Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The secret is out and I´m gonna be in TÄHDET TÄHDET in Finland=)=)

So happy to finally be able to share the secret I´ve had the last months and its that I´m gonna be in the lovely TV-show called TÄHDET TÄHDET in Finland, which is STARS STARS in English=)

This TV-show is gonna start airing March 1st in MTV3 and it will be live shows every week and I will be dancing and singing different genres every week until one artist is the winner=)

Genres will be many but for instance 90´s, punk, opera, musicals, finnish rap!! and more=)

I am so thrilled and me and my boys will move over to Helsinki in the end of february and we are so excited to live in Finland=)

Here you can watch all about the show:

Here´s a longer interview made by Katsomo.fi:

And here´s some photos from the live-TV broadcast when we were presented in the big mall KAMPPI today and from the photoshoot:

FUN times ahead!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anette! :-)

This sounds very interesting and fun! :-) Even though I think you should focus more on your nursing ( sorry if I sound like a parent, it's just that you'll be a fab nurse )I'm supportive of you anyway whatever you do! :-)

Some exotic sounding stuff here such as the Finnish rapping! :-)

And I'd like to say you looked stunningly fabulous during that interview! :-) And I'm sure you'll be just the same on the show! :-)

I'll be cheering you on to win! :-)

Good luck my favourite lady Viking! :-) Dazzle em! :-)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hey Anette,
I don't know this show but I want you to win it because you deserve it! :) Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Katy Marie said...

Will you also be studying nursing in Finland?

Yanna said...

That's awesome Anette ! New things awaiting you :)
Too bad I don't understand finnish and won't be able to look that show.

But I love your outfit !

I hope you'll have nice times in Finland :)


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, I already knew it from your instagram as I talked about it yesterday, but I still have to say...

WOW... it´s wonderful! I was so curious what the secret will be and I already thought about that it could be something like that, some talent contest or so. And it seems to be really a very cool thing and now I can´t wait to follow it, I hope that will be possible through youtube or so. Otherwise, I have a bit more than a month left to somehow get finnish television :D. Believe me, I would do that in order to follow the show. Or I can even come to Helsinki for at least one or more shows to see you live there, that would be great of course :). But I´m sure I will find a way to follow it so and so, and I´m looking forward to it already.

I´m really glad for you that you can participate. A cool thing would of course be that you win the contest, but I think it´s more important now that you will be a part of it and we can hear you sing then. Even with different genres! I´m sure it will be fun for you and for us it´s always beautiful to hear you sing, I guess you can make out something great of every genre.

Now I wish I could read all the interviews, but I don´t speak finnish. I hope they will be translated into english in time. But at the moment, I like it that the news are out and I have a really good feeling on the thing. And all the things about it now, all the infos and all the pictures... Anette, that is just so EXCITING and I´m really happy and thankful that you make such wonderful moments possible, that we can experience that. Thank you so much for everything, Anette! I´m just so proud that I follow a great person like you, not only with a wonderful voice and great music, but also with such a lovely personality and I will always be there, as you are for us!

And I just read on your instagram that you are home again, so I´m happy that you came back safely :). Anette, this is a beautiful day and I thank you so much that you give us the chance to participate and for all the joy and happiness you bring to us! Enjoy your evening now back home, you really deserve it!

Lots of hugs and love to you!

Karin said...

I am so happy for you, and so happy you will live in Finland for awhile ! And you know what: you will become a big celebrity here ! Believe it 😄

Unknown said...

That are so great news.