Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interviews for Finnish media

Hi all,

Sorry for my absence but all my time goes to studying for my exam saturday=) But soon I´ll be back again!

Here´s two articles from Finnish media you can read while I study,hehe!

First an interview for Finnish Costume:
Someone was kind to make an English translation so here u go;
Anette Olzon sells her clothes – huge demand surprised her
Nightwish's ex-vocalist Anette Olzon sells her old clothes because storing them takes too much space.
Anette who released her new Vintersjäl/Cold Outside -EP last week worked as a vocalist for Nightwish in 2007-2012. During tours, the singer bought new clothes almost daily.
– I had to have a different outfit for every concert. That was my thing. My wardrobes filled up because I used the outfits for that one time only, Anette told to Costume.
Anette noticed that there was demand for her clothes and many fans wanted their own piece of their favourite singer. She founded a blog called Anette Olzon's Vintage Store in which the singer presents the products that are for sale.
– I sell a part of my clothes for a second hand -shop located in my hometown Helsingborg. Many people have said to been asking after my clothes. I was gladly amazed by the popularity of my clothes. I have sold some of my clothes in a vintage-shop in Copenhagen. I sell a lot of practically new clothes, because I've used them probably once. I sell a lot of products from brands that you can't necessarily get for example from Australia.

And from Finnish Seiska magazine:
Someone made a translation so here we go;
Anette Olzon changed singing language – tried to become a Eurovision representative
Ex-vocalist from Nightwish, Anette Olzon challenged herself and wrote a song in Swedish.
Anette worked on her new Vintersjäl-song together with Martijn Spierenburg from Within Temptation and Bloodbound-rocker Fredrik Bergh. The song was already made a couple of years ago, then with English lyrics.
– Later on I decided to rewrite the lyrics in Swedish. I wanted to try writing in my mother tongue, because I had never done it before. At the studio we noticed that the Swedish version sounded very good, Anette comments for Seiska.
The song nearly qualified to Melodifestivalen, even a couple of times.
– I sent Vintersjäl to Melodifestivalen a few times and it nearly made it to the contest on both years. This year I sent another song from my EP, Cold Outside, to the contest. They said to me that the song will qualify, but in the end they told me they didn't have a suitable place for me. For three years I've been told that I'm getting in to the contest, but still it hasn't happened, so I've let that dream go. I decided to release the songs anyway.


Hep-Hep Steff said...

thank you for the person(s) who translated these interviews, it was really interesting to read them.
good luck with your studies, hugs & love from the bottom of my heart <3

linnea-maria said...

Men attans! Jag har faktiskt tänkt på att melodifestivalen skulle vara något för dig och så har de tackat nej till dina låtar 3 gånger!!! :-( Vill de inte ha kvalitet?