Wednesday, April 03, 2013

1 week;=)

Hip hip horray for dear Mio who is 1 week old today;=)


Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray for Mio! :-)

Only one week old :-) Life has barely started for Mio and he's got so much to experience in life that's waiting for him :-)

I'm 34 and tomorrow afternoon at 16:00pm I'll be having a new experience :-) It'll be my first ever time I'll travel in an aeroplane :-) And my first ever visit to Prague :-) The 2nd time I've ever been abroad :-) I'm going for a few days :-)

Regarding the aeroplane it's the taking off bit I'm feeling a bit wary off as I've heard your ears pop. So I'm taking some boiled sweets to suck as I've heard that makes it not as bad :-)

Hip hip hooray for Mio once again! :-) And I'll see you Anette and everyone else next week! :-)

Bye for now everyone! :-)

Nalon said...

Hapy 1. Week B-day dear Mio:)

migi said...

hi anette, how are you and your little angel? Oooooh how sweet his little hand. Thank you for sharing the photos here. I'm so happy for you. Hey and what about the proud daddy :)? Have a nice evening. Big hugs as always

Betty Blue said...

I wish you all the best, Mio, and congratulations to your first week with your amazing family!
How do Seth and Nemo get along with little Mio? Nemo still in love with him?
Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us, Anette!
Love to you, Johan, and the boys :-*

Beatrix said...
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Daxtirsh said...

When will we finally see his face ? :(

AlessandraWilderness said...

one week has already passed...time flies!! a big hug sweet Mio!! =)

Unknown said...

Hello!I'm so happy!You both look wonderful!!And he's so big!I'm happy also because Mio sounds italian..the word means "mine"(not the place where miners work, but "something or someone who belongs to me..:-)
it's a real privilege for all us that you decided to share such a personal thing,all your emotions during the waiting with us,This is something we do with friends or dear ones,so..thanks again for keeping us informed..:-)I wish all the best for you and your enlarged family..ciao!Fulvio

eskoplja said...

Already one week old! All the best to the little one. And that little adorable! How are you today? I hope everything is fine. Big hugs to you and to the boys.
Take care

Ena :*

Unknown said...

All the best to you and your beautiful family :) x

Taaja said...

Time really flies fast.. I can't believe it is already a week since birth..

I hope you are both OK!


Sophie said...

Hi Anette!

First of all, congratulations!!!

I didn't post anything before because I forgot I hadn't done that...oops... I hope you feel better soon after such a surgery :) Mio does look super cute in the pictures and it's hard to imagine that we all were this small :D

Have a nice evening!

X Sophie

Andi said...

Happy first week-birthday dear Mio :) I hope you like our world ;)

Anette, are you recovering well?

and Tom: I wish you a nice flight! Don't worry all will be fine. I was also scared the first time, but it was a nice experience. If you leave your mouth a bit open, then you ears wont pop. Tell us afterwards how it was :)

Good night everybody!

Sophie said...

Hi Anette!

First of all congratulations!

I didn't post that before, because I forgot that I hadn't done so ... oops. I hope you feel better soon after such a surgery. Mio does look super cute and it's hard to imagine that we all were so small once :)

Have a nice evening!

X Sophie

Serena said...

Cute! How are you?

Océane said...

Happy weekday little Mio!!
Guess youre in heaven :)
Hope everythings fine and youre recovering from the surgery!
Wish you all the happiness you deserve dear.

Love & Hugs

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Happy 1 week Mio !!!! :D

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Hip Hip Hooray for Mio :). I´m still so happy for you Anette. Thanks so much for giving us the possibility to congrat you and to see how your new baby will develop. Say him all the best for me, please :).

Take good care of yourself now, dear Anette :).


rainy said...

Hi Anette!
Sorry, I haven't posted anything for a while (so many exams and so on...).
First of all, congrats, I'm sooooo happy that everything is ok!
Mio is such a nice name :D
He looks so sweet!
Hope that Nemo and Seth are "in love" like I am haha :D
Sleep well!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for little Mio! :)
Dear Nettie, before Mio was born you had promised to retell in details everything about c-section for those who will ever go through it. Please tell us this story when you have time :) You know I want to give birth to children with a help of c-section and it is very interesting for me to know what you felt and how you still feel.

Rosana said...

Congrats Mio!! happy one week haha wow so cute litle boy .Hugs Anette sleep well.

Lina said...

Aww, happy one week, little one! And to Tom, happy birthday, fellow Aries! Hope all goes well on your first plane ride... Chewing gum as the plane is taking off and landing helps with the ear popping... :-)
Lina, USA

Anonymous said...


Cheers Andi! :-) I'll follow your advice and try keeping my mouth open a bit rather than the sweets :-)

I'm not sure if I'll have internet access when I'm in Prague but I'll definately tell you all how my first flight was when I return to the UK next Monday :-)

Hip hip hooray for Mio again! :-)

Sleep well Anette and her family, Andi, and everyone else here! :-)

Jade said...

Hi! I'm one of your biggest fans across the ocean in Canada. Congratulations on your newest addition :)

Unknown said...

Aw He's so small :3 Could you hug him for me? He seems so adorable :) Lots of love from Australia <3

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice Lina! :-)

Though I'm actually an Aquarius as my birthday was in Feb! :-) hehe! :-)

At this moment I'm waiting for a taxi to take me to the train station :-) Then from the train station to the airport :-)

Hip hip hooray to Mio, Anette, and her family! :-)

See you next week everyone! :-)

linnea-maria said...

Åh vad sött <3. Han luktar säkert sådär mjukt o gott som alla bäbisar gör :)

Unknown said...

Happy 1 week Mio and family!

Hugs X

July said...

Heyyy Anette!

Mio looks so healthy and I think he's taller! I'm very happy for you, I bet you are a very proud mom! =)

And oh my god, one week!! the time goes so fast. Ohhh and I saw the pics on instagram and you look very adorable with your little son.

Enjoy of these beautiful moments with all your family!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I just wanted to say that I can´t write comments from tomorrow on until sunday, since I´m at a metal festival on the weekend. On sunday I´ll be back and then I´ll write again :) I wish you and your family a great weekend with hopefully a good weahter :). Here it´s still not warm, but the sun comes out more and more.

I will miss your blog at the weekend, but in my thoughts I´m with you Anette, always :). And on sunday evening you´ll read again from me :).

Take good care of your self please and see you, dear Anette :).


James Oakes said...

Heyy Hunnie, how are you feeling? Must still be pretty tired after all you've been through huh? It's insane that already a week has gone! They grow up so quickly haha! I bet you're excited for little Mio to say his first words too (or maybe it's a little too early for that still lol?)

I have to ask, is it strange not being pregnant anymore? By that I mean does it feel weird not having a big belly infront of you?

Have a lovely evening! Hope everything is fine with the little one. James x

Party Poison said...

Hey Anette, and congratulations on the birth of Mio and happy 1week to him! :)
I was just wondering, how do you say his name? Do you pronounce it like "Mee-o" or "My-o"? I'm kinda confused over this :P
Many happy wishes to you, the baby and your family!

Best wishes,
Cathal in Ireland :)

Unknown said...

Gratulerer med lille Mio, håper dere har det bra! <3