Monday, February 17, 2014

A lovely taste of pre-spring=)

Hi all;=)

Today it´s been a wonderfully beautiful day here in Helsingborg with spring in the air. 
+7 degrees, blue sky, sun and I even saw some spring flowers during the 3 h long walk around my city this morning=)

Took some lovely photos for you, ENJOY!


Pascal said...

Good evening!

Those are nice pictures, you live in a wonderful area Anette :).

Enjoy your evening and feel hugged!

Unknown said...

This looks really beautiful :). Spring arrived in Germany too and I'm so happy that there won't be snow anymore.
But it's still cold, sometimes it looks as if it would be 20°C but of course it's not :D :(. We'll have to wait... and I really need this weather to cheer me up.

Unknown said...

Hey Annette,
We would like to congratulate the Brazilian fans and the music video for "Lies", was a job very well done! The scenery was amazing, the music is very deep and true, and you were really pretty with long hair.
Brazilian fans are thankful for this moment!
With love

Anette Olzon Brazilian Fans

Unknown said...

Those are nice pictures. The weather is warmer where I live too.
I'm probably too late to comment on this but I liked your song and video Lies. Good job:)
Enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

We got some snow last Friday and all of the weathermen have been saying we might be feelin the spring temperatures this week, like 40's and 50's, but sadly mother nature is bringing rain, thunder, and lightning with her. We got our first taste today. :P

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do like spring daylight :-)

And this is completely off topic but just in case you were wondering Anette, and anyone else in here too, when I had my scan a couple of weeks back I was told I've got a new left inguinal hernia. This basically confirmed what I've thought for quite a while now as I know what the warning signs feel like from the previous right inguinal hernia. Before the scan I was seriously expecting them to tell me I've damaged the surgeons repair work on the right side which was operated on eight years ago. So I was amazed when the guy doing the scan told me that even though I've got a new inguinal hernia on my left side he could find nothing wrong with the right side. The constant pain and trouble I've had with the right side during the past few months has been tremendous. I can feel pain there now.

James Oakes said...

Gosh it looks so bright and pleasant in Sweden. Here in the UK it's miserable and rainy; If I'm not cold I'm freezing! I guess not being able to afford heating doesn't help either haha!

I wanted to share some photos with you, like when I shared the photos I took with Epica. This time I met Within Temptation and got to speak with Sharon (who was so lovely and enchanting).

As usual I look horrible in pictures but the band all looked great:

Me with Sharon:

Me with Martijn:

Me with Ruud:

They were all really warm and friendly. And they signed my copy of Hydra for me which was great! I drew Sharon a picture of Kurt Cobain because I heard she was a fan and she said she really liked it :)

If you recall some time ago you told me a story about how you yelled "I love you Sharon!" when you first met her. Well I asked her if she remembered and she said she did and that you were really lovely. I thought it would be fun to give you a message from her (even though I'm sure you're both friends and have eachother's phone numbers anyway). Well she sends you lots of love and wishes you the best of luck for the future :)

I hope it was okay of me to mention you and I hope you liked the pictures. I must say however that the person I would still love to have a photograph with is you since I admire you so much. Sorry for the long page of writing haha and I hope you have a lovely day. Best wishes, James x

PS: I can't wait for your new album! Lies is amazing!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Wow, what a wonderful world haha. Spring is coming and the world is getting more beautiful altough I love winter, snow, rain, foggy, etc..Here in Brazil we're still suffering with the summertime and I hope it passes so fast because I can't take the sun anymore, my skin is burning and my blood presure will thank when it's gone.

Have a lovely day.

Love, Carol