Monday, March 20, 2017



So, as you know I am studying to be a head nurse and I also work besides my studies as a lower nurse in the maternity ward. The days are filled with standing and walking and I really need good stability in my legs for that. 

So I use compression socks from VÅRDVÄSKAN

They are comfortable and you can get them in all sort of colors and prints and I chose stars since I love stars=) And these socks are also great if you fly often for instance since the risk of getting  blood cloths are decreasing by wearing compression socks.

See all the great socks and get your own pair here:

As a nurse I also need a good watch to count breathing frequency on the patients and of course check what time the babies are born=) This one is the one I choose and I love butterflies and the color pink so a perfect combo!

You can choose all sorts of colors and prints here:

Hope you´ll find something nice to wear cause for me, working is so much more fun when wearing some color and print=)

Have a great day!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i love your watch, where did you get it? i wish i could have one like this...

Ken said...

Never thought you would be anything but a singer. Glad you're happy! What does it say on your name plate? I don't speak Swedish.