Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yesterday I was in Helsinki as a guest in David Hasselhoff´s tv show=)

So, yesterday we recorded a TV-show for the coming TV-shows in Finland with DAVID HASSELHOFF and since I´ve seen his show in Sweden and thought it was a lot of fun, I was really happy when I was invited to be a guest=)

Won´t tell to much about it since its not aired yet but it was a crazy and fun evening with a great audience, a great band, great guests MICHAEL MONROE and HENRY ALÉN and of course the HOFF=)

And lots of improvisation and I sang a short little thing, lets see if it will be in TV=)

Now on my way back home to Sweden with an early flight but soon back to SUOMI again and KIITOS all in Finland who treat me so wonderfully and welcome me here!

Here´s some photos from yesterday=) 

Outfit: leather shorts, white shirt RIKA, high heels Christian Louboutin, belt H&M, necklace and bracelets Gina Tricot. Make up by my dear Heidi who also make me beautiful in Tähdet Tähdet=)

Getting ready to leave from GLO Hotel in the airport=)

In my backstage room before soundcheck=)

The great band and do you recognize Lauri Porra from Stratovarius on bass?=)

The stage=)

Me and lovely make up girl HEIDI=)

My outfit=)

Pink lips for spring=)

My room with my little gold star on=)

And met these wonderfully talented legendary Finnish guys: Michael Monroe and Henry Alén=)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Once upon a time I used to have a friend in London who works in a branch of Boots there. As it's in London a lot of celebrities go into the store. I was informed that there was one time when The Hoff visited. Did he want to buy something? No. He went in only to ask the staff if he could use their toilet! :-) I can't remember if they allowed him or not. Though it's a true story :-)

Have a nice day my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Henk said...

amazing, as always!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s so great that you came back safely :). Haha, when I read about the show on your instagram yesterday, I think I was like „WHAT DA F... I thought she went to Finland and not into the USA“ :D. Seriously, I had absolutely no idea that David Hasselhoff has a show outside the USA. But I think it´s cool and I congrat you that you could participate in it.

I hope that I can watch it somehow when it is on TV. Your outfit is really nice and I must say no, I didn´t recognize the bass player from Stratovarius. But it´s great that he played there, I find that Stratovarius is a good band.

Thank you for the infos and pictures about that and as I said, I hope I can find a way to watch it when it is on TV :). Looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope much more of that is coming your way, but that sure looks like it :).