Monday, April 22, 2013

Todays pick


Micha said...

Oh my God! more than 500€ for an (sorry) ugly pink bag an shoes?

They must be insane!
How can they justify such a high price?

Unknown said...

Micha: There is always someone paying for anything if they like it and have the money. And taste is different;=) Take care!

Océane said...

Hey Anette! =)
I really like the shoes from & other stories! And I wish I could have the sunglasses, beautiful!

The sneaker are cool and the pink bag too, perfect for spring & summer! =)

Its been sooo long since I bought clothes! But even if I've lost 22kg, I dont to buy anything now, maybe at -30kgs =) The only things I buy are leggings cause they all are to big now, and shoes for the coming summer =)

Hope you had a great day, so I wish you a wonferful evening with your loved ones!
Oh and I had the worst nightmare ever, I dreamt you died in a car crash (someone announced it on your blog) and I coulnt stop crying, thinking of your 3 boys. It really was awful :( When I woke up I was shaking, I went straight away to your blog and PUH a new post! ahah!
Apparently when we dream about someone death, it extends the life of that person! I hope I did! héhé!

Love & so many hugs dearie

Unknown said...

Hi!Any one can waste money and be fooled by fashion makers in the way he likes..i agree with you Anette..nothing wrong with it..but i think that bags producted by chinese people working day and night in secret factories,underpayed,making some entrepreneur rich)not paying taxes (like Dolce & Gabbana..they are deferred to judgement herefor taxes evasion of millions of euros)producing bags worth 25/30 euros and sold in boutiques at 550.00 euros i think is immoral.
Nothing wrong(again)for me to dress in a elegant or trendy way...but i don't like people always trying to show off their economic power and wealth and to demonstrate that they can afford that bag or that garment.This is often what they have in mind..and goes beyond the quality or the beauty of the product.So..Micha..i' agree with you too..i think that bag is terrible..but maybe for 15 euros i think it could be sold..:-)

LindaS said...

I like the shoes and the bag, but wow $1,600.00 (for both) is just way high in price! Actually that is 2 house payments for me lol !
But hey, if you like them and have the money why not?