Friday, March 03, 2017

Finally Friday!!

Hey all!

Oh, finally Friday is here and I am happy that the weekend is here=) 

Yesterday I did a great 75 min spinning class where we use hear rate monitors and it´s such a good way to exercise cause you get a good grip of where your limits are. I´ve taken this class for 6 times now and the difficulty has been to get the "right" max pulse for me since this is very different from each individual. I have a very low resting pulse, 48, so I´ve had to decrease the max pulse and yesterday finally I got the right one=) I have now put the max to 165 and with that I hit appr. 94% of max during the session. Tonight it´s another session and it´s called Finland-Sweden with some Sisu. Here Henrik, the leader, play songs from the two countries and we guess what band it is and so on and it´s a fun session where we also use monitors.

When I was around 20 I did spinning a lot and now I understand why I loved it so much! It´s damn sweaty, hard and a great cardio which is important to mix my crossfit and functional training with=)

This afternoon I am also having coffee with my best friend from my teens, we have regained our friendship and it´s just so fun to be able to sit down and talk about what has happened in our lives these past years=)

Here´s also my OOTD from yesterday and many liked the golden kimono which is a super nice thing to add to the outfit or just stroll around in at home feeling like a very rich person, haha!

In the weekend I plan to be with my family but also hit the studio on sunday recording some choirs and some missing pieces in the songs we´ve recorded. Fun to hear the songs getting more and more set and Jani is such a great sport to work with and he writes amazing songs and lyrics.

Love and light

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like you had a nice day, yesterday... and great choice with that golden kimono!
i wish you a good weekend with your family, hugs & love from the bottom of my heart <3