Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally my EP is out

Today finally my EP with VINTERSJÄL and COLD OUTSIDE is out in ITUNES and SPOTIFY!

It´s a special moment for me since this release is all on my own and without any record label=) And FIRST time I write lyrics in Swedish and sing in Swedish in an album so really fun!

I hope you´ll like both songs!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to promote Amazon too, that's where I got mine! I love both songs but actually prefer Vintersjäl, you sing beautifully in Swedish.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I just bought the EP and will listen now to the songs, I´m so curious and looking forward :).

Will comment later tonight on them, but I have now doubt they are super great!

Janina said...

The Swedish song is so beautiful, I think it's your best song! <3

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!! I bought your new EP at Google Play (Brazil) and liked!! But I don't understand Swedish!!

Pascal said...

And as expected, your EP is really awesome!

Vintersjäl is such a magnificient song, very beautiful in the swedish language, catchy but still with nice, rocky guitars. I think it´s the more iconic one of both, but Cold Outside is also a super great song. I indeed like them both :).

The music you made here is once again beautiful, emotional and truely amazing. Thank for giving such wonderful songs to us :).

Sleep well now and lots of hugs and light to you!

Unknown said...

What a great news! I love both songs. That's it Anette, to the hell with this fucking record companies. How about releasing this single on vinyl 7 " with the sponsorship of the fans? I would be the first. Kisses for you and all your family!

Arianna said...

Beautiful songs Anette, i like them! <3

Unknown said...

a thousands stars are exploding in my heart when i listen "Cold Outside". Thank you for this great song. And i love "Vintersjäl" too)
Where we can find the lyrics?

Arianna said...

Anette... what does it mean vintersjal?

Sorry for postinng twice but before it gave me an error.

Unknown said...

These two songs are absolutely amazing and I'd like to have the lyrics for Vintersjäl, maybe a friend of mine can translate it for me :D
I'm so pleased that you go your own way instead of giving in to the label's pressure :)

Elvenpath said...

Hello Anette!
I loved the EP <333 Personally I prefer Vintersjäl, but I also adore Cold Outside!
After hearing this I'm hoping for a new full length album!!!

Michael said...

I have been enamored with your voice since I first heard Amaranth. I don't care what your stylings are. Please keep singing. your voice melts my heart.