Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Todays morning workout done and today I did 5 min warm up running on the tread mill. Then upper body workout with chest, triceps, biceps, lats and back exercises. One of the best ones for the back in dead lifts as seen below. Super good!

Then after my weight session I finished up with 20 minutes running on the tread mill again and then breakfast consisting of eggwhites and strawberries.

Yesterday was cardio and I ran 37 minutes on the tread mill.


New sports bra from HUNKEMÖLLER and new top from ÅHLÈNS

Kinda sweaty always=)

Eggwhites and fresh strawberries - yum!


Betty Blue said...

Whenever I read your posts I think that I have to do some more exercising as well, just because as a nurse, you need to have a strong and healthy body.
I have been thinking about this quite some times now, I wonder: in most countries, becoming a nurse means going to university. How does it work? Do you 'only' go to uni or do you also have times when you go to a hospital and work there for a few weeks to learn how to really do the things?
In Germany where I go to nursing school, we have four weeks theory and then five or six weeks practise. Is it the same in Sweden? Because, I have heard that e.g. in Finland, they are very happy to get nursing students from Germany for exchange because we learn things more in the practical way.
I really wonder how a nursing study works, and I would greatly appreciate if you told me, since you as a nurse-to-be must know the best ;-)
Love, Betty

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s always great and inspiring to see your sportive and healthy lifestyle :).

I read you liked the new Star Wars movie, that´s very cool. It´s indeed fantastic, I, as a big Star Wars fan was so looking forward to that since it had been announced about two years ago and the outcome is bombastic. I can´t wait to see the next episodes :). I´m not sure if you know that, but this year there will be again a new Star Wars film up in cinemas, called "Rogue One", a spin - off that is settled between the episodes III and IV. I´m excited for that already!

Have a great evening and lots of hugs and light to you!

Unknown said...

Betty; HI! Well its a bit different depending on the university but I go to a great one where almost half the time of 3 years is working in hospitals and other areas. This is also great since we can see where we want to work when we´re done=) Hugs!

Betty Blue said...

thanks for the reply! That sounds great indeed ;-)
Love, Betty