Thursday, March 02, 2017

Writing that bachelor exam=)

Hey all and happy Thursday!

I feel that my energy has regained after those dark winter months. I am so depending on daylight and even if i eat extra D-vitamines all winter I am still like a zombie all those dark months. Only thing I would like to change when it comes to living here is that it shouldn´t be so dark for so many months.

As you might remember I was beaten down and robbed last year and the trial was a month ago. This week I got the result of that and the person got jail for 1 year. So now I feel better and I hope that time in jail can get her out of her drug addiction and hopefully change her life for the better. We only have one life and it´s sad to see a person, so young, having done so many bad choices already. Sad and I hope for her best now.

Now it´s time to start working on the same thing I do every day now, writing my bachelor exam. Really fun and interesting but time consuming also=)

Oh and next week I start my new job and I am so happy cause it´s in the maternity ward and some of you might know that my plan is to become a midwife after my nurse studies so feels good to get in there and know more before I decide on if that´s the right choice for me or not=) I´ll be working there extra now and then all summer so I guess a LOT of babies will be delivered and for me, that´s a true blessing to be a part of=)

Here´s my specially designed new name sign for that and I decided to have pink and a little pacifier on it=) Suits the job, don´t you agree? I bought this from VÅRDVÄSKAN

And I also give you my latest OOTD, enjoy!  

 Love and light,

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

thank you for giving us the trial's result. i hope that year in jail will help you agressor to stop to be a drug addict...
on my own, i'm on the pocess of getting rid of some of my things, so my (bed)room could be better. it was so full of many things that so far i get rid of 67 big bags of books (btw, if you need strong paper bags, the ones in lidl are pretty good), and one big bag of dvd, as well as many decorative object. i still have a lot of things to enjoy, but now i could have an easy access to all my books and dvd! the cds will follow soon... i get rid of my horror books and dvd, minus a few ones. i gave away everything that left me uncomfortable as an empath... and i'm keeeping the ones with a positive, inspiring message.
good luck for your new job, it sounds exciting! and i love you name sign.
i'm sending you hugs, love & prayers <3