Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A new book

I just ordered this book that is a book with exercises for newly become mothers with exercises and so on. Olga´s blog is one I follow and she is a great inspiration since she is a mother of 5 children;=). She also has worked as one of the Personal trainers in Swedish Biggest loser.


linnea-maria said...

Jag kan knappt fatta att man kan vara så snygg efter 5 förlossningar. Hon är verkligen inspirerande!

Dalma said...

I'm happy you've started blogging again. It's good to 'hear your voice'. Actually, a few weeks ago I solved the problem so now I can like and follow you on Instagram, too. =)
I was your 1000th follower. =)

I've just watched a great video and I thought you'd like it maybe? The dancers are from my country. =)
Here's the link. =)

I wish you a wonderful evening,

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! how are you? I feel not good. I'm totally sad and full of sorrow. my sister is currently very impertinent to my mother and is now running away from home. my mother is crying and has only sting heart. I'm worried total. currently charged me so much. I'm being bullied at work. then here at home and also this month is so hard for me because I was forced to abort pregnancy three years ago to a well. I'm so not really clear. it's just too much for me. I cry only and hide myself. what should I do? :'(

Morgane said...

Do you know if it cones in English too? I need to find myself such a book or dvd for after i give birth this summer, I've put on way too much weight already ;-)