyone and sweet wonderful dreams;=)


July said...

Hi Anette!

The delivery was so fast, I'm really impressed! and thanks for tell us the meaning of JUL =) and that swan, full of lights looks incredible and even magic!

By the way, I liked your outfit because looks warm, cosy, rocker and very
feminine, as always say : you have a great taste!

Sleep well Nettie!

Unknown said...

U look so pretty today. Nice clothes:) And nice decorations u got. especially the candles. And good that u r having a great day. I'm feeling happy today, but bored. Something interesting needs to happen...

Karin said...

Hey, congratulations!! An own studio:) I can believe you are excited! Grattis !

I really like your style in clothing. I only have grey and black clothes, and a few white shirts... But now when I looked at those red stockings you have with everything else black.... It looks so great! Thanks ! Ii think I will go to the store tomorrow.... :)
And one more thing: you look good nowadays Anette. Healthy, fresh, young , and your body looks great! Do you still work out? Have you changed your diet or something :)
Take care!
....Imorgon kommer snön hit till södra Finland....
Kram, Karin

Sophie said...

Congratulations on buying the studio!
I don't think I'd got round to commenting on here yet, so I'll just say that I really like the new blog, it really suits you and seems more cheerful than the old one somehow!

By the way, I'm sorry if I've imagined this but did you have a lip piercing at some point? If you did what was it like getting it done, and did it get in the way of stuff? I'm half-considering getting one but I'd like to hear other opinions first :)

Best wishes!

Eleonore Saiga said...

Good evening Anette !

Very nice Christmas decorations ! Have you already got Nemo's et Seth's wishing list ? :)

I hope we will have snow here in Switzerland for Christmas ! Do you already have some at the moment or not yet ?

Enjoy your evening,



Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
This swan is lovely! The JUL-thing as well. As I said once or twice before, you up there in Scandinavia just have the better x-mas-decoration. Have to have the better decoration, since you have Georg Jensen and all those great designers ;-)
Congratulations to your studio! Sounds really great, it must feel so much different now to own a studio... I´m curisous what kind of music you will do now. Really curious. Hope I´ll like it ^^
But what happened to your legs? They look so incredible ... thin ... I hope it´s just the perspective, I was a bit shocked when I saw this picture...
Have a nice evening!
Love, Betty

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear
nice outfit you'r beautiful Anette ;-)
good night and sleep well dear

Andi said...

Hi Anette,

congrats to the new studio! :)

Really nice were your todays outfit. I love black and red. If I remember well you wore that earring also on stage, didn't you?

Sleep well! :)

Unknown said...

Have a good night, Anette.

And you look very pretty ;)


Paulo said...

Congratulations for the studio!!! I'm pretty sure you will have lots of fun there. All the best with it!
Haha, the girls talk about the clothes in their comments and the boys about the businesses. xD But I guess that they way it is. Have a great evening and rest well.

Mari said...

Congratulation to new studio owners!
I watched "We come in peace" today and I must say, those boys are really something else... :) I wonder how they survive alive touring...

Kriszti said...

Good night to you too! :) I was wondering.. Have you thought about doing covers for some songs? Just for fun. I think it would be awesome to hear you sing other famous songs. And you can do that, can't you? I mean anybody can do that, even random people so there would be no copyright problem, right? Just because you're a professional singer. Anyway, it was just something that popped into my mind the other day and I figured I'd ask :)

Elmas said...

Wow, congrats to both you and Niclas for the new studio! I hope it brings a lot of luck and exciting times to both of you!

Nick Rivera said...

Good Evening Anette! :)

Love the red stockings, they go greatly with your outfit!
Thank you for the lesson in Swedish. :) too someone who doesn't know Swedish they could easily mistake it as one letter away from the month of July.

can't wait to see pictures of the new studio and we shall all be waiting for some great music to be heard from that new studio!

Much Love and hugs.


Unknown said...

OMG, i'm so happy for you =) hope that everything goes fine and you have a lot of fun in the studio! congratulations on this new step and believe me i'm really happy for you you guys gonna work a lot and have a lot of fun too, nothing sounds better than that, right? haha well, had a nice day myself, for the first time in my life everything is going just fine, got home from work right know and a delicious home made food that my gradma did was waiting for me, the old lady is such a bless in my life! :) and you look nice as always, love the little baaaaag, so freakin cute! well my beautiful woman, hope you and your lovely boys have a good night, full of beautiful dreams =) see you tomorrow! <3

Unknown said...

my mom always says that you look like a dark girl but for me you're tha angel that lights my dark nightmares

Unknown said...


my mom says you look like a dark girl but for me you're that angel that lights my nightmares


mi mama dice que eres una mujer oscura pero para mi eres ese angel que ilumina mis pesadillas

Océane said...

Yeah your own studio! Sounds exciting!!!!
I'm really happy for you both, and so great you can do and own it with your dear Niclas! Thats perfect!

And what a super duper mega fast delivery! Above all when i think Im waiting for my bluray "we come in peace" since a week now! Ahah!

Sleep well!
Love and Hugs

LindaS said...

Hi Anette,
Your house must be so warm and cozy with all the candles and decorations ! And you look so lovely in today's outfit. Have you lost some weight, because you look so slim and fit! (not that you don't always look beautiful)

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello Anette ^ ^
Wow, loved everything on their new studio ♥_♥ Super gorgeous :)
And you look wonderful darling :)
Kisses and sleep with the angels =*

Anonymous said...

I love black and red together for an outfit. Looking great!

Nalon said...

Hi Anette,
The Candles look really cozy and warm.
The little owl reminds me (with his view) a little bit on Troy;P

And you look really fresh and relaxed.
And congratulations for the purchase of the studio.
Johan is because filming your performance? Are only a few days and I am more excited than you;)

Today i was walking to the new MacDonalds. This Macdonalds has a little MacCafé Inside. And there i was drinken a big Caffee with a yummie BlueberryMuffin and walking back.

And lerning finnish for my Lesson at Wednesday.

Good night / day.


Habe a nice Day

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! How are you today? Great news about the studio, you must be so excited! Hopefully that means you'll treat us to some more of your awesome solo songs :)

I really like the ornaments you bought. We have a huge store here in the UK called The Range which sells loads of interesting little art pieces for very reasonable prices. I'd buy everything but alas,I'm a poor student that needs to focus on bills and food haha!

Have a lovely day! James x
(btw I really like your outfit, the earings seem very festive ;))

saskia said...

the candles at the silver plate look really nice. and this little owl so so sweet. Great to hear you got a studio. have a nice day

Robermifernes said...

wow! you look pretty here :)
nice christmas balls and candles, I love candles.
What are your plans for today Anette?

It's 6.30 and I finish work in half an hour, it was so hard night.

Have a nice day!

eskoplja said...

Good morning dear Anette, how are you?
Congrats about getting a new studio! I am sure there will be done a lot of wonderful songs!
You look really cute, especially on the 4th picture. You look so gentle :)
And the new Christmas things are really lovely! The peace and star balls are so cute!
Big hugs to you

Ena :*

Robermifernes said...

wow! nice candles :) I love candles.
XMas balls are everywhere in the shops, but I do not have them yet. I don't like Christmas. I always spend this time alone so that's why this year I am going to work on Christmas Ece and Christmas Days..

I'm at work at the moment - it's 6.30 and I am lookin' forward to finish - it was hard night...

What are your plans for today, Anette?
Have a nice day! :)

Unknown said...

I bet you loved yesterday! Haha. Elize and me are going to stop cutting ourselves! If we want to we are sending you an email!(but I don't have your email adress so I'll give you mine first: sabinesharktale@gmail.com)

Well going to school for 4 hours now!


Unknown said...

*Freaks out because I almost have the same bag, only mine is fake*
Hello dear Anette!

Congratulations on the studio!!

the stuff you bought are looking great!

Seems like you have a really "warm" home..


Unknown said...

Now you say it... her legs do look really thin...?
Hmm.. I hope it's indeed the perspective.
Well, good day!

XxBriannaxX said...

Glad to hear you had a good day and so awesome you and Nicklas got a studio. You look very beautiful and I love you X-mas decorations,all so beautiful. Especially the swan,I like it a lot.
Goodnight and sweet dreams to you too

A few of my favorite things said...

congratulations with Your own studio. Good luck with new project and have a lot of fun and joy with that.
Have a nice day.

Serafim said...

Wow..Congratulations on your own studio! It's great and exciting =)
I'm glad that you had a wonderful day yeasterday) Has the rehearsal for the concert already been? How was it?
Thanks so much for all photos in this post. I enjoy them ;=) All x-mas decorations are amazing, especially I like JUL candales)
Your outfit is also awesome and I really like your clatch and hair-do ;=)
Hope you slept well,dear, as I unfortunately had nightmares that night =(

Have a wonderful day and Enjoy your family!:-)

Hugs and Kisses!

rosica said...

Hi Anette,
First let me tell you that every day follow your blog, but I'm too busy to write comments /English is not my strengths/.
The new blog I like a lot because even I do not write comments I to note that I like your post.
Congratulations to the studio. Now feeling free to work with people that you feel comfortable and to expose your full potential.
From posts I see now that you are very happy. Sorry if you go back to bad memories but I want to share my thoughts about your presence/absence in Nightwish.
Generally people always appreciate something when you lose him. You is a really put a new era for Nightwish, which to me I loved it. You bring a lot of elegance, feelings, fresh breeze and mutuality with the audience/fans. With a pure heart can you call "real storyteller" because except that you have a beautiful voice your weaved feelings in the songs.
You're wonderful. I'm very sorry because I like the music of Tuomas /although his act disappointed me/ and you narration this music perfectly. Certainly I like your music, for now I only know two songs, so I'm impatient.
I wish you successful performance on Friday.
Please give link after the event.
Sorry for the long post.
I wish you all the happiness in the world.

rosica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosica said...

Sorry for the double comment. I'm a little wool-gathering.
Hugs, Rositsa

Unknown said...

Rosica: Hi and no worries about the double comments. And thanks for your kind words;=) We learn from everything and everyone in life and I have learned a lot from being in NW, both good and bad things. So I take these years with me, remember them and now move on;=) And one thing I want to do now is to get back to feeling that music and singing is more relaxed and without so much stress as it has been for me. then how, where and so on I will sing from now on is still an unwritten chapter but I am sure no matter what, I´ll have a great and wonderful life;=) Take care and once more, thanks so much for your kind words;=)

Serafim: Hi and sorry about your nightmare, hope it will be better this night;=) No, rehearsals will start tomorrow so today I am mostly practicing my lyrics and so on and relax cause tomorrow is a long and hard day so need to rest. And the studio is great and so nice that my dear friend and me, once again, can work together. Like the circle is closing;=) take care now!

Magda: Hi and thanks;=) Great times ahead!

Brianna; hi and thanks;=)

Elize: Hi and thanks;=) I have always had really thin legs so thats how they look;=) I think my legs are the greatest asset I have on my body;=) Take care now;=)

Sabine; Hi! Or write me a comment and I´ll try and talk you out of it;=) Lots of hugs!

Robermifernes; Hi! Oh, I get sad cause you sound sad when talking about x-mas and its actually important to not only think of x-mas as a happy occasion since so many people do sit alone at x-mas and also so many are poor and cant get their children x-mas gifts. So I understand why many people do not like x-mas. I haven´t either before but now when I have my children I feel the x-mas joy through them and that makes me enjoy it more. I hope you too will find that joy for it one day;=)
And my plans for today have just been a doctors appointment in the morning and then I´ve practised for the show on friday and picked up Seth at school and those normal day things I do every day,=) Take care now

Unknown said...

Ena: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, i am thrilled about the studio and so nice we have a big place to record everything we want in;=) Take care!

Saskia: Hi and thanks =) Yeah, I love the candle holders, they are perfect and gives such a nice and warm feeling;=)

James; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, there will be a lot of music done in our studio;=) We are excited! And yeah, save your money instead from getting things if you are studying! take care!

Robermifernes said...

Thank you for yor reply and yes, you're right Anette. This year I will work all the 3days 'cause every XMas I spend alone so it's better to work than sitting alone and get down :) I don't think I will find that joy - damn, it's so complicated. But thank you :)
I am lookin' forward for your performacne, I hope I will have a chance to see it on youtube and I am sure you will make it perfect! :)
Greetings for Seth and Nemo and of course for Johan and for You :)
enjoy your evening! :)

Cristina Colella said...

Hi Anette!! my name's Cristina, I'm from Italy and I've been following you since 2008. Congratulations for your studio, Christmas decorations and clothing. You rock! I can't wait to hear your new songs!!

Unknown said...

Haha, okay, good to know. I never really noticed it, but when she said it I was like; "Hey, they are thin" but, thanks for making it clear. ^_^

And me and Sabine will do our best, but it's so damn hard not to give in to the urge of cutting.... :(

Have a great evening my dear. <3


Crissi said...

Hi Anette, I love the earrings. Have ordered it right now :-). Have a nice day. Crissi

rosica said...

I also thank you for everything. But I learned a lot from you. I mean so many things, but I hardly express in English / I'm Bulgarian, but in school I only learned Russian and German /. For me it is enough to know that everything I write is honest and with great affection.
Bye and again successful performance on Friday.

Unknown said...

My hips are covered in cuts now(5 on my left. Burning spot on the other) I couln't resist it. I bet I cut myself because of frustration and fear. I don't know exactly why I do this but I know I can't stop myself(I also had anorexia but I came out of it)

I hope you can help!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Anette, good to see your new blog to stop bulluying.
I hope you can publish more news about music.
A kiss and a nice day for you!!!

litaford said...

I always love your outfits, and you look really beautiful with the easy make-up :D

Unknown said...

July: Hi and yeah, they were super fast and thats what I like;=) So a good web store I can recommend! And thanks for liking the outfit=) Its as you say rocky and feminine at the same time and I love the skirt;=) Sleep well!

Rivka: Hi and thanks;=) Oh, you´re bored today? Well, we just have those days and I am sure the day after will be more interesting;=) Sleep well!

Karin: Hi and thanks=) Yeah, its just wonderful to have our own studio;=) Perfect for the future! And thanks, red is always fun to combine with black;=) I always eat better when I am at my home and also stress makes me gain weight easier, don´t know why. So now when I am at home and can eat healthier and sleep better I guess my metabolism just works better;=) Thanks again and sleep well!

Sofi: Hi and thanks;=) And thanks for liking the blog;=) And yes, I did have a lip piercing but took it away due to me always biting on it;=) It wasn´t painful at all to do it so go ahead and do it if you want;=) Sleep well!

Weronika: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, I know what they wish for and I know what I´ll get them for x-mas;=) Yeah, snow would be nice even if I will complain when it comes. Harder to walk and so on, but its beautiful too;=) No snow yet but they have said some parts of Sweden will get it this weekend. Sleep well!

Betty: Hi! And thanks =) I love Georg Jensen, all of it;=) And yeah, you´ll hear what we´ll create in soon time;=) -My legs are quite thin and always has been, so thats how I look;=) Sleep well!

Isa: Hi and thanks and the same to you;=)

Andi: Hi and thanks,=) I think I wore this ear ring on stage, so you´re probably right;=) Sleep well!

Jade: Hi and thanks and the same to you;=)

Paulo: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, I am sure we will have lots of fun too;=) And its great to partner up with NIclas again;=) And yeah, boys and girls do have some different interests (most of the time;=) Sleep well!

Mari: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, Pain boys know how to party;=) but actually its not all of them, just some;=)

Kriszti: Hi! Well, covers can be fun but its not something I want to do the first thing I do so maybe later on in life;=) I sang covers for many many years so I think I´ve done my share of that=) Well, if you are gonna release a cover you need to ask permission from the song writer so no, you cant just do it. You can of course play it live without any problems but for recordings you need permission, no matter if you are famous or not. Sleep well!

Elmas: hi and thanks;=) Yeah, its great to be partners in crime again, me and Niclas;=) Sleep well!

Nick: Hi and thanks=) I love red too;=)And yeah, JUL and JULI are very similar;=) Sleep well!

Kriszti said...

Oh I hope I didn't offend you with this! I think I had the idea because one of my favourite bands, Within Temptation has been doing some covers lately and they are so awesome. So I thought that it would be also awesome if you, one of my favourite singers did it too but I understand why you don't want to do it. I guess I'll just have to wait for your new songs then :) Really? So all those people who sing a song and upload it onto youtube for example, should ask permission? I wonder if the song writer would even reply if they did.. And you can play it live? How odd.. Or maybe that's just me. Nevermind then :) Thanks, you too and have a wonderful day tomorrow!