Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Hi all,

My exam yesterday has been stressful as hell to study for cause I really wanted to fix it and well, it felt really good but of course I don't know until in 3 weeks when they have checked it and made my marks so fingers crossed=)

And always after such stress, when relaxing, my body says HELLO cold or fever or something and of course when I came home yesterday I started to freeze, get a small fever and a painful throat. So todays planned wod together with Johan while our nanny would take care of Mio and Nemo went to a b-day party, had to be cancelled.

Instead, we went to IKEA and like always, I wanted to buy everything and change our whole place around=) Want a new kitchen, a new bath room, new things for the kids rooms, new drawers and bla bla bla…=)

Like this kitchen in black!

Or this?

Ah, sweet dreams=)

But some things we will get and now I sit here and check around in the internet for what we could get and where and I also have decided I want to have white floors in our living room and kitchen, like the below and luckily I have Niclas, my band mate from Alyson, who is working as a layer of floors and he said its not such a big thing to do so now I´ll go and check for the white color and so on and then just plan when we can do it and where to put all the furniture=) Johan is already stressed about it, haha! 

We are different in that way - I just decide that  NOW I want this and then it needs to be done NOW while he is more thinking for a LONG time before doing stuff=)

photo borrowed from style room.se

But white floors it will be!

And then I found new lamps I want both in the kitchen in small size, two of them, and then the big one over our living room table. All from IKEA. I love the industrial design and these are really cool!

Cool, right? Love them! Will get them this week=)

And I also love to check auctions for some furniture and today I have found some chairs I´ve put a bid on so lets keep fingers crossed=)

I want my house to look like this below in lots of black and white=)


photo borrowed from style room.se.

hugs and enjoy the evening!


Yanna said...

Hi Anette !

Fingers crossed for your exams ! Mine starts next week... I'm not stressed yet, but I know I will be !

They say on TV that Hugging is a good way to avoid little colds ! I don't know if it's really true, but it can't be the perfect excuse if you want some hugs :)

Have a lovely evening.


Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
I LOVE the black kitchen! My ideal colours would be red, white and silver chrome, but i will have to just keep dreaming! Good luck wih the auction. I hope you win the chairs, x

Hep-Hep Steff said...

white floors rocks! i'm not too fond of ikea, it's nice but i feel many people will have the same things...
hugs & love <3

Andrea said...

I window shop so much at IKEA it's not even funny lol!!

My husband wants a black kitchen with chrome accents. tile backsplash is a blue glass so it flows with the rest of the dining room and living room since it's all open concept.

Stylizing it after a beach house because i love coastal design, but having a black kitchen will prove it to be difficult. might make it nautical themed.

FYI, inspired by Turn Loose the Mermaids. Love when you sing it. No one besides you will be able to do that song justice.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I keep my fingers crossed for your exam and hope that the positive thoughts I sent you helped :). And wow, next week already another one. It´s not nice that you have so much stress again at the moment, but I´m sure you will cope with it, because you are STRONG and you SHINE!

I wish you to get well soon and a trip to IKEA was surely not a bad thing :). We also have it here in Germany, I once was there and can´t remember everything, but they had nice things. At their restaurant I thought ok, let´s try a typical swedish dish then, but you noticed on the Köttbullar that they weren´t made traditionally over here :D... they tasted ... well, let´s just say not very good, I bet that they can´t be compared to those in Sweden.

Both kitchens are really stylish, but I think I would prefer the second one. Anyway, this white floors and the lamps will surely look great, especially the lamps are truely nice :). And you are lucky that Niclas can help you with the floors - by the way, I wanted to tell you that not long ago I bought the "Omega" album from your time in Alyson Avenue :). I haven´t listened to it yet, but will do that soon and tell you in here how I find it and I have no doubt it will be awesome :).

Now I keep my fingers crossed for the auctions and wish you a very nice evening :). Take good care and lots of hugs!