Friday, January 02, 2015

In to 2015

Hi all!

So now we´ve entered 2015 and for me it feels so exciting=) You know, some years I can feel already before it´s started that it will be awesome! 

And this year will be just that - AWESOME!

I believe that what we think is what will happen and I´ve worked with myself the last months and been thinking of what I want to do and achieve forward and set some "dreams" and goals up for myself and some are on its way already=)

I have already before read the book called "The Secret" that teaches us that what we throw out into the universe is what will come back to us. That means: if we think positive things and see only positively on everything and see ourselves in the situation we dream of, we will attract positiveness.

And instead- if we think negatively about things and make ourselves only think everything is hard and a struggle, even paying the bills for example, we attract negativity.

I had felt that I´d been going more into a negative thinking some months ago and it also made more negative come into my life. I also didn't see that I had to "cleanse" around me with people and things to feel more positive. Its easy to find yourself in that more darker times now and then and for me, winter and darkness make me much more prone to end up there.

Then I found a nice sound book that also talks about the same things as The Secret. Its by Sonia Ricotti and called "The law of attraction, plain and simple: create the extraordinary" You can get it in iTunes store.

It´s really good to listen to and I recommend it to you all. Even if you´re not a negative person or in the dark spot now, it makes us think differently. Reversing how we think of anything and making our lives so much more positive and attract those things we want=)

So that´s my tip for the beginning of 2015=)

Read The Secret or listen to the above sound book and walk into the positive light and YOUR time to SHINE and be the extraordinary YOU=)

Much love to you all!


Karin said...

Always so interesting to read about your thoughts! I think I will buy that book on iTunes....
I don' t know what is with me. I am happy with my life. I enjoy living, working, my friends, my children. Everything is great, but why do I feel so angry now and then ? I can get so damn angry at someone in traffic ( ok, that is quite normal, I think... 😉 ) but, I feel angry a lot at something small. People saying something stupid, people on tv saying and doing stupid things, celebrities who are making themselves dumber than they probably are... I don't know... Hard to explain. It feels strange, and I don't like it. I need to do something about this new issue in me. I am gonna work on this. It feels good to write about it here, and open my mind a little bit .
Thanks once again , Anette -dear 💜

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it's so true! even if sometimes it's easier said than done... have you ever try to read naomi judd's books? they're all helpful, but her breakthrough guide is just a life saver! it's one of the few books i keep close to my bed, so i could read it easily each time i need it. if there's only one self-help book to keep, i'd go for naomi's breakthrough guide! she's not only giving recipes to help people, she tried them herself as well, thanks to her life story. she really know what she's talking about, and she's also incredibly funny and positive and open-minded. a must read! :)
thank you for being here for us, you'rereally an angel. hugs & love <3

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette,I you wished a happy new year and good health as well in your family.2015 will be for me one year of big change.
But the most important to be wished all are before any cheers!!
See you soon in new comments.

Emmanuel (France)

Yanna said...

Hi Anette !
Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones !

I hope only lovely things will happen to yo. Anyway always think positive, it always helps ^^


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Anette! :-)

Anette, I thoroughly commend you 110% for promoting positive thinking! :-) I've said it before and I'll say it again that how we think about thing's directly affects how we feel. And in some cases thinking negatively can be the only thing holding someone back from realizing their dreams :-) However, this does not apply to everyone though, and in some cases just thinking positively alone won't help someone realize a dream.

As you know Anette, I was once training to be a nurse like your good self :-) Even though I was doing really well ( almost made it ) I'm rather slow at reading & writing. I'm aware that there are other dyslexic people who qualify but mine is severe in that, even though I'm capable, it slows me down. In a qualified position with the safety net removed I'd be constantly getting into trouble for not finishing that paper work fast enough, etc. And yes, it's a shame.

What I'm saying is that some people have barriers and it all depends on the severity of those barriers in how they're affected.

I do respect your opinion Anette though I think one small thing that you need to bear in mind is that not everyone is as capable as you are. I'm not being negative here but sadly, for a lot of people there is such a word as can't.

Despite this though I join you Anette in promoting positive thinking and encouraging others ( I've been doing this myself for a number of years now ).

So having said that I'd like to point out that someone who can't achieve all there dreams might be able to achieve some of them, or even just one :-) I've achieved one recently... and now I'm working on another which I'm really enjoying working on! :-) I'm hoping it's going to be massive in the next few years... :-)

And if you can't achieve any then that doesn't mean you're a worthless person. You can still have a positive mental attitude :-)

So good of you Anette for your book and audio book recommendation. Even if some won't benefit from it then some might. So for that reason it's worthwhile.

May you continue to shine in 2015 my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s so great that you have such a positive feeling towards this year and I feel that too. I´m also optimistic about 2015 and it will surely be great!

I really like your mentality, that things will be in the way we think of them, that we can kinda influence things with that. This is very esoterically and esoteric is a very interesting thing. I want to learn more about that, so I think I should really check out the books you mentioned, they seem to be great and to help on the way to a more positive life. I´m in general very positive, but of course there are those moments where all is dark and hopeless and negative. I think it´s normal to feel so from time to time, but we should not let it get too much. Therefore I´m really happy that you could defeat your negativity and that this book helped you with that.

So let´s take our positive thoughts together for 2015 and as I already said, I wish you all the best for this year! And when you say you know that it will be awesome, then it will be like that :).

By the way, the news about the Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtren project you posted in your instagram is also really interesting! I have no idea what it will be like, but I like Rammstein, Hypocrisy and Pain, so chances are that this will be really good :).

And last but not least, I want to wish you very good luck for your exam tomorrow! I will send you lots of positive thoughts for it!

Lots of love back to you and have a nice sunday :).

Andrea said...

I've not read the secret but I've heard so much about it that I decided to give the law of attraction a shot.

After two years I can say, I shit you not, this really works. It kind of almost works like karma. Put out good and the universe will reward you with good.

Wish you all the best Anette!

Karin said...

Andrea :" put out good and the universe will reward you with good " . I ' ll have that in mind. And I am gonna try to get rid of my " angry" thoughts !
This blog is so great ! 😀 Really interesting posts and opinions.
Anette, you have a great bunch of different people here 😀