Thursday, January 22, 2015

Todays music=)

I normally never listen to hiphop and so on but this song I just love and both for the melody is great but most for the lyrics=)

Its called AVUNDSJUKA which means JEALOUSY

And the lyrics translated to english are:

For all the times you said I wouldn´t be anything
all over now they are jealous cause I am doing my own thing=)

Love it! Feel it and you have to listen=)


Anonymous said...

Boyz N The Hood by NWA! :-) What a tune! :-)

And Real Muthafuckin G's by Eazy-E! :-) Plus Too Hot by Coolio! :-)

Anette, these three are great examples of hip-hop / gangsta rap! Or music of that genre-type anyway! :-)

Hehe... though the music on these are great Anette, make sure you don't play them in the presence of Seph, Nemo, or Mio plus anyone who has young or sensitive ears! :-D

Antti Uski said...

You should listen to Porcelain Black - One woman army, it's a really cool song and I think you'll like it! Please tell me your opinion. :)

Pascal said...

And I listened also to the song before, I also don´t listen much to Hip Hop, but this one really wasn´t bad. And I find that the lyrics you translated are really nice... I somehow find your way in them, there were people who offended you right from the beginning and maybe wouldn´t have believed that you would get far. Well, now when they see how great music you still make and on your own, and how you inspire people and how we admire you, I would like to know their reactions :). They doubted you and you proved them that they were wrong.

And I have so deep admiration for you and your way and I am sure and wish you that, even when there are dark and difficult times, that it will always be right and great for you :).

Lots of hugs and love again and have a nice evening!