Friday, February 03, 2017

Back or forward?

Hey peeps and happy Friday!

Well today I want to write about that thing when people should let go of something. And I mean especially my time in NW and all that happened.

I still get requests to talk about that situation in magazines and interviews and I also get requests to sing NW songs in concerts.

For me, I was so damn angry when it all happened and a long time after as you know. Nothing weird about that, its like a divorce and the stages to go through are sadness, anger and then finally acceptance.

Today I am not angry or sad or anything anymore and therefore its for me strange why I should talk about these things again, when for me, it doesnt matter anymore.

I am happy and content with my life I have and I know how sad and down I was the last years in the band. 

So when these interview requests show up I say that I dont wanna talk about those things anymore but of course the journalist want to. So that´s sad cause then I wont do interviews.

For me, dwelling over the past is no use for anyone. Can we just move on? They are at peace, I am at peace and thats great. Leave it be, everyone!

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i wish some people will hear what you said with that post. i could understand the ones who wants some nw songs, the two albums you recorded with them are quite good.... but for the interviews, that's another story. i would be tempted to tell these people to make love with themselves, in a less polite way....

Unknown said...

Thats true. I think the people should understand that when you say I want not talk about this things again. What happen is happen and that was very sad, but know we are here and you take your own way and so the people have to asked you about that. Take care

Elvenpath said...

Yeah I understand you're tired of people frequently asking you about NW, they should get rid of that, both you and NW are better now (well, at least personally, because I really disliked the new NW album), and the same goes for Tarja. Sometimes is not nice reading or listening to the interviews because it's notable that you're not comfortable with those questions. I would love o hear you sing those songs again, but if you don't wanna so, I will respect your decision. I wish all the people would do so, especially the interviewers, they often don't respect the artists.
I'm glad you're happy now, and wish you the best! =)

Mirna_333 said...

You're awesome and mature about this. The fact that Teoy mentioned you, in a rectn interview, in an unpleasant way says a lot about him.

Rock on Anette, we love you xx