Friday, February 21, 2014

LIES is now available in Spotify;=)


Pascal said...

Hi Anette :).

I don´t use spotify so I didn´t know exactly how it works, but I wonder why they didn´t have it earlier, already since it´s out or so. But nevertheless, nice for those who use spotify and I have it since last week from amazon :).

I wish you a really nice weekend :). Lots of hugs!

Unknown said...

Anette ... everything is so beautiful! People will make comparisons and speculations until we get tired, but for their fans vardadeiros it does not matter. We're listening to your tunes without stopping and thinking all wonderful, congratulations!

littlemimo said...

Good morning Anette,
I'm listening your song on spotify since the beginning of the morning, and more I listen it more I love it ;)
For being honest with you, the first time that I listened Lies I don't really like it but now I really love it é_è
(I think I'll learn the lyrics and sing it all day like I did with Amaranth)

Hope that you are fine, you seems to be really buzy for posting news about fashion, cooking on the blog but I understand that.
And personaly I didn't find the time to take a nice photo of your dress...

Do you already know if you will go on tour with your album ? I hope that we'll see you one day in France !


Unknown said...

Cool stuff :). I'm one of those last people that never used spotify... I want to have the songs for real... cheers for the good review... I don't know, why he talked so much about how it could sound like Nightwish and Nightwish here and there, but anyway, he seemed to like it :)

Chris Delpinsky said...

I love this song! The video is also nice. Brava Anette, I think this song fits perfectly your beautiful voice. I liked you as Nightwish vocalist (sad you left..) so I'm glad to know about your solo album project! Keep up your great work, Anette. Soon I'll preorder your album for sure. Greetings from Italy. \nn/

Baker with Brainfog said...

Your vocals sounded beyond beautiful on this song. I will have to pick up your solo album along with the albums from Within Temptation and Sonata Arctica (seriously, 2014 is a field day for me in great new albums!)

Hope you are doing wonderfully. Wish I could have seen you in tour instead of Floor.